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I was just diagnosed after spending 3 months thinking I had an ulcer. Spending close to 100$ a month in proton pump inhibitors, acid reducers and gas pills. The last month the pain in my chest and burning in my stomach just seems to have a mind of its own no matter what I eat or drink. Water is even rejected many days. I have begun to loose weight because not only can I not fit much in, but the after affects are not worth it. The blaring almost suffocated me.. What I worry about are the changes. Does this sickness initially "grow" then level off after a period, or do symptoms come and go, I recently lost my ability to freely drink and nausea has increased so I wanted to prepare.

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    I would viisit your Doctor he/she can perscribe the right medication for you.have you had blood tests or scans yet, holly
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      I have seen my doctor and had a battery of tests including blood tests. I am on medications, mainly for the GRED symptoms, But I would like to know about the process moving forward. Do the symptoms tend to get worse, stay the same, add on when you"re only a few months into having it?
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      It took me about 8 weeks after starting on esomeprazole and gaviscon before I felt better, I also found ginger cordial diluted with warm water helped with feeling sick.

      I am still taking esomeprazole and much better.

      Hope you feel better soon .holly

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    I don't have GP but I do have gastritis and it seems the medicine prescribed is the same. So maybe a change in your diet would be necessary in this instance as well. I eat very simply. My diet consists mainly of eggs, rice, potatotes, chicken or fish, lentils, veggies like carrots and spinach, bread. Sometimes I use cereal or porridge like cream of meat. No dairy, cheese etc. No spicy foods, citrus, chocolate. All the triggers. I drink bottled water and herbal teas like ginger and chamomile. No juices, no junk. The stomach does not like sugar and processed stuff.

    So after eating like this for the past 4 months I am finally seeing results.

    I too use the Nexium ( esomaprazole), gaviscon. Sometimes zantac. I also use Pepzin GI. I believe this has helped me the most.

    So I am just throwing ideas out there for you.

    Hope I have helped in some way.

    Take care.

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      I appreciate the suggestions. Out of necessity my diet has become simple and bland, but the symptoms keep coming and changing. Best of luck with your challenges and successful path!
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    Why not try an organic approach, Proton Pump meds will damage your gut long term, making it 'lazy' in doing its natural job. Theres natural alternatives that can solve/heal your gut.

    Theres also special diets you could try - look up FODMAPS -  or on the IFFGD website.

    I wouldnt rule out also going to a church healing event/or prayer website, myself and others i know have been got well - mum healed of arthritis. The faith of the persons praying, eg laying on hands, is whats important, when we dont have much belief

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      I have to say you are the first person to suggest stopping my Gerd meds and to be honest the thought is a bit terrifying because I know that is where there is some relief, but I am open to researching anything new in trying to make this better. I appreciate the idea and the diet suggestions. I too have a firm belief in God and his power and believe I have a greater purpose in this difficulty. I wish you the best.
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      thanks, its better to never to stop any medication abruptly of course but to gradually reduce. Have you ever tried Aloe Vera jiuce/gel/capsules? Its used for healing wounds outside body of course, as is manuka honey. Friends have siad its helped with GERD/IBS. I also saw a med/stomach lining med made from a special healing clay, is something I have seen recommended.

      I wonder how much farmers plants are sprayed with pesticides and Slug pellets used on lettuce plants; residues must be in the supermarket foods; factory farmers give pigs and poultry etc antibiotics and steriods to fatten them. Makes me wonder if we had all these gut problems in past times...

      I  am glad you are a believer in God's healing power, I am also a Christian. I pray there is healing for you by some path ....God bless and stay strong Rae !

      You may know the verses in Romans 8 - 'all things work for good for those who love God', its one that helps me - I have M.E. / CFIDS


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      Well what's funny is about 2 years before all this I had begun transitioning from so much process foods and packaged foods. I had also begun to learn about grains, how to use them and substitute then. My faith also teaches fasting and vegan eating on a regular basis. So some of this I was kind of prepared for. I used to take aloe As a child for constipation but not since then, I can pick that up, I recently bought a vitamix ( 5) months ago , sounds like it's gonna get a work out. Yes he is everything and nothing at once!!

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