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To cut a long story short I've been testing out my ibs by playing around with my diet and think either Gluten or Wheat is the culprit. Just have a few questions...

1) how do you know when the gut is fully repaired when gluten / wheat is eliminated?

2) if gluten or wheat is damaging / inflaming my guts when I consume it... Would it be fair to say that other foods and drink may cause me issues?

3) say I eliminate wheat / gluten for 2 months and my ibs symptoms disappear, would it be fair to say that I'm less likely to have an ibs attack if I was to consume say a baguette?

I guess from the above 2 questions I'm wanting to know whether eating a small amount of wheat / gluten daily would make me less tolerable than if I quit gluten / wheat from my diet then on the odd occasion eat something containing gluten / wheat how I would feel?

3) is the cause of suddenly becoming intolerant to gluten / wheat known? 5 years ago I could eat whatever I wanted and had no problems.


For those of u interested in what I've been doing to try and find my ibs problem...


I started taking a probiotic VSL a few months ago. After 2 months I noticed improvement. I then started to heavily analyse my diet. In a controlled condition (same work, sleep, rest, meal...etc) pattern (when I was feeling pretty good) I started to eat food that used to previously irritate and flare up my ibs... This proving whether I have a bacterial issue or a tolerance problem. So I started eating baguettes for lunch... Became slightly bloated... Bought 2 12" pizza and eat them over 2 nights. Well I felt awful. My stomach went crazy. Woke up in the middle of the night with sweats, had a headache, bloating, aching, foul smelling loose stools. I felt like this for the next 24 hours, so from then on I eliminated all wheat and gluten... Have improved hugely and 4 days later I'm nearing normality. So... My next (and hopefully) final test is to introduce pastas, sauces, breads etc gluten free and see what happens. The main part of this experiment and the final proof of my problem (I'm hoping) will be when I buy exactly the same 2 pizzas this week with the exact toppings, eating them on the exact days I did last week however I'm going to order gluten free pizza bases and see how it goes.

Hopefully if this works... I've found it after nearly 6 years of searching!

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    Hi Ned,

     It looks like you really are gluten intolerant. ANY gluten in your diet WILL affect your ibs. The best advice I can give you is to only take in gluten free products. Don't take chances with any gluten filled products. Sounds like you know what to do. Keep up the good work and your ibs may seem to disapear.

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    Hi Ned like u I have been trying wee experiments 2 see what happens I know everybody's cases r unique 2 them  sounds like gluten is the suspect here and I hope for u that it's as straight forward as the gluten 4 u mate but on a slight downer here, there is documented evidence that cutting out gluten for cases such as  myself and urs Ned and millions of others is that sum times excluding the gluten only made a tiny bit of an improvement :-( dunno if u read that anywhere?? Good luck with ur choices though.
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    Like u guys tho... I don't expect to cut gluten or wheat and expect to be 100% better. I might even be wrong with this theory lol... Thought previously it pwas sugar, bad bacteria in my gut, sibo...etc etc. I tried gluten free a while back, and like most of my previous experimenting with things... I probably didn't change my diet for long enough or unknowinlhgy consumed something I was trying to avoid. Either way... See how it goes!
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    Hi Ned, I have IBS and took me more than 2 years to get a diagnosis. Have you thought about getting some tests done, like breath tests for fructose and lactose and test to see if you are celiac. If you are celiac you have to stay away from gluten as it is very bad and it does damage your intestine, if you 'only' have IBS, not necessarily you have a gluten allergy. If yo have IBS, the best thing is to see a good dietian, who should put you on a low FODMAP elimination diet and take it from there, one step at the time. You may be able to reintroduce some food after the elimination diet, one at the time to see if you react to it.

    I have been on a low FODMAP diet for a year and I rarely have IBS symptoms and when I do is because I eat food that is high in FODMAPs. Don't discourage I went around in circle for a longtime, but now I feel I am in control again. Happy to give you more info if you need. All the best to you. 

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    So been gluten free now for nearly 2 weeks. Felt quite a bit better until this morning. Last night I had gluten free pasta bake with brocolli etc. I had some wine to drink aswell.

    This morning I woke with bad stomach pains and have had terrible bloating and diahrrea. My insides feel like they are burning and I feel a bit rough. Last night before bed I could hear my stomach making all sorts of crazy noises. My stomach has been fine up until today.

    This is frustrating the hell out of me. Why would going gluten free make me feel pretty much fine then some wine??? I guess?? Make me feel dreadful today?

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      Hi Ned, the diet for IBS sufferers is low FODMAP not gluten free. Broccoli are only ok up to 1/2 cup, larger quantities are high FODMAPs. Wine can be high FODMAP too, depending on what type and quantity. I hope you get better soon.
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    Following my little mishap and feeling rough I've stuck with the gluten free and been ok.

    I tried a second experiment with my diet last week. Bought a Chinese. Eat it, next morning I felt a bit bloated. That evening I eat the remaining left over Chinese.... The following day I felt dreadful again, all the classic symptoms I reported above. Again... Went totally gluten free and symptoms massively improved again. 

    I went out for a meal on Sunday evening. It was gluten free. I had 1.5 bottles of magners cider. Woke up the next day with slight diahrrea in the morning and felt a bit rubbish. 

    So... Alcohol seems to irritate my stomach, especially if I drink on it empty. I thought magners is gluten free... Maybe in wrong? Not sure. Need to let my stomach recover again then try different alcohol.

    I'm still taking VSL probiotic and also FOS prebiotic which seems to be ok!

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