Going through a really hard time at work

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well the title says it all really!!

Since last November my work is being so vile to me for no reason just cos the new owners don't want me working there. At the end of November I got called upstairs and told me they wanted to come to an agreement to end my employment. Cut a long story short I was off for the whole of December as it got very messy and I had to get a solicitor involved. Anyway due to us not coming to an agreement as they wanted me to drop an accident claim I have against them I had to start back at the beginning of the new year. It was very hard for me to go back but I did it and just got on with me my job. Ever since I have gone back they have been really vile to me and every day I have come home in tears. I have been offered to be paid off twice since going back and the last time was today. I've asked what it is I've done for them not to want me here and they say I've done nothing. I've worked there for six years and it's been fine apart from when the new people took over. I'm not the only one who is getting treated this way.

Every day this is making the pains I get really hard to cope with. I don't sleep cos I'm constantly worried about them picking at me for the most smallest thing. I don't take any medication for the pain as my doctor has told me to live with it. I've not actually been diagnosed as of yet as the first rheumatologist I saw last week had the same attitude as my doctor. I'm due to see a private rheumatologist this Wednesday who has an interest in widespread pain so hopefully will be a better experience. 

I just feel so down right now and I'm not an easy person to break but we all have our limits right.

Is a job really worth all these tears everyday which also causes the pain to be a lot worse than necessary 😓

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    Dont you just hate bullies?  I'm glad to hear you have a solicitor involved though.  Could you not ask the solicitor to write a letter reminding them that their tactics will not be tolerated?  Maybe if you aren't the only one being subjected to this you could all club together - safety in numbers right?

    i have no idea if it's legal or not but I would have to record them in some way and if it can't be used against them then play it back to them on full volume!!!

    im sorry I'm not being helpful but this type of thing makes my blood boil.  It's bad enough that you feel poorly but your still going to work, your still trying and you should be applauded for your efforts and supported in all ways possible.

    have you considered a government backed work based assessment?  If you are struggling with illness then your employer has to be making adjustments to keep you there rather than you signing on benefits.  Maybe see,ing this could be the final straw and they will offer you what you want and you can leave and get a job for an employer who recognises your bravery at continuing to work.

    i am so lucky in that my employer didn't need to be asked, they recommended all sorts and made arrangements for things to be altered to enable me to continue working.  I have their backing, understanding and support and reading yours makes me thank my lucky stars!

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      Hi Minnie

      Thanks for your reply. Yeah maybe worth another trip to the solicitors but at the minute Im having to pay private to see a rheumatologist as the NHS one told me the same as my own doctor to get on with it!! I also see a chiropractor twice a week as if not the pain is twice as bad. Wouldn't know what I'd do without that lady.

      I have recorded them once before but they weren't rude on that occasion. They seem to catch me when I have left my phone on my desk and that's when they are vile!!!

      I wouldn't care but I've never sat at work and complained about the pain I'm in, I've always got a smile on my face even though the pain is killing me and just get on with my job. 

      Im so tempted to take the pay off if they offered me what I wanted but on the other hand whilst I was off in December I applied for hundreds of jobs and it's not that easy to walk into one just like that.

      Yep you are very lucky to have an understanding employer x

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      yes i have a teamleader like that he speaks to me like sh*t when no-one is around and everytime i try to record it he says nothing almost like he knows sad,  is the payout enough to keep you going until you get another job? maybe you could get the solicitor to get them to increase the pay out use the fact that they want  you out to your advantage you never know they maybe willing to pay you more. for example come up with a figure that will included any earnings you will miss out on ,like long service leave, enought money to cover medical cost (from the accident you had ) compensation for the pain and suffering and emotional stress they have caused you and if it is a decent amount take the money and run
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    Hi alison44707 Im so sorry to hear what going on with you, and your employers. They are bullies we have to stand up to bullies. They cant be allowed to get away with how they are treating you. Stress worry doesnt help our condition it makes our pain worse. The more we get stressed the more worse the pain becomes. Trust your gut instinct on what its telling you. I personally would seek advice from a solicitor when you can. Or I would take the money and leave. do what is best for you. Its not easy getting another job now adays, their are benfits you could try claiming like esa and pip. I dont think that job is worth the pain and what your going through. I have been bullied in work I gave my boss what for in front of a showroom full of people, I worked at a garage she never bullied me again. take care
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    go back to your solicitor, keep and dairy and take those f******s for all they are worth. I am in a simular situation myself but with a large nation wide company so the bullying we are dealing with if filtering down from managerment but really cant be classed as bullying i calll it passive bullying but we are talking about you and your situation. Do you have enough money saved to tide you through until you get another job ? If you do start proceedings with your solicitor willyou still be able to work there. I have thought about leaving my job serveral times. (we even got lectured about taking sick days yesterday even people who dont take alot) so considering my condition i think i do well in that deptment. and a doctor once told me dont tell your work about your fibro because it can be used agaisnt you for future workers comp claims I told him i know the differance between fibro pain and a genuine injury.but anyway ....life is to short to spend so much time in a work place that makes you miserable ...what about the old owners do they have another business that you could apply to work with them again ? If you are not the only one being treated this way maybe all of you could approach them or are you in a union ? i have only just joined a union this week after 6 years at being at my job. and at 6 years I am a year off pro rata long service leave not sure what your situation but i certainly dont want to throw the towel in this close ........its a hard one and lots of things to think about but at the end of  the day you need to feel good about any choice you make weather it be to quit, stand up agaist them. I would talk to your work mates and maybe approach them as a team anyway I wish you all the best in what ever you choose
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