Gynaecology or Abdominal Issues?? after UTI

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I went down ill almost 4 weeks ago with horrendous back pain around my rib area and was vomiting daily first of all I just thought it was some kind of virus after 5 days I went to my local community hospital and they said I had a UTI.

I was given some antibiotics which never cleared the infection so I then had a second course. Still the problems were there, back pain around my ribs continued, also starting to get really bad Pelvic Pain both sides and the vomiting continued, so again went to my doctors and explained my symptoms and the doctors said the UTI was travelling up my body and gave me a third lot of antibiotics.

Take the full course and done a urine test and it came back clear and still I'm in horrendous pain. Back Pain around the rib cages area including my sides, Pelvic Pain and Vomiting still.

I'm in my 4th week of feeling really unwell I re-visited my doctors again today. They are puzzled by my symptoms and have a blood test later this week.

I had exactly same issues before about 2 years ago and was referred to a gynaecologist who sent me for a laparoscopy (as checked for endometriosis but came back ok, they did add the 5 year coil and put it down to my hormones back in 2016.

Since 2016 I've had no problems and then as stated above all of a sudden almost 4 weeks ago know I came down again with all the symptoms and seeing as my doctor is unsure I wanted to check if anyone else has similar issues or can share any information with me that may help. 


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    This sounds horrendous!  I would suggest it may be the coil causing problems but you say you had similar issues before the coil.  You say the urine test came back clear but was that a proper culture or was it just a dipstick test?  Some bugs don't show up on the dipstick.

    I'm very pleased to hear you don't have endometriosis as that would have been another thought.  Hopefully the blood test will shed some light on all this.

    What antibiotics were you given?  Did you get Cipro the third time?

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      Yes I was given ciprofloxacin the 3rd time round.

      My first urine test showed an UTI but then the other didn't, yet I have the same issues and yes it was just a dipstick one.

      I went for some blood tests yesterday and done another urine test then.

      I have noticed I'm getting very small white flakey bits in my urine, not sure if this is normal or not?

      I don't think its coil as I did have same symptoms in 2014-2016 before having the coil fitted. The problems did stop after I had the coil put in via laparoscopy do pain free for 28 months until a month ago.....

      The back and pelvic pain gets so bad i can't walk properly and the sickness is just annoying more than anything

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      The blood and urine tests should give your doctor a better idea of what is happening with you.  The white flaky bits often show up in urine but I have no idea if they are significant or not.  I worry about the Cipro as many people have very bad side effects from it which can be very long lasting. It's often used as a '3rd line' drug for UTIs but the FDA banned it from being used as the first antibiotic to be given because of the danger from side effects.

      I am not trying to scare you but I strongly suggest that, if you get offered Cipro or any other fluoroquinolone (the name of this class of antibiotic) tell your doctor you are allergic to them - just in case.  On this forum there are many discussions about it so take a look.  You will most likely be ok after just one course but it would definitely be a risk to take any more.

      I hope you find out what is causing your problem soon - the sickness may be 'just annoying' but it's possibly a sign of something not being right. 

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    I get the white particles every once in a while.  I've researched it and it can be nothing or it can point to a problem.  The non concerning particles; sediment, are white phosphate particles that come from the bladder shedding cells.  This can happen in UTI's and other more serious conditions.  If someone has no symptoms and UTI test is negative, I think it's not a concern.  I asked my urologist about it, and he wasn't concerned in my case.

    On your other symptoms, they seem to me to me more than a UTI.

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    I have the same problem but I have a had a Uti for a year and a half and they finally figured out what is wrong with me I have nutcracker syndrome and pelvic congestion syndrome and I Vur which is a reflux that affects the kidneys it blocks off the pee function and it keeps my Utis and no antibiotics work for me and they can't do surgery on me because I would bleed to death so I have to just keep taking antibiotics for the rest of my life and I am only 26 and I have a three year old son and I have a cyst that is 12mm in my right kidney tube

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      You are very young 26 I hope they are doing all they can to help with your diagnosis bless you, sounds nasty I feel for you and hope you have much support.

      I'm awaiting for a pelvic scan as my blood tests come back ok.

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      Yes my family is my support group and thank you I hope everything goes good for you to

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