Globus Sensation / Tightness in neck / Strangling Sensation

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It started on August 2011 the 8th around 8pm I was eating but had some difficulty getting it down . The discomfort in my throat & neck quickly spiralled out of control and I had several panic attacks with a constant urge to keep swallowing. I paced up and down like a nervous wreck for over 12 hours desperately trying to convince myself it was entirely mental.

Since then it's never really gone away and has put my life on hold.sad


-tinnitus in right ear

-panic attacks (rare)

-urge to swallow

-stifled breathing (rare)

-thick saliva / phlegm at back of throat (often)

-feeling of hair stuck in throat (often)

-feeling of someone strangling neck with an invisible wire (often)

-feeling of discomfort around adams apple area (often)

-discomfort in neck when lying down (often)


-GP guitar behind right eardrum / congestion

-Barium swallow -VE

-ENT tube thing down throat -VE

It's gotten worse this year. I now have difficulty swallowing most of the time and frequently panic.

I'm thinking I should get a MRI scan of my neck as I can't take much more of this.

If it was mental why does it strike so randomly? question

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    Hi Sam, how are you doing?

    Sorry to hear how Acalasia is turning in you. I know exactly what you mean because my experience at the one stadium is been the same. I know perfectly that sensation of strangling, the strong heart beating in your head and the inexpressible pain in the chest which rise till temples while the oesophagus become a piece of hard wood...I'm been through that for more than 3 years before and also after 3 dilatations. I got rid of it just by myotomy and a long work on myself by meditation. Unfortunately is true that most of the problem is in our head, in our nerves and our ability to download the tensions. We lack in that. Myotomy will help you to come back a regular feeding (95%), but to get rid of the pain you need put all your effort in your ability to let go the pain, and let go the tensions instead combat against. You need to release it completely. I know it is easy to say but so complicate to do, that means you need to learn the way to do it. All the rest will come by its self. 

    I am 49, a very active, sensible and dynamic person, and just I could not accept that my uncontrolled habit to hold tensions and emotions reduce my life a black tunnel full of painkillers and antacid tablets. My ordeal started 15 years ago and until I fund the way to deal with this illness and simply accept it at 100% my life was turned in a long going nightmare. Today, after 3 years since myotomy and practice of Yoga Flow and Meditation, I can say my life is back at 95%. I do not need painkillers anymore, I reduced Omeprazole a just 10mg at night and slip on a wedge of 20 cm. height to avoid the acid-reflux at the night. And this will be till the end of my days because Acalasia in not a temporary state, it is forever. I simply accepted and learn to live with it. Now my Acalasia slips for most of the time, weak up a little just before menstrual cycle. Then my oesophagus will get hard and I will fill exactly where pain will go to link, buy instead terrifying myself  just thinking about what is due to come, I simply let it go, accept it, and move my attention so other activities which involve physical and mental attention. Like magically pain fade away and disappear.

    Feel sorry for your self will not help you, actually laughing more will help you, believe or not. 

    Hope my experience could help you.

    Enjoy more your life and ​Good luck! 

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    Update for end of 2014.

    I still have no idea what's wrong with my neck/throat.

    Brain + ear canal MRI scan was -VE

    Hearing test was useless. Not designed for people with sensitive hearing. -VE

    I still have constant low pitched buzzing in my right ear.

    A while back I could get down my meals without any discomfort or anxiety at all other than mild sensations. I was starting to think it was gone. Again.

    Right now it's suddenly decided to give me hell. The globus sensation just won't shift and at best I can stay calm but concentrating on tasks is impossible.

    If I tilt my neck back the adams apple area feels numb.

    I now get spasms in the throat

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    I go Through almost same thing.. and don't know what it is.. I go to sleep with it(witch is hard) and wake up with it..feeling weird. .and the most part that's scary is the hole not being able to breath right.. when the feeling like your suffocating... mine happens most at night when it's time for bed and I feel like some one is grabbing my neck then you start to Panic. ... it's very scary. . And overwhelming... sorry your going thru this I don't wish it on even my worst enemy
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      P.s.. don't let them feed you the hole.. it's all in your head bull.....
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    Hey Sam, i had the same symptoms after eating,2 weeks ago, the doctors said it was a panic attack, it happened like 4-5 times after eating, but everytime I eat now I feel like a throat discomfort and I have difficulties in swallowing. Are you better now? Do you know for sure what it was that happened to you? sad
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      I know this is a rather old thread but I came across some information recently which might help explain some of you peoples description of your symptoms.?re:tightness sensation, lump in throat,. I am no doctor or anything so obviously you need to get professional opinion and do all the tests first. But if nothing really comes back.

      There is something called Cricophayngeal spasm which causes a person to feel a lump in the throat sometimes pain or discomfort and tightness almost like strangling. Obviously you would need to check it out first.

      Its another possibility as sometimes tests may not show this as clearly.

      i myself look like I have another upper swallowing disorder as shown by barium swallow and ineffective motility disorder of the esophagus. However I am fortunate not to have achalasia as it really sounds awful. My heart goes out to everyone who has this. 😟


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    I am having the same problem for a week now. I been to emergency room because my neck got all swollen after a root canal and on top of the swelling mt throat feels like it is constantly tightening, I feel I am being strangled. The emergency room said nothing is wrong with me and nothing was blocking my airways but they saw some neck inflammation on xray. They said it's from dental procedure, but I went back to dentist and he said there is no swelling in the gums and tooth is healed and doesn't hurt and it's not dental related. Emergency room doctor put me on steroids and been on them almost 5 days and till no relief. Neck is still inflammed, throat still feels tightened. I had a barium swallow today and they said that test was fine. I also did have blood work and ultrasound of neck because doctor mentioned thyroid issues can cause you to have sensations of throat tightening and all kinds of inflammation in neck and throat. I can't take it anymore. I already have severe anxiety and I been to emergency room 2 times already for it and didn't find anything, but here I am again sitting feeling like I'm gonna stop breathing because it feels like I'm being strangled and no one believes me!! I'm pacing too and my hearts pounding because no one thinks it's nothing But they are not in my body, I know something is going on and not being found!! Right now mt whole left side of neck is inflamed and it's one week now with no improvement whatsoever with anti-inflammatory especially and steroids.
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      I also have loss of appetite. I did loose about 9 lbs in 2 weeks. I'm sweating alot. I'm in so much discomfort with this feeling of being squeezed in my neck I can't take it. Does anyone else has this problem or have any ideas of what could cause these symptoms ?
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      Hi April,

      Sorry no one replied sooner, it seems this thread isn't all that active, must be a more rare condition.

      Please see the other post I'm going to make here, and please give us an update to let everyone know how it's going.

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      @april1986. I too started having this problem after a dental work(an implant and wisdom tooth removal). Did your problem resolve? I am seeing doctor today but anxious to know what is going on.
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      I have the same problem as you. Ever since I got my wisdom teeth removed I had acid reflux and trouble swallowing. Causes me a lot of anxiety which is not helping. Did you find a solution?
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    hi Sam.just read oneof your replies.where it says choking on cereals,i had this for a long time before a dr finally arranged endoscopy and colonoscopy which revealed hiatus hernia,diverticuitis and duodentis.i also saw a speech therapist who discussed my diet and said toavoid crispies and shredded wheat and some other stick to oatibix.i also had a barium meal which revealed food gettign stuck in my oesophagus and am waitign to see a consultant late this month.havehad acid reflux fro years btu taken over 2 years toget this diagnoses yet none fro distended abdomen.
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    Hi Sam,

    Hope you are improving. I wanted to share my similar experience which started in August 2013 with globus sensation, muscle tension in the back of throat, ticklish feeling in throat and tinnitus in the right ear. I also had muscle pains down to my right shoulder.

    I went to the doctor who told me it was brought on by years of bad posture (I am very tall and work at a computer long hours) combined with stress. I didn't really believe her at first, I couldn't imagine it could have such physical symptoms but apparently it is true.

    Anyway, to cut to the chase I am mostly better these days but it took over a year of physio for neck and shoulders, and increased activity (I took up swimming). I cut down the hours I worked and my stress levels, and stopped smoking. I also habitually massage my own neck (the first time I did this there were so many very hard muscle knots I thought I had something terrible). Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an easy fix. I hope you are able to get over it too, maybe it will help to know there are other out there. I sure did a lot of panicked googling when it first afflicted me, which definitely didn't help.

    All the best, John

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    Hello wondering how everything went with you Sam?

    I have had a few episodes where I get a really tight chest all over it then travels up to my throat and jaw and ears. The symptom that lasts the longest is extreme throat tightness like somone is strangling me. It lasts for about 5 hours.

    From what I know I don't suffer from heart problems. I do have folate defficiency and a mild clotting disorder and PCOS. I had my thoroid checked about 4 months ago when I didn't have these smytpoms and it was fine. I have had the typical allergy tests and it shows I'm allergic to dust mytes. I know I am not good with garlic and onion. I do suffer from panic attacks and anxiety but they feel different as I'm usually stress free when I have experienced the above.

    The previous time I experienced these symptoms I had just finished eating.

    Wondering if this was similar to yours and if you could help me? Thank you.

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      From a completely unqualified medical standpoint, I would think that this might be some issue with the vagus nerve, which has lots of nerve endings affecting the digestive system but also travels up the side of your face.

      It might perhaps start with the lower oesophageal sphincter being under stress (junction of stomach and oesophagus).   So try and avoid food that has a texture of stringiness / skin or anything that might stick rather than pass through into the stomach itself.   Avoid things like white bread, white roce or things that might congeal if they hang arounbd too long in your oesophagus, try asking for something like buscopan that might help with spasm, and try to positively relax during eating.   All this is easier said than done of course!, especially when you are anxious about swallowing!


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      Hi Holly.90-

      This is a late post, but what you describe above is me to a T--Folate deficiency, mild clotting disorder... PCOS, thyroid tests ok.

      Were you able to find a diagnosis? I have an appointment to see my GP tomorrow and am desperately looking for something to pay attention and not dismiss my symptoms as mental. Thank you.

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