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9 weeks after TKR, was doing great, off meds? After a week. Walking with stick when outside. Managing without inside. Since Christmas day, pain has increased. Shooting pain from top of knee thru muscle, ankle occasionally aching. Shooting pain had returned, similar to the pain of get day after op. Not back at work yet, so not overdoing it in that way. Knee stiff after walking. I know about rest, ice, elevate. Icing hasn't really helped...

Was back driving at 6 weeks, but only driven a few times for no longer than 15 mins, but not done it recently due to the increased pain.

Anyone else experienced this?

Thanks guy... great group. Learnt more off you, than the professionals

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    Hi I am 10 weeks post op and experienced similar I was doing great until last week now niggling pain in knee can't seem to be on my feet for more than an hour constant ache 🙁So not too happy at the moment, I am at physio tomorrow so will ask him ... do you take any meds at all I stopped everything at 5 weeks and now wondering if I should have something as it's affecting my sleep as well as feeling low during the day .... jan

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      Hi Janet. Thanks for replying. No I'm not taking any meds. Physio for me has finished. Not sure where you live. I'm in the UK, I got 4 sessions of physio. Got to admit Saturday I felt low. I'm the same as you more than an hour and I'm tired. Yesterday walking it immediately felt like can elastic band tightening as I walked, I understand that's the muscle above the knee. But was worried about a set back. ...

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      Hi I am also in the U.K. North of England I have been having physio twice a week and now once a week going to physio today then got an appt with consultant so will let you know what they say later today
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      Thanks Janet. Appreciate it. My physio started 4 weeks after my op, then 1 per week for 4 weeks.... saw consultant once at 6 weeks and that was a physio person not surgeon or consultant, which I thought it would be... good luck today
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      Hi Michelle been to physio today and he wasn't overly concerned but thought I have had a set back and my ligaments at back of knee and side seem to be very tight this is where I am getting pain from the knee to ankle, I went to Drs in the afternoon and am having some blood tests done as he says he thinks I am anemic under my eyelids were white instead of pink causing all my fatigue so just a waiting game now until bloods come back - hopefully I will be once again on the up soon .... Jan

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      At least they seem to know where the pain is generating from. Hope you get it sorted.. hope bloods come back okay...

      Take care 😃

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    I am a little over 8 weeks and still have pain especially at night. Did you by any chance cook a big Chfristmas dinner? I did that and was on my feet too much for 3 days and could barely walk for a couple of days. When I sit with my legs haging it cause me pain too. I'd like to know when are we all going to be pain free?

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      Hi. No I didn't cook, (hubby did), I entertained his family. I agree I think.thst was it. Pain free would be good 😃

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      Oh this is me exactly! I think having the TKR on December 5 was a mistake. I felt like I should be able to do the holiday traditions. I ended up sick on Christmas Day with a fever of 104. I think all of that set my healing back. My last physical therapy session is Wednesday and I have an appt w my surgeon on Thursday. I expect to be released to return to work for a few hours a day. I am so nervous! I know 6 weeks is soon to return to work, but I honestly think I need to get back and I'm going to take it slow and steady!

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      You are a brave girl! I am over 8 weeks now and I don't think I could go back yet! I am still having a hard time sleeping because of the pain. I need some sleep before I can go back  smile

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      Hi Tammy.. depends on your job, whether your okay to go back. I was told by my GP last week it is too soon at 9 weeks. I'm working from home on reduced hours on a laptop. Signed of till 5th Feb, back at GP on 31st and that's to see if I an go back on phased return.

      There's no good time to have it. I wanted all my holidays out of the way first. Then had it done Nov...

      Take it easy and don't rush

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    Hot baths and rest, maybe you are missing, but if pain never goes away, you should consider seeing your consultant.

    Good healing

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    Hi Michelle

    I'm in Massachusetts (2 degrees this morning) and seven weeks post op today. I went back to work as a high school teacher last week. I also still get occaisional shooting pains down through my calf and shin. Sometimes my kneecap hurts. The pain usually goes away quickly tjhough and I am not worried about it. We had some traumatic hacking done on our knees and the healing takes time.

    I still take a 5 mg Vicodin at night but nothing during the day. Sleep is getting better gradually. Going back to work was important for me because teaching is exhausting and being exhuasted helps me sleep. 

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      Thanks Rocco. Sounds like you are doing ok... great news.. 😃😃

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    Hi Michelle,

    I am 12 weeks today! I went back to work last week, I am only doing 2

    Mornings a week.

    I have started having pain around my kneecap, not bad, just achy & niggly.

    I don't know when this operation resolves?. It is a brutal op so not surprising


    Everyone has different after affects, it is what it is! I agree with what you

    Say about icing, doesn't seem to help much.

    I hope you lose the pain soon.



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      Hi Marilyn... I'm working from home. Laptop on lap for a couple of hours. Back at GP 31st to see if I can go back on phased return. I think I'm stir crazy as well so that doesn't help.😃😃😃

      There is light are the end of the tunnel

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      Oh yeah Michelle I know how that feels! I must admit it was good to

      Go into work again. Went in today for an hour for staff meeting.

      Was good to be back with the banter!

      I hope you get back to work soon, just be careful of your poor knee.

      Yep, light at the end of the tunnel!😉😀

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