Good advice for Anal Fissure!!

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At 28, I too have been a big sufferer of this terrible pain for a year now, on and off.

It's brought me total misery.

I needed to join this site to share a piece of good advice that I think will help the recovery process.

I understand straining doesnt help so I decided to try pooping in a cat litter tray this evening. Forget sitting on the toilet seat it's no good...

Trust me gravity assists the movement and there was a lot less pain when passing without the need to strain.

I am going to continue to do this with the hope the fissure heels.


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    gross as it sounds - i use the shower and spray upwards as it comes out - relieves the burning.

    I clean thoroughly both myself and the shower with every cleaner know to man ;-)

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    Ryan.....I agree with you.

    After going through this for  7 months, I have found 2 things that makes it manageable.

    1. Watch your diet and keep your stools soft. Use a stool softener...daily.

    2. Squat when using the bathroom.

    i bought what they call "Squatty Potty". Attached a photo.

    Like you said, gravity does its job and pushing is not necessary.

    Plus it's fast and less painful.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope it helps others.

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    In my case GTN worked.I was almost going for the surgery but someone suggested me to try GTN. It was like a miracle because i tried all other stuff before. i also felt the slight pain after two months and i thought the fissure is recurring. I went to the doctor and he gave me folic acid tablets. suprisingly it worked. (GTN cream with folic acid tablets (2 each day, one morning one night after meal.))

    Keep in mind that your fissure will heal. but you have to track the root of the fissure which may be the poor lifestyle or unhealthy diet.

    So my suggestion to all:

    - Change your lifestyle.

    - Also change your toilet style (i.e. if you are using english toilet start using indian or cat litres or the vice versa)

    - Apply GTN cream two times a day. and watch your anus gently each time before applying the GTN cream.

    - Consult your doctor and go for folic acid tablets for 10 days and see the result.


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      I tried GNC, but it was so painful after going that I couldn't apply it.i could not insert my finger to apply it correctly, so I gave up. Still have a new container. 

      Will ask about folic acid.

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    I tried GTN but it did nothing for me (apart from common side effect of instant headache each and everytime) - however I tried an alternative 2% topical diltiazem hydrochloride - and it was very helpful - no heaches and increased the bloodflow in that area so my behind was not in complete spasm - which prevents healing and causes much of the pain.

    Use a cotton bud (q-tip) when you simply canot get a finger in (been there) - persevere - 3 times a day with the cream for at least 2 months.

    Also, I was prescribed Gabapentin, which is commonly used for seizures but it targets certain pain receptors and I think also helps with muscle - that nasty anal muscle gets a message to back off - well all I can say is after 2 weeks of not even being able to pass wind - gabapentin made a real difference - who knew passing wind was so good!

    One thing I have learned from the forums is that each person is different and their condition although a fissure - is different and they get different results from different meds etc.  I think its a case of trial and error and getting the best/most reliable regime for yourself.

    Good luck!

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      Yes you are right. Each person is different and the way each person's machinery is handled is also different. Same was the case with me. I sought help from online forums, made a list of what to do and did all. it took me 3 months to recover completely. At the end GTN helped. But GTN has to be applied on regular basis even if your pain goes away.

      One more thing to add is when you are having a serious pain attack and dont know what to do, the best home made remedy is to sit in hot water. It helps a lot too.

      Last but not the least, you can have your fissure cure by any means but remember to trace the root cause. Change your lifestyle. Do a lot of exercise.

      Good Luck!!!


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    Hello ryan,

    I am sorry to hear of your condition, I had the same problem about six months ago I went to the GP and he agreed it was an anal fissure. He gave me a prescription for a very small tube of cream called ANOHEAL (diltianzem hydrochloride) the pharmacist told me he had to get it delivered from Scotland and that it was about £100.00 per tube.

    However, it healed up the fissure in days and I was very pleased.

    Hope this is helpful to you.

    Wishing you all the best for Christmas.


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    Hi Ryan

    Anoheal is available on the NHS - my GP has it on repeat prescription for me.

    It is so much better than GTN.

    Initially, your GP, may, say its not on the drug tarrif (or whatever they call it) but just persevere and say you know people who get it prescribed via their GP.

    I was told it was not available on NHS but I called the makers of the product (in Berkshire) and they confirmed it can be obtained on NHS - they even offered to call my GP if I had issues getting in prescribed!!

    Some info here about noheal.

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    jeff11 is absolutely correct Anoheal IS available on the NHS. I live in north wales and it was my GP who suggested it. I asked him about GTN but he said he did not like prescribing it because of the side effects. Apparently GTN can give you headaches.

    You can get an applicator for the Anoheal tube so you don't have to use your fingers.

    This stuff really does work.



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