got to go hospital oxegon levels

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I'm having a brakedown I haven't been breathing too good for a while get told anxiety just gone to doctors my oxegon is 90 and he's sending me to hospital šŸ˜¢ u knew that I wasn't right I'm scared now I know it's the end

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    Why would it be the end? Please try to remain positive, you are in the best place.

    I understand it's a super scary time for you right now, but try to remember you've survived this long and nothing bad has happened, your gp is just airing on the side of caution.

    I've currently got a swollen gland on my left side, I've Google and clearly it has diagnosed me with cancer, however it has also just said it could be a viriu.

    Remember as anxiety sufferers we always think the worse but in actual fact it could be a simple treatable explanation.

    I'm here for you x

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      Thanks hun I just Googled and it said if it drops to 80 can cause compression on organs and cause cardiac arrest ect I just feel like I can't breathe now to get my oxegeon levels up I had to breath in deep breaths for 10 minutes ! I'm super scared and I ain't at hospital yet I'm absolutely scared that I'm not going to make it there this morning I had this weird feeling of doom and I pictured myself in hospital and had a vision of me dying tonight N then I go doctors for this too happen I'm petrified my boyfriend isn't seeing it as a big deal but I an xx
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      Firstly don't Google, when you are at the hospital they will help, and if in the highly unlikely event your oxygen levels are dropping you are in the best place to help them rise again.

      There are 1000's of different reasons you level could be that and most aren't serious.

      I know what you mean about images, I often think that I am going to end up in hospital at the end of the day undergoing brain surgery because I have a tumour, I've had these symptoms for over a year now and I've still not ended up there! It's just our minds xx

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      Thanks hun I'm a little confused my doctor wrote on the note to hospital oxegeon levels 98 but I saw them low and he even said there low and he never told hospital why he was sending me so they was confused I did mention.that he had said about maybe a clot but they said given my age 22 the doctor would refuse to check even though I know people my age that have had one and nearly died so that freaked me out but anyways they listened to my chest said it's clear did a ecg and have sent a note to my doctor saying that I need to have a test like tubes you breathe in ect to find out what's happening ad if anything is wrong .

      My heart rate is high so I don't know what was going on with that obviously anxiety was playing massive part and they put it down to because I was in hospital my heart rate was high I don't feel any better as it hasn't settled my mind as too I know our hospital likes to send people him but at least my oxegon was higher although she did witness it going down aswell but no anxiety was mentioned xx

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      Well I'm glad to hear that your oxygen levels weren't dangerously low and the hospital did all other checks to make sure and came back clear. The tubes test is fairly standard and could just be to test for asthma or something quite routine and manageable.

      How are you feeling today? Xx

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      I feel ok have aches and pain in neck ect and nearly blacked out once (daily occurrence while cleaning lol ) but I feel a lot better I had a very bad panic attack last night so I'm trying to stay calm today and forget it all my doctor saying about blood clot I know have that in my head but I'm trying my best to forget it all and wait for these tube things xx
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    Hi stephx,

    Over on the right column under "related information" it talks about controlled breathing (pursed lips breathing). When you take a deep breath do you let it out slowly by closing your lips almost together? Try pursed lips breathing if you haven't already been doing that, to control the release of too much carbon dioxide from your lungs.

    When someone is breathing too fast (hyperventilation), your lungs blow off too much carbon dioxide leaving an imbalance of carbon dioxide to oxygen ratio in the blood, blood that of course supplies the brain.Ā Also, in other situations, when breathing seems normal but the person isĀ generally stressed (generalized anxiety), they tend to breathe rapidly but very shallow, which can go unnoticed. This also loweres the carbon dioxide.

    This decrease will cause a person to become lightheaded, have a rapid heartbeat, and be short of breath. It also can lead to numbness or tingling in your hands or feet, anxiety, fainting, muscles spasms and cramping, and sore chest muscles.

    You may also have the following symptoms:Ā Weakness, confusion, agitation, aĀ feeling of being outside yourself (disassociation), feeling as if you can't breathe, possibleĀ mild hallucination.

    So if you control the amount of carbon dioxide leaving your lungs with pursed lips breathing, you can reduce symtoms, or avoid them.

    Do you take medications for this?

    Hope all is well today. It's probably midnight where you are while I write this.

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      It is midnight thank you so much for this post I normally breath through my nose and keep my mouth shut when I walk and get really put of breath I mainly breath through my mouth so I don't really understand that part about pursed lips I don't get tingly hands any more I used to iv had some of the others though .

      I also get shudder breaths like one odd breathe that I take a big intake and my belly and shoulders kind of shudder it's strange and scares me so much only people I can find describing it online are 50+ year old with either lung problems or other problems so it's not really relieving my anxiouseness.

      I'm not on any medication my body reacts a lot to medication side effects aren't worth it I'm afraid .

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      close your mouth.

      then breathe through your nose

      then out of your mouth like you're going to whistle

      the act of pursing your lips is like a whistle except don't force the air out.

      this way, your body won't "blow off" a ton of carbon dioxide at the same time.

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