Got altered taste eh nausea can't eat losing weight

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been on omeprazole for three months going for cameras up and down  I n two weeks getting desperate 

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    Hi Issy,

    Good look with your scopes. I had a similar problem with PPI tablets - I lost my taste with them. You need to mention this to your doctor, hopefully they might be able to change for something else. If you are not eating properly it will make you feel sick anyway - and the worry won't help. I've only had an endoscopy - so I can't really give you any advice, they will probably sedate you- and if I were you, I'd be happy for them to do that. I just had the throat spray when I had my endocospy - but I wasn't have 2 scopes! 

    Good luck - and I hope you get some answers!

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    Those ppi tablets have got those side effects.

    My advice is to google them and try to get to know all about it. Read as many pages on Google as you can take. You may then know more than the hospital - they cannot know everything, it's too much.

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    lve been on omprazole for 3-4wks, l was actually prescribed them following months of nausea and loss of appetite, prior diagnoses of reflux. l,d have gastritus diagnosed through endoscope, l,d had throat spray instead of sedation, you get a choice, easier with sedation though, l,d no one at home so didnt want sedating.

    l,d had scope other end years earlier for different problem and that is sedation, quick and easy, just an hour or so resting after it till your fit to travel, and you could have diagnosis for your probs, and meds that suit yuo better.

    After taking omprazole for 3 wks, l,d no change in symtoms, so stopped taking it, be it some seem ok and improve with it, but l didnt, since stopping it my nausea has got less. Anyway try not to worry, the tests are quick and easy, and you will hopefully get diagnoses.


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      Thankyou for replying , are you very limited in what you eat ? I have gone two days on two slices of toast the omeprozole help with the pain but the nausea stops me eating managed to get GP app this am so will see what he can suggest 
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    Hi  issy, yes l am very limited in what l eat, both variety and quantity, but not sure how much my natural body instinct is right or good, it just tells me l couldnt eat that for so many things lve eat before, when nausea was very bad it was just tea toast or plain biscuit, if a bt settled in evening maybe a bit of chicken, fish, little potato, yog, could eat egg custard, but not vanillas which l loved, even scrambled egg a turn off, tinned foods even soup a no go, occassionally l,d go against my feelings and try but felt worse, weird, maybe additives, or quantity, even now when nauseas eased l can only eat small plain meals, l tried a spoonful of baked beans tonight with some turkey slice, gone down like lead, feel bloated and off it, even flush up with it. But l was overweight before, 2-3stone, so that not a big prob, lve to have another scan yet, petscan. Hope you find cause and right treatment with scopes
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      It shouldn't be a comfort to know someone else is suffering I know but it helps to know you're not alone . I had two slices of white bread (wouldn't normally eat it but feel so sick) for tea with some tuna , managed it but then had some soya yoghurt and now have this acid taste and feel off . Desperate to put some weight back on tho . Thanks Lynne 
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      I did a load of food tests and thought soya yoghurt would be fine, no lactose - but I couldn't digest it. Terrible stuff- don't know why.
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      a lot of the stuff you cannot digest is the same for me. 1) Beans - all of them have an indigestible protein. Even pigeons are very careful with them. 2) Bread, wheat, gluten - GM and messing around with wheat genetics have made them pretty poisonous for many. I'm one. 3) SKIMMED MILK and products that contain it is terrible for me. it's lactose intolerance and took me 3 months to track it down. 

      So what *can* I eat? - porridge but not too much and not with any milk. Potato - gives me high blood sugar but I digest it fine.

      Hard cheeses such as very mature cheddar (low in lactose) and best of all I eat 200 grams of parmisan every 2 days. nutrition us and high in calcium and other good stuff, easily digestible.

      I am OK with cucumbers, large peppers and most greens although Inhave not tested.

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      , l find my aversions very odd, l instinctively dont want to eat many food types, and if l try such as with just a few baked beans l feel bad after, l dont want any tinned foods, being processed maybe, a plate of dinner would be a turn off, but its also quantity. l can eat a little wholemeal bread, oat biscuits, l can manage a little potatoes, even french fries, but always baked on hallogen, broccoli, carrots ok, now off salad which l loved, cheese tom pizza okish,  chicken, fish ok. Little yog bio, but even puree fruit in bottom  if stong flavour can affect, in fact it seems anything with a strong flavour is a problem.  l,m sure doc would look sceptical if l said l can eat a little choc or even a few crisps, not risked a g and t yet, baby steps, this when nausea is settled a bit, when bad can eat little at all. l think lve also prob with lactose, milk another turn off. Recall years ago when urologist diagnosed intersticial cystitus and acid reflux him telling me to cut back on protein, didnt even ask why, but did stop all red meat, just a little chicken or tuna.

      lve been allergic to things many years, re air pollution, penicillin, some detergents, but always been okish with most food. last 6 months plus a problem with it. l was also told by doc that once you get one allergy its like opening a window to others blowing in, guess the food parts arrived. But as it is now reasonably settled for last two weeks, best in 6month, l can live with current diet restrictions, others far worse. Will try the parmesan as my nails are really poor condition, so thanks for info, and issy hope you got some help at docs.

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      I am so glad you are improving , I am going to stop the meds, can't feel any worse , no that's stupid I'm sure lots do . I have pushed small amounts of food down today at 4 hour intervals , would love to have my old life back , my poor dogs don't understand why I'm not walking them any more . But your posts give me hope and Steves too thank you 
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    hi issy, it was omprazole and kefalexin l stopped taking, and l have improved, but not sure if its with stopping them or if it was spontaneious, as thats happened in the past, or maybe it was with taking kefalexin for too long, l,m not sure, but l thought it worth giving my system a break and see what happened, could always go back on them if feeling worse, so grateful l didnt, So now back to something going towards normal-ish lifestyle, the nausea affects your lifestyle so bad, less motivated, less active, sat feeling rough, but also bored, frustrated, furious, been so glad lve a garden for my dog to exercise itself, it actually got a short walk tonight, looked at me in shock,  l hope you improve soon, it really is like coming back to a life. Good wishes


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      Whole meal bread is STILL gluten. I would say you are intolerant, like me, to 1) lactose 2) gluten 3) beans, peanuts, peas

      i would a) drop gluten completely b) find out LOW LACTOSE foods - anything with skimmed milk is near poison, but hard cheeses are great and nutritious. C) you can eat SMALL quantities of beans, peas, peanuts ( peanuts are NOT nuts but beans) By small I mean 4 tablespoons. if you over eat beans your stomach will bubble (it's suffering mild poisoning)

      Even pigeons are wary of beans! 

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      l know gluted is in all breads, pastries, biscuits etc, lve a friend who,s a coeliac, and she is very careful, wont even have stock, gravy,  as it happens l do have a natural aversion to these food types so have none or little, either bread or milk.  l also find l can only tolerate very small portions, with it being settled lve wanted a little more, and then regret, even when accepted foods, this eve just mash, broc and chicken, too much be it less than a kids portion, so now bloated, uncomfortable and flushed. Its a work in progress, but appreciate advice and will try the parmesan, and the coke. Thanks.
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    Oh, I forgot to say, if you come off those ant-acids your tummy will at first be worse before it gets better.

    You should drink 1 or 2  cans of coca cola to settle your tummy for a week or so. the phosphoric acid in it works like magic! 

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      Anything fizzy or sweet is a disaster for me , I'm beginning to think I am going mad !!!!! 

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