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Devorgilla Devorgilla

Good days and bad days.

Does anybody find they can have a good day with minimum symptoms and out of the blue have a bad day where everything is on quite a high scale?

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  • tracey00766 tracey00766 Devorgilla

    omg ive been ok than it comes back gone a week being ok so cancelled the doctors!! than bang it comes back!! i think its food related something triggers it!! i was ok all day went bed woke t 1am!! ive been taking  a piriton tab!! a gulp of gavisdon its s**te isnt it!!

  • sheila42058 sheila42058 Devorgilla

    Yes it's normal. Perhaps think back after feeling good or bad to see if there are triggers that form a pattern.

  • buddy55700 buddy55700 Devorgilla

    All the time.  Been like that forever.  It can even be where I have a bad morning ( mornings are the worst time for me. ) then have a decent afternoon.  The cycle begins again the next day.  I have learned that some of us are highly sensitized to many things...certain foods, medicines, stress and even the wind ... yes even that ...many people get a physical symptom and just go on ignoring it until it disappears....but some like myself feel every sensation intensely which brings on over concerned feelings.  Take it from there. 

  • Simba2156 Simba2156 Devorgilla

    My globus sensation never leaves me. I may have a better day here and there, but for 99.9% of the time it's unbearable. I can not take it anymore!!! It'll be two years in July and I'm not the person I used to be anymore. This has affected my quality of life immensely. I never even knew it existed until I got it. Only someone that has this problem can grasp what it's like. Yes, it may not be a life threatening  condition, but it can be quite debilitating.

    , but it can really be debilitating.

    • Devorgilla Devorgilla Simba2156

      I'm so sorry Simba. I can understand how you feel. I had never heard of it until I got it. I had one really bad day and thought it was unbearable. I don't think anyone can really understand it unless they have it.

      I wish I could say something to help you but hope knowing others care helps.Thinking about you x

    • chele59 chele59 Simba2156

      Gosh I empathise with you.  It's awful.  I had never heard of it before I got it either.  I get horrible phlegm in my throat which I can't clear too.  Consultant says I need to keep throat hydrated which I'm trying to do but nit making much difference! 

      Please someone find a cure!

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