Gout at 27

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Dear all,

I was diagnosed with primary gout and primary hyperurecimia whatever the hell primary stands for. I am 27 years old and this was a real shocker at first especially since I was never overweight. Later on I realized it doesn't matter.

I got my first attack 5 months ago during a period of somewhat excessive drinking due to my cousin's wedding whom I was best man. I got the attack one day after the bachelor party and at first I thought I had broken my toe. I was completely crippled and it was pain that almost made me cry.

When I went to my GP she said she wants to make a uric acid just in case because the pain was at a very typical spot for gout.

My uric acid came @ 500 during the attack. After the attack it slowly went up to 600.

Following the attack I quit drinking completely and have event as far as being vegan.

To no avail unfortunately. My uric acid is stuck @ ~ 600.

Whatever I do without drugs it doesn't go down. I really wanted to avoid taking drugs.

After taking drugs for 2 weeks my uric acid went down to 320 however in just 5 days after stopping the drugs and full vegan diet without lentils & beans my uric acid was back to 600.

Despite my uric acid I haven't had a new attack. However, I get quick sharp pains in my toe's and I have been getting permanent pain in my knee. It is not like when I had my first attack. I was fully crippled then. At the moment while it is somewhat of a pain it is mostly annoyance.

The other pains are very short-term (1 to 3min long) fast pains in my toes, sometimes in my elbow or wrist. They pass after that. I get 10 to 15 of these a day.

I wanted to know if other people are experiencing anything like this? Is it possible it is something else, etc?


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    Although my Uric acid levels were never that high, I have had doctors recommend allopurinol and colchicine. However, I chose to try non-medication based approaches, and these have worked well for me.

    Specifically, I take about 3000 Mg Vitamin C, and take a 1000 Mg time release Panotenic acid, a B complex vitamin, and eat a banana at breakfast. I have almost no gout symptoms, except the occasional, brief, minor very slight pain, I feel completely normal. I also take 2000 Mg Vitamin C before bed, and awake with no gout symptoms what so ever.  I also drink oolong tea which also helps.

    Bromelain 3000 GDU/500 Mg works well for the gout related swelling in your joints, I find it works better than cholchicine, and is much cheaper, and non-toxic.

    I hope this helps,

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    By George face it you have gout !

    Medicinal tea works for me. It consists

    of Nettle tea, Celery seed, Rosemary,

    Oregano, Turmeric. Steep for 10 mins.

    After steeped add 1/2 tsp baking soda.

    All of these ingredients are said to have

    a medicinal effect when it comes to

    Gout. I have only had the one initial

    Flare up. No flare up since I started having

    this tea each day. Only warning is that it

    Tastes rather bitter mostly due to the

    Celery seed. Not that much to suffer

    Through when it prevents Gout related pain!

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    Vitamin C and Gout: To both George and Andrew(who replied to George's Post)

    Yes Vitamin C can help with Gout however many people are unaware 

    that there is such a thing as too much synthetic Vitamin C. In particular

    over the past 20 yrs there has been a lot of research into the effects of

    mega doses of Vitamin C. The broad consensus that is developing is that

    up to 500mg of synthetic Vitamin C is therapeutic. More than 500mg

    per day rather than aiding the immune system can actually harm the immune system the more that is consumed beyond that 500 level. Some

    studies have even found that with mega doses of Vitamin C that the immune system can be so compromised so that the body is MORE LIKELY 

    TO DEVELOP C-A-N-C-E-R. I am not making this up.  Up to 500mg per

    day it helps the immune system, but beyond that level it is detrimental to

    ones over all health, especially when considering the BIG 'C' word known

    as cancer. Mega is not better when it comes to Vitamin C according to 

    numerous contemporary studies. Search the topic on-line for yourself and

    you will see for yourself.  I take 500mg C per day but never beyond because

    of my awareness of the risks of going beyond that level. Hope this is helpful

    to some out there.

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    Appreciate the feed back from everyone. I was mostly wondering if anyone else gets this none attack related pains? I have searched around the internet plenty of times but they only talk about the excruciating pain of the attack nothing about these daily short-term needle like pains.
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      Hi George, Needle pin pain sounds like nerve damage. Have you taken a fall or had a car accident? I had similar pains and my doctor had an x-ray done of my lower back and found a slightly herniated disc, this still is causes that sensation on my toes, and other areas of my foot. However, there are 950 causes for this feeling which your physician can decide what tests you may need. Contact your physician too find the culprit and take control of your health.
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      Hi there. No car accident. No injuries generally. Perfect blood tests on pretty much everything outside uric acid. The doctor I went to last week said it is from the gout but I wanted to see if others feel similiar pains. I am actually checking in a hospital tomorrow for full tests & scans.
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      The best way to reduce uric acid is t o drink lots of water, like 6 or more a day. I also do juicing that helps detox your body. Don't eat, salami, Bologna, sausage, kale, spinach and herring. Just eating one piece of these causes you uric acid to go sky high and causes gout attacks. At least for me it does. Also, taking aspirin causes attacks. Oh also, cream of wheat is high in purine. I've been getting attacks since I was 14 years old, so to me your old in getting it. But I've learned to manage it, watch what I eat and drink lots of healthy fluids. Cut out sodas, the phosphate causes gout and elevates your uric acid. Eat cherries or drink the juice. Also, eating Graham wheat like graham crackers also high in purine. Hope this helps.
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      I only drink water and cherry juice generally. Haven't had a soda since my first attack. I am pretty well versed in the dietary necessities of gout, but it doesn't do anything for me.
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      The worse of all diets for gout I think. Because you eat grains, which bad for gout and cause high uric acid levels, you eat beans which should be minimal, and legumes, another bad food for gout. Legumes were the first on my list when I was 14 not to eat next to wheat. No legumes. Change your diet and you'll be better off to lower your uric acid.
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      Do you exercise, that helps a lot? Low impact with some light strength training. If not then you need to research why your uric acid is high andr let the doctors figure it out. All I do know is that whatever your eating it's causing your uric acid to be high. Hope you find a solution. Take care.
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      The doctor says in my case of primary hyperurecimia it doesn't matter at all what I eat and that I can't take my uric acid down without medication due to the lack of enzyme but I can't accept that.
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