gout and colchicine.

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I've just started taking colchicine. My doctor told me to take it for 7 days untl the systoms of gout have gone. Then statr on a course of alloputinol. I understand all about the possible side effects of colochcine and I am prepared for them. My question is, if after 7 days should I start taking Allopurinol even if there is still evidence of gout. The gout is quite mild but it has lingered for some time since the main attack approx 6 to 8 weeks ago.

​I have only had 2 major attacks of gout before now and they have cleared up reasonably quickly.

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    Unless you are having a very serious attack 7 days of Colchicine should be more than enough. In fact given my experience i would be surprised if you could take that much Colchicine, the side effects are rather nasty

    Taking Allopurinol when you are having an attack is not a good idea because this drug can actually cause an attack. However if you need to start getting your uric acid levels under control you need to take this at some point

    Hopefully the Colchicine will have helped after 3-4 days so you should be able to start taking the Allopurinol

    Has the GP done anything with regards to blood tests to keep an eye on your uric acid levels before and after taking Allopurinol?

    Good luck


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      Hi ChrisW.

      ​I have just taken my fourth colchicine and unless I'm jumping the gun I do believe that they have already taken effect. Unless I get the systoms that have been explained to me - sickness, diarrhoea,etc -  I will continue with the 7 days stated by my doctor. With regards to blood tests, I've started having them on a regular basis over the last year. In fact, before I run out of the Allopurinol, I will have another set of tests done prior to going to see my GP and will be advised whether I sould upgrade the strength of the Allopurinol.

      I realise that once started I'm in the loop so to speak.

      ​With luck I may have achieved some sort of result. Gouts about as funny as toothache!

      ​And compared to some of the reports I've been reading I consider myself fortunate!

      ​Thanks for taking the time.


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      Colchicine has some bad side effects! why don't you ask your GP for a tablet called ARCOXIA 120 Mgs this is an absolutely brilliant  tablet, and no side effects. Rarely have I had to take more than two, my pharmasist recomended them her father takes them.
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      Arcoxia is an anti-implammatory drug and should be taken with Colchicine

      Taking Arcoxia on its own will not treat the build up of uric acid crystals around the infected joint, only Colchicine does this

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    Hi rokeby,

    I have been down the same path as you and my outcome has been a good one.

    1. After about my 3rd attack I was prescribed cochicine.  My understanding is that this is for relief of the symptom (pain) and will have no long term benefit.

    2. At the same time I began with allopurinol DAILY.  This is a long term (life long) daily drug. It can take a year or more to be fully effective  - so please give it TIME.

    3. I have not had an attack of gout for nearly two years.  (I do keep a spare container of colchicine - just in case).

    4. For my first six months I was on both drugs.  Since then I have only been on allopurinol.

    5. Any side effect are VERY rare and I have had none.

    6. Is possible I also recommend find a SPECIALIST as against your GP.  But having said that I believe that you are on the right path.  GP's are not experts - they are GENERAL practioners.

    7. I am wary of over belief in changes to diet and lifestyle. This can act as a distraction and really the drugs are the way forward.

    8. Note that even if your gout is mild and infrequent.  Still take the drugs. Else, the attacks will become more frequent and worse.  Don't be tempted to stop taking allopurinol just because you are gout free.

    9. For the record, I am generally cynical of the motivations of drug companies etc.  However, allopurinol grants me a gout free life.

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      Hello 21Dewsbury

      Thanks for taking the time to respond.

      ​I must state compared to some of the reports I've been reading about I consider myself rather fortunate, only two attack that seemed to pass and I just continued with life, but the third attack of gout, the last one, prompting what I hope to be a medicinal result

      Fingures crossed.


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    Yes you can start on Allopurinol once the flare up has settled, but bear in mind Allopurinol might actually trigger an attack (it did in my case) but I was told to keep taking the Allopurinol through it, 
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      Hi robert

      ​Since I posted my item for discussion I've studied some what on the gout issue and I'm now prepared for what's to come.

      Thanks for responding to my item, it's good to know people out ther have the time.


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    Further to my original post.

    ​I have just taken my 8th Colchicine and I'm feeling remarkable well, non of the symptoms that have been expressed.

    ​The symptoms I am feeling with regards to gout are really quite slight, compared to about 3 weeks ago, when I was at the hight of my attack

    ​I am able to move about quite easily and the only symptoms, if they are symptoms, is the slight feeling in my foot, almost as though I've had a good walk and am feeling it.

    ​The thing is I'm confused as to when I should start taking the Allopurinol? Is what I'm feeling still regarded as an attack of gout or am I safe to start the Allopurinol?

    ​Regardless I will continue with the advice from my doctor regarding Colchicine and take it for the 7 days, unless I start to feel any side effect.

    Be interested in any feed back.


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      I think you may be fussing to much.

      I took both drugs at the same time.

      Colchicine is for more immediate relief and if your symptoms pass then you stop taking it.  Side effect are not common.

      Allopurinol is for the long term prevention. You CAN (and probably should) take both at the same time.  The confusion may arise because allopurinol can give rise to a flare up.  This is because it gradually adjusts the delicate balance of uric acid level.  Note that it is not a serious issue if the allopurinol does generate a flare up.  JUst keep taking it as prescribed.  It is a long term solution.  Take it and keep taking it.  Note that the dosage of allopurinol should be reviewed after a few months.  It may be tweaked as your uric levels adjust.

      I love allopurinol as it means I am gout free and play football (very badly ... but that's nothing to do with the gout.)

      Finally, if you stop taking your drugs after a few months then you may remain gout free for a while.  You may even think you are cured.  However, gout WILL come back ... perhaps weeks, months or longer.


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