Going on 3 months with anxiety/panic attack symptoms

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I'd like to preface this by saying that prior to my first panic attack episode about 3 months ago, I had never experienced anything remotely as scary or debilitating as the anxiety I experience on most days since then. I am not an anxious person (besides treating my 3 siberian huskies as my kids) and have never experienced a panic attack until then (I am 33).

I experimented with kratom for about a month prior to the first episode, and my first panic attack actually occurred the first day off of it. Naturally, I chalked all this anxiety up to being withdrawals from kratom although I didn't really even take that much the four weeks I tried it.

I even experienced a few days here and there of being mostly anxiety-free. The past few days have not been good and it has been effecting my work and life in general.. and I'm really sick of feeling like this. The only other possibility I figure could be triggering this is that prior to all of this I worked out regularly and had a pretty clean diet. I started a new job and have been there about a year and since then I haven't exercised regularly and my diet has been crap. The past three days I've made a conscious effort to work out and eat clean but it seems every morning I wake up and am immediately aware of my heart beating in my chest, a really tight feeling, and it just stays that way for the whole day.

Other symptoms I have are an occasional light-headedness, my stomach feels bloated and distended, no regular bowel movements (possibly from all the magnesium I've been taking), depersonalization when it gets really bad, tightness in the chest and left flank that sometimes migrates around to the abdominal area, and just an overall sense of wondering if I'm gonna just drop one of these days. When I lit or run I feel better but it returns.

I had blood worked up and everything looked normal. I don't have insurance and I feel like I can handle stuff myself but this feels like it's been going on forever. It's really frustrating. I've been supplementing with l-theanine, magnesium, vitamin c, taurine, vitamin d, ashwagandha, 5-htp, and vitamin b complex.

It just sucks. Has anyone had any success in getting rid of this garbage?

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    Mine started in March and never had these attacks until then.

    In 4 months I have changed my diet. Given up caffeine, sugar and other stimulants. I don't eat crap food. I have started exercises etc.

    However, I did cave and get on medication, and now see a therapist and am learning CBT.

    Best of luck but it takes work to retrain the brain which is what sends the signals that something is wrong when it's not.

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    Hi there! I experienced mostly all of what you've mentioned above. All the pains, discomforts, and worst was the feeling of losing it.

    Some years back,i would always go back and forth the ER to have series of lab tests (once a week visitor of the ER!) Though i was always given the normal results, my brain just wouldn't believe them coz it believed my mind more, telling my whole body that there's really something wrong, and the Drs and my lab results were not accurate. I would always feel different symptoms each visit...from dizziness and numbness to chest pain and Gerd, etc.

    one day, a good Dr talked to me and advised me to just follow simple routines. She told me to quit smoking, eat healthy food,drink plenty of water, exercise,drink tea,practise proper breathing exercise....all of which are really quite easy(except for the smoking pf course!)

    My attacks didn't fade away overnight but because i had some new things to observe and follow, it seemed like my brain rerouted to something else. Whenever i felt like panicking, i'm not fed with negative thoughts anymore,thus lessening my anxiety and eventually become stable again.

    Up to this date, though i'm still having some attacks, they are just minor ones and tolerable. Whenever i feel an attack coming, i just boil water so i could sip my ginger tea right away. It helps calm my nerves...helps me burp too. And...i let someone give me a massage...makes me relax. smile until i fall asleep

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      I've become a huge tea drinker since all of this went down. Had to drop coffee. It really does help, I drink a lot of chamomile tea with lemon balm and some valerian and I really haven't had any problems falling asleep.

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    I did a drug interaction check for you and it seems none of these interact with each other however it said

    The recommended maximum number of medicines in the 'nutritionals' category to be taken concurrently is usually three. Your list includes four medicines belonging to the 'nutritionals' category.

    So you have Vitamin C

    Vitamin D


    Vitamin B complex

    I don't know what Taurine is...it is not listed for the US...so I can't see if there is drug interactions with your other supplements....what is it?

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      What I'm trying to say is even supplements (natural) can impact us in negative ways...I personally would stop them all unless you are taking them for a specific reason...like a deficiency.

      And then see how you feel.

      Then maybe introduce back the ones for depression the Ashgawanda and the 5-HTP.

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      That could be a good idea. Taurine is an amino acid but with sulfur instead of a carboxyl group. It helps with cardiovascular function crosses the blood-brain barrier - supposed to help with providing anxioltic effects. I started supplementing with several things because I was pretty much desperate and wanted some sort of relief.
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    Yea...I think you are over doing it a bit.....step back see which ones you think will be beneficial.

    I was told by my Dr...vitamin supplements are not really necessary unless you are not eating properly...or to take Vitamin C if you feel like your getting sick....many others if you look them up seperately are prone to cause their own symptoms.

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    well i ended up in the ER today.  i woke up at 3am with flu-like symptoms and shivering and my anxiety just stuck with me all day long.  it was the second day i had to take off of work as well.  i just couldn't take it anymore, my heart felt so wrong and i couldn't shake it.

    they did an ekg and it was normal sinus rhythmn.  ran some labs and found that i was pretty dehydrated and my kidney function wasn't as good as it should be.  probably also affected by the ibuprofen ive been taking the past few days.  so i am rehydrating and feeling a bit better but i have another appointment to go talk with another doc in a couple days to address my continuing anxiety.

    ive cleaned up my diet but could clean it up even more.  looks like i need to really take this seriously and completely change my lifestyle if i am going to beat this. 

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    If you dont have insurance, and cant be treated by a dr, i would suggested guided meditation, there are some great videos on youtube. Also try essential oils...vetiver, or vetiver root is very calming as well as lavender.
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