Gut and sinus issues for nearly a decade. Help.

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Apologies for the graphic nature of this but I'm at my wits end. I've been experiencing a range of symptoms for around 9 years now. Main symptom is tenesmus (or the spurious feeling of needing to use the loo) which is pretty constant and very distracting. I wouldn't say I'm constipated but I'm certainly not regular and movements are unpredictable (although usually straight after eating). I also feel as if I need to pee pretty much constantly and can go up to three or four times in an hour at times - although this varies. Also my urine leaks after I've been which is embarrasing. My other symptoms are sinus/head related. I get itchy eyes, and have a tight throat/upper chest constantly, also having issues swallowing at the moment. My ears feel blocked and I feel like I can't pressurise my head (if that makes sense) which leaves me feeling quite detached. I've always assumed it was an allergy as it started after having food poisoning. I've had treatment for anxiety and depression because of this but it still persists and controls my life totally. My confidence has totally gone. After doing a lot of my own research over the years I've narrowed it down to maybe a sulphite allergy or maybe a yeast problem of some kind. Apart from that I'm totally lost, I've tried elimination diets with little or no success. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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    Have you had bowel checks ? Can you eat normally ! Are you on any medication 
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      Yes over the years I've had all sorts of blood tests etc. Been tested for celiac, crohn's etc. The closest I've got to an answer is being told that I had bacterial infection, was given anti-boitics but no difference. I can eat and drink but it's not easy, particularly swallowing liquid is difficult, although I'm not sure whether this is because of the anxiety related to my symptoms rather than being a symptom in itself. I'm thinking of going to see a GP privately, don't want to burden the NHS too much I know it's not life threatening but it totally controls my life and I'm losing hope of ever being well again!  
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    i know you will pproberly laugh at this suggestion 

    but i will make it any way 

    find a registered homeopath right down all your symptoms 

    and you should get some where as they take in to consideration all your symptoms and treat the whole person  .

    doctors will just treat your symptoms and your keep going around in circles .

    it worth a try .

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    No I'm not laughing I will find a homeopath , I don't have much faith in traditional medicine anyway I am thinking I will stop the ppi s can't stand another day fighting nausea , can't even stand the smell of food  thanks Jimmy 
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      well i hope they can sort you out hun ,let me no if you remember how you go .remember it will take time maybe you should have sought a homeopath out years ago .i mean its good enough for the queen and prince charles 
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    l The urine problem is probably BHP - enlarged prostrate. Flomax pills fix it, but one pill at a time. I have been taking them for years.

    the sinuses can be fixed with beconase spray up nose. It cured mine with just three applications. It's £9 from Boots the chemist.

    send me a thank you if it works.

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    Oh, I forgot to say in my last reply - peeing all the time - when you are constipated the hard faeces pushes on the prostrate gland and closes the tube in it. That would definitely give the symptoms you describe. Also, certain sitting positions can do the same as can sexual arousal too!


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    Sorry to hear that you are suffering.  Have you ever had a colonscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy?  I had the same bowel problem as you, where I felt constantly constipated and always full to the following week needing to be near the loo as was loose!  I eventually went to see my gp and was referred for a colonscopy where I was told I had Ulcerated Colitis.  Some of your other symptoms may tie in with this condition.  I am not saying you have what I have but it would certainly be worth visiting the GP and finding out if this is a possibility.  Just a thought anyway. 
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    I'm having another trawl through internet resources for further information about sulphite intolerance and came across this thread.

    If I ingest about more than about 100 micrograms of sulpite I get symptoms - rashes, stomach discomfort, nasal inflammation and if higher doses then mood changes and more sever symptoms.  I have developed a long list of foods which contain small amounts of sulphites by virtue of natural content or processing residues. List includes, for example, cheese at 2 to 5 ppm so 50 grams of cheese take me over the 100 microgram limit. I am happy to share further details if anyone is interested.

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