Going to try and quit from now

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I had so much beer last night that I don't even remember going to bed. I woke up at like 4pm feeling like crap and my nose was runny as hell. I blew my nose and it had blood which isn't the first time its happened. So from now which is tonight I'm going to try and quit or at least get control of it and limit my drinking to just weekends instead of every night. Only thing that worries me is the bordom. Also when im drinking I always miss appointments, karate class's because I either sleep in or I feel too crap to go.

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    If you're a daily drinker, you will probably find it hard to just stop, without withdrawal symptoms which could be highly unpleasant. Far better to taper down if possible.

    Blackouts/lack of memory is usually down to binge drinking, where you drink far too much, too quickly for your body to deal with it. The volume of alcohol literally overwhelms the body, as opposed to having an all day long slow session.

    As for the bordem, I wrote a post this week that you might want to look at and try and understand, called anhedonia.

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      Oh yes, you feel crasp because alcohol washes some of the most important vitamins out of your system, inhibits production of replacements, leaves you dehydrated and generally leaves the body in a poor state. The alcohol just stops you noticing it. Plus you won't eat very well either, just to compound it.

      Which is why when people come off alcohol, it is a little while before they start to see the benefits of it and quite often feel a bit ill at first, which can push them back into resuming drinking.

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    Good luck with limiting or giving up alcohol, and do be wary of going cold turkey. It isn't very pleasant (depending on how much you were drinking), could potentially be medically dangerous and is quite diffficult to achieve.

    There are others on this site far better experienced to advise you than I am, but I hope you achieve what you're setting out to do. All the best.

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    Hi..I'm wondering if you smoke cigs...or marijuana?  That could be the cause of the blood when you blow your nose.  I know when I drink....I smoke alot more...irritated mucous membranes...

    Try to get alot of rest and fluids today and vitamins if you have any.

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    ok, I don't know why my reply was moderated....I always use "dots" when typing............maybe I only had one dot or something and they thought it was a website. smile

    Anyway...rest today...drink fluids.

    If you smoke it could be your mucous membranes are irritated.  I know I smoke alot when I drink.

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    Hi, I'vejust discovered this forum and I've got to say it's very informative. 

    I have been drinking heavily for some years now. I grew up in a hard drinking town and drank socially. But I'm married now and only drink in the house. It's gradually crept up and I'm consuming between 1&2 bottles of 12% wine per night. I never drink during the day and usually never have a drink before 7pm. I've tried tapering but seem to do really well and then go back to usual. During the day I suffer from all of the symptoms of withdrawal I.e. sweating, hand shaking, anxiety etc but nothing like hallucinations or DT's. As the day goes on it usually comes in waves but gets steadily better and about 6pm I usually feel ok. It's then that the mental urge to drink again kicks in because I've read about seizures etc and I've convinced myself that I have to drink to be safe. 

    Have I not already suffered the worst of the withdrawal by 6pm.

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      Very possibly, but then you start the cycle all over again.

      You're right about seizures but you don't have to drink 2 bottles of 12% wine every evening to avoid them.

      This is worrying. Seek help from an expert about tapering.

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      Thanks for the reply. I've already planned out a tapering routine using weaker wine and will begin that tonight. 

      Fingers crossed I should be able to beat this thing once and for all under my own steam


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