Gut issues for 2 years and still haven't figured it out. Help please!

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Hello All,

My gut issues started back in February of 2018 right after I ate a fast food burger. The symptoms have changed over the past two years which is quite strange but here is all that I have experienced since February of 2018:

  1. Bloating. Even when I ate small meals or nothing at all, I would constantly be bloated. I still get this now but to a lesser degree.
  2. Feeling of being full even after small meals.
  3. Loss of appetite. No hunger whatsoever. I eat just because I know I need to.
  4. Excessive flatulence.
  5. Excessive belching. Within 1 minute of eating, I begin to belch.
  6. Loss of weight. Back in 2018 I dropped from my normal 155 to under 140 in a matter of weeks. My weight goes back up but when I have these flare ups with my stomach, I lose weight unexpectedly.
  7. Upper abdomen pain. Right below my sternum, I feel a "rawness"/"tender" feeling. When its quite in the room, I also hear my upper abdomen making noises.
  8. Extremely bad breath as if something died in my gut.
  9. Less frequent bowel movements. Feels like my digestive system system is just not working to move things.
  10. Constipation.
  11. My urine is cloudy and smells foul.
  12. Tarry stool from time to time.
  13. Worst part of all is as of late, I have had some weird symptoms on my head. Extensive brain fog. Feels like im "loopy" sometimes as if I had something to drink. Just a feeling of being "out of it". Mind is not clear and sharp. Feels like im living in a haze.
  14. Been told that my face is pale.

Any pointers as to what I might have would be appreciated! Thank you so much.


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    So a couple of days ago, I had another endoscopy as well as a colonoscopy. The results are as follows:

    1. A small size hiatal hernia was seen, displacing the Z-line to 38cm from the incisors, with hital narrowing at 40cm from the incisors. Retroflexion view in the stomach confirmed the size and morphology of the hernia.
    2. Erythema of the mucosa was noted in the antrum and stomach body. Cold forceps biopsies were performed.
    3. Granularity of the mucosa was noted in the second part of the duodenum. Cold forceps biopsies were performed.
    4. Erythema was noted in the distal sigmoid colon. Cold forceps biopsies were performed.
    5. The examined portion of the terminal ileum appeared normal. Colonoscopy was otherwise normal.

    So at this point, I'm waiting on the lab results regarding the biopsies. Unfortunately, with the current Covid-19 situation going on, I wont be able to see my gastro until mid April to discuss my results which is mildly irritating (he doesnt do phone appointments).

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    I have diverticulitis flare ups and a lot of your symptoms match. Diverticulitis is an infection so that could mess with your head. Also I always get very pale during a flare up. Ct scans usually show and you'll need antibiotics. If it ruptures you go septic and will be in a mess. Talk to your gastro about ruling that out immediately!

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    Not sure where you are. I had similar issues (but for 3 months was actually bedridden) and every test under the sun. Normal.

    My problems began 3 years ago after eating food on a commercial airline.

    Anyway I was on pain meds, anxiet meds etc, Nothing I had ever needed in my life. Doctors were starting to think it was all anxiety driven because the digestive troubles began affecting my pelvic floor muscles. Even saw a psychiatrist. After all that time I DID have anxiety for sure...over my health.

    So I sought out qualified, trained naturopaths. After blood tests and hair analysis, I discovered I had parasites, other pathogens and was ridiculously mineral deficient. My adrenals, pancreas and gall bladder were all out of whack. The first (prasites and pathogens) could easily have caused all the rest. I began a regimen of naturopathics and periodic analysis. It has been just over 3 months and I am starting to feel better. The naturopath says it will take several more months, perhaps more than a year to get well.

    Doctors, colonocopies, endoscopies, CT scans, MRI's, biopsies...the wrong kind of blood tests...none will show severe deficiencies, parasites, etc. Conventional medicine looks for the routine, conventional things. If those aren't found, few will think outside of that box. And medical doctors are not trained in naturopathy...nore vice versa, unless you are blessed to find the one in a million who has extensively trained in both. BTW, I was fit, healthy, happy...I could eat anything and had totally normal digestion before that one ....meal.

    Pathogens do so much damage, but it can be reversed. Find the right person. Took me 3 naturopaths to do it, but I did. After 3 years I am beginning to feel normal and hopeful....and whatdayaknow....the psychiatrist thinks maybe I don't have chronic anxiety! Not a surprise to me.

    Don't lose hope. Don't give up. Find a qualified naturopath and begin the journey. The sooner it begins, the sooner you can begin to get well.

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      Wow, your story is eerily/shockingly similar to mine. My stomach issue first arose when I had an In n Out burger in February of 2018. I remember it vividly. I too was perfectly healthy and happy and was able to eat anything under the sun prior to Feb of 2018. Once I had that meal, I havent been the same since. What I find shocking about your story is that I TOO HAVE SEVERE PELVIC FLOOR ISSUES. And when I say severe, I mean it. Im a male and my pelvic floor is out of whack to the point where I have complete erectile dysfunction, complete loss of libido, Hard Flaccid (not an official medical term but a term coined online), fire sensation in the glutes when sitting, etc. Whats funny is that my stomach issues started in feb of 2018 and then all of a sudden in around June of 2018, my pelvic floor issues started. I started to feel the loss of libido prior to feb of 2018 but June is when it really hit the fan. However, I engaged in other activities that may have contributed to my pelvic floor dysfunction such as excessive masturbation, going from being a regular gym goer/weightlifter to sedentary, stressful relationship that I am no longer in, dealing with a depressed father. But I am definitely not discounting the fact that my stomach issues may have an impact on my pelvic floor.

      As far as anxiety goes, I too had and still have it (although not as bad). Since Feb of 2018 up until the beginning of this year, I had anxiety going to a job I disliked. I remember driving to work on the freeway every morning and clenching my teeth subconsciously and my body would always be tense. I had to tell myself to relax. So im sure that added to the pelvic floor tension. Im guessing its also related to my stomach issues? Im currently working with a GI specialist MD who is also an MD here in Los Angeles. I had some tests done and this is what was found:

      1. Moderate level of two mycotoxins found: Patulin and Ochratoxin
      2. Stool test: A value of "Many" for microscopic yeast. Additionally, my Secratory IgA value was 436 which is outside of the range of 30-275.
      3. SIBO breath test: Minimal abnormality consistent with a mild form of SIBO

      I've been put on quite a few supplements to take for the coming months. Hopefully they end up working.

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