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josephine90941 josephine90941

Going from Constipation, to all "pellets" all day..ugh..

I think I would rather be bound up. TMI alert, eating more fiber, especially, raisins and grapes. Stopped cookies, soda, chips, pastries. Also recently started Benefiber (low dose). Now I seem to go to the bathroom all day and night. Sometimes 1-2 pellets/marbles. If I'm lucky, maybe 6-8. If I drink alot of water, I have a feeling of discomfort, and immediately run to the bathroom, with another 2 marbles/pellets. I finally had a small "formed" bm late last night. This morning, woke up, discomfort, drank water, 15 -20 marbles/pellets. I don't like having to go to toilet all day and all night long. Wish I could just have 1 normal bm a day. Rectal surgeon wants me to have "rubber band litigation" but don't want to go through pain, and the band's will just fall off anyway, because I strain. Cannot afford colonoscopy until I pay all my other medical bills that are almost in collections. This is frustrating. I want my life back.

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  • waveydavey waveydavey josephine90941

    You are making progress. Take more fibre supplements. Drink more water. And stool softener - Docusate Sodium x3 a day.. 

    Currently using Fiber Rific after trying all the rest. And have hemorrhoid banded when necessary. Plus fruit and veggies. Relief is possible.

    • josephine90941 josephine90941 waveydavey

      Hi, Thanks for writing. Yesterday was the first day the broken up pieces turned **finally** into formed stools. Then again today, it's been all formed stools. But the problem is that I am going all day into late evening which concerns me. I was on opiates for 4 years for severe back pain and went off of them "cold turkey" 8 months ago, so maybe I messed up my digestive system. I forgot to mention that several weeks ago, I started to include a lot more fiber, such as raisins, grapes strawberries, oatmeal, Brown rice. I think adding the benefiber has helped. I try not to take laxatives and stool softeners, except when necessary, as I have seen my friends use them on a frequent basis, and they get a "lazy colon" and can no longer have a bowel movement on their own.

  • Thejudy68 Thejudy68 josephine90941

    Josephine, sorry that you are having this problem . I wanted to ask if you have tried Miramax?! If not you should try it. I have had bad problems with constipation also and since I have been on 1Capful of Miramax a night, mixed in a cup of water, I have had no problems. I no longer have hard stools or constipation. When you do have s problem plain warm (not hot) enema will help clean you out if needed. I hope that you get relief soon. So many people ,mostly women it seems, have this problem. Take care and please let us know how you are doing.

    • josephine90941 josephine90941 Thejudy68


      Thank you for your kind reply. The Senna seems to work for me. I try to not to use laxatives alot because I have seen many of my friends use Miralax, Dulcolax, etc on a regular basis, and it creates. a "lazy colon" and now they can no longer go on their own as their colon has become dependent on the laxative for a bowel movement. Also Miralax,has Polythene Glycol on its ingredient (PEG), the same ingredient used to make Antifreeze, and toothpaste and household cleaners. The FDA is getting ready to put a black box warning on it. Makes me mad that Doctors are prescribing this laxative like candy. Thank you for your suggestions. I am eating more fiber like raisins, grapes, oatmeal, brown rice, strawberries. The broken up pieces are starting to look more formed which is good, but I'm still going way too many times a day. I took opiates for 4 years for bad back pain and went off of them cold turkey 8 months ago, so maybe it put my digestive system in shock or something, I don't know. I wish I did.

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