GORD & indigestion or something else?

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Hi everyone. Sorry if this is a bit long, this is my first and hopefully last discussion that I create.

I have had problems with my stomach and digestion since around September 2015. Started with some acid reflux and bloating feelings occasionaly and then progressed over a few months into daily bloating, trapped wind, strange noises from stomach, pains in abdomen and chest, heartburn and occasional acid reflux. Often I also get a feeling like I will throw up and this is only relieved by forcing myself to burp, or waiting to see if I will burp or throw up.

Been to GP numerous times regarding it, tested for H. Pylori, came back neg. Told to use Gaviscon - relieves acid reflux most of the time but not the bloating, trapped wind and feeling of throwing up. Around April of 2016 was given omeprazole for 4 weeks - this helped if I remember correctly, but I was still using Gaviscon just not as much. When I stopped the course I was fine the symptoms got worse and returned after a few months.

Finally this year my GP refered me for an Upper GI Endoscopy, which I had 2 weeks ago (it wasn't pleasant but needs must). The GI specalist said after that my stomach and upper intestine was all perfect and normal, no signs of cancer, ulcers, hernias, abnormalities or damage etc.

My reflux has been pretty bad the past week possibly due to the doxycylcine I am taking so I am also on Lansoprazole 15MG since Friday which helped yesterday but today I have had bad symptoms again.

I do get IBS like symptoms too but I have been tested for celiac disease which was also negative.

I'm just wondering if anyone has similar indigestion issues with normal endoscopy results and what I can do next?

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    Seems your body producing reflux as the food intake was not tolerated by your stomach. You need to follow a food diary what's accepting and not accepting. To get rid of bad bacteria add probiotics. Sure indigestion causes gases and reflux so add digestive enzymes as well.

    Don't take anything raw including veg, cold, fizzy and with sugar.

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      Interesting, thanks for the input, I will speak to my Dr regarding a food diary, could be useful to see if there is any triggers although it does seem to be any food at all that triggers it. Will also talk to my Dr about the digestive enzymes and probiotics as not sure if would conflict with any medicines I am on.
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    Have you had a gastric emptying test to see if your stomach muscles are working?? You have all \the symptoms of it. I had it 7 years ago and it took them 4 years to find out what. But it does start out with the acid reflux, then the bloating, then the feeling of your food never moving. Know what works better than anything else?? Drinking two dixie cups of prune juice each evening!! But if you havent been tested for GASTROPARESIS, you need to. So sorry you're dealing with this, It's a tough thing to live with....

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      How did you go about getting diagnosed with Gastroparesis? Did you also have an Upper GI Endoscopy? I can mention it to my Dr as I have just read the NHS website about Gastroparesis and the symptoms do actually sound really similar, and I have noticed getting full too quickly very recently actually - this seems to come and go. I also do actually get feelings of nasuea occasionaly when I am hungry at the same time. This is very useful information, so thank you and I know you shouldn't google symptoms so I have never come across this condition...only about GORD. I hope the tests for this aren't as bad as the Endoscopy as that was truely a traumatic expeirence no sedation, didn't have a choice).

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      When I had my endoscopy, I was given sedation and it was still a very traumatic experience.  The memory of the procedure and the side effects I got for three weeks afterwards still haunt me today.  I often wonder if a barium meal would have been better for me because it is not so invasive.
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      I threw up several times on the way to the clinic due to the nerves. After a long wait they tested my blood etc and then came the bad news. Due to my blood pressure being so low (which shocked me as I have borderline high blood pressure, possibly due to not eating 6 hours before) they said I couldn't have sedation and that a throat spray was the only option.

      The throat spray made it worse because I felt like I couldn't breathe and was choking as soon as they sprayed it down my throat, then they had to hold me down and I kept retching violently while the scope was in...I wish my doctor had suggested a barium meal instead lol

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    Have you had any change of bowel habit?  If so, your symptoms may point to IBS. Acid reflux goes along with it.  Have you tried a food diary to see if your symptoms could be caused by something you are eating?  Have you had any stress recently?

    The antibiotic you have been taking is very strong and may also have upset your stomach.  It may be worth changing your antibiotic to see if your reflux improves.  Sometimes it is better to do this rather than taking another medication to combat the side effects of the antibiotic. PPIs can have side effects too.  Are you nearly finished the course of Doxycycline?  If you are, you could also ask your doctor if you can come off it.

    I had a normal endoscopy years ago but I still get reflux so I take Gaviscon to relieve it.  I was told I might have a weak oesophageal sphincter which allows the acid to escape. 

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      Yeah I get changes to my bowel habits pratically every other day. Excuse the detail but I have either really painful hard to pass lumpy stool or loose easy to pass stool, and it alternates between the two. I also often get a feeling of not having emptied the bowels, along with a burning sensation for hours after. Haven't tried a food diary  but I have tried changing diet and hasn't made much impact yet. I am in general a stressed out person but last time I tried to get help with stress I was just thrown some anti-depressants (citalopram) which I believe made things worse.

      Unfortantely my Dr doesn't feel it's an option to stop the Doxycycline - I was on Ciprofloxacin before and that gave me really severe side effects so the Doxycycline was prescibed as an alternate - I have until sunday left of the Doxycycline and it is 100MG a day.

      I've talked to my Dr about IBS and im actually on the antibiotics at the moment for suspected prostatitis, however they haven't done a rectal exam and nor did they seem keen to (they did examine every where else down below).

      I get fissures a lot and what I suspect are piles - could that be related to IBS and in turn related to acid reflux? 

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      If you are getting fissures and piles, this is common with IBS especially if you are constipated and straining to pass stools.  If they are hard, they can graze you.  Your symptoms sound very like classic IBS especially if you are prone to anxiety or stress.  Incomplete emptying is also common. Try a stool softener or try plenty of fruit.  I find oranges, prune juice and grapes work well.  

      Hopefully once you have finished the antibiotics, you will see if any of your symptoms were side effects.

      Acid reflux is also connected.  I find milk or antacids help with this.  What did your doctor say about IBS?  

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    I have a normal endoscopy and as well as normal colonscopy bloating makes my life worse left side chest pain and feel like heart attack heart rythm goes like it stop any time have monitor my heart for 24 hours and echo is normal.....still have bloating used lanso.omiprazole,esmoprazole femitodine nothing help me still have lot gas

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