H Pylori Associated Chronic Gastiritis

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Hi have chronic gastritis from 4 month(confirmed by endoscopy).

I had H Pylori also, But It has gone Confirmed by Stool Test.

I do not have acid reflux.

Only dull ache above abdomen and left side of chest.

I am on reberprozole and librax.

My question is whether chronic gastritis is curable or is it a lifetime condition?

I am loosing hope because this dull ache is not going away.

Please please reply...

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    Hello. Chronic gastritis can be controlled and rid off. But u need to watch your diet as well as some foods interfere with the way the prescribed medicines work. Dont lose heart you can win this many have won before and still win. I am also on the course and I am uplifted by the successes of some on this platform. Keep strong you will be okay.
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      Many thanks to giving me hope. I am getting many frustrating comments by people over Internet, that's why feel so nervous. May be success stories are not written because people have a tendency to crib when they are ill, but not to write when they are recovered.

      Believe me in last 4 months I have read all possible post about it.

      I am always thinking when I will be out from this.

      As a herb treatment I am taking mustic gum along with PPI because somebody told that it also help in recovery.

      Your comments are very positive and I hope one day I will post my success story here.

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    Hello. I suffered with h pylori caused chronic gastritis for 2 years before I finally healed myself and it wasn't easy. It involves some BIG diet and lifestyle changes. 

    To heal I took 40mg (double dose) of rabeprazole per day for a month, then 30mg for a month. And then 20mg for 2 months. Then 10mg for 2 months. I am off PPI now and just use Gaviscon or h2 blockers if needed. Here's the key thing - YOUR DIET NEEDS TO BE STRICT ! No alcohol for 3/4 months. No tea or coffee. No high fat foods. No acidic foods and drinks. Nothing fizzy. Reduce dairy as it makes acid. Keep a food dairy and eliminate what gives you pain. After a month off PPI and diet you should notice improvement and can relax things slightly but only relax your diet slightly and now and then. I ate super strict mon - fri and then relaxed a bit on weekends. Allowed me to heal. 

    If you need any more help let me know. 

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      Hi Paul,

      Happy to hear your success story, it gave a lot of hope.

      I have only dull pain in my upper abdomen and chest area with no acid reflux and bit of anxiety. Were your symptoms also same? Or you had acid reflux also.

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      Hello. The symptoms for gastritis are legion and people have different ones. I sometimes get acid reflux if damage my stomach by eating the wrong things. But mainly I get stomach pain and burps.

      I killed my H pylori with antibiotics. Had it confirmed by stool sample which is pretty accurate. I feel different from before so know the infection is gone. Just got to keep on not irritating my sensitive stomach. Chronic gastritis is cureable however your stomach will remain sensitive for many years perhaps for ever so you need to be careful. It will make you a lot healthier ! It's not a quick fix and takes months. Keep on with the diet and reduce stress and in time you will heal if you are doing things right smile

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      Hi Paul,

      After how many days you started felling perfect?

      I am on 40 mg reberprozole daily but after taking it also I am having very slight dull ache in my upper abdomen and chest area(it was too much before), that makes me worried. What I think that after taking medicine also I am not getting 100% relief. Was it the same case with you, pain subsided slowly after many months.

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      Hi sanjee.

      The PPI's will give you some side effects and abdominal pain is one of them. I had the same. The thing with PPIs is they allow

      You to heal faster if you eat right, as they massively reduce acid (like 80%!). But if you slip up the pain is great and takes about a week to go away. After a month off ppi and eating strict I felt better, but not 100%. It take about 6 month really and even then you still have to be careful and not go stupid. You will find as you slowly ween off the ppi your symptoms get less as your normal amount of acid returns. Like I've said, it's no quick fix and takes months. But if you keep positive and stick to good diet you will see improvement month on month.

      See an old post on here from a woman called innes. She taught me a lot and she took ppi for 4 month with strict diet and she cured herself.

      Good luck

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      Hi Paul,

      Your posts are making me too positive about this issue, thanks a ton.

      Can you send me link of the post from women called Innes whom you mentioned in your earlier post.

      I tried searching her posts but it is not possible to search posts by user names.

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      Hello again. If you private message me your email address I will send you a report on gastritis I did for my doctor as she was open minded and wanted to learn more about it. After 2 years of suffering I gathered a lot of knowledge that I want to share with other sufferers !

      The journey to recovery from chronic gastritis is a long and frustrating one. It requires drastic diet and lifestyle changes for most people. And some of these changes are life long.

      Keep positive and look at your progress month on month rather than day by day. Your stomach is a slow healer

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    Hi I'm suffering with pain in stomach for 7 months now and I'm really desperate.  It's so painful and I don't have any hope to getting better no time soon because I know I still have the bacteria that caused this. At least you're negative so think positive about your full recovery because it will happen. I wish I could say the same.

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      I hope there is some medicine that can get rid off the horrible bacteria in your stomach. Have you tried eating natural yogurt. : )
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      Hi Leni,

      Try taking mastic gum herb capsules 1 mg per day for 1 month. It seems to heal H Pylori permanently. It's available on Amazon.

      Have you taken HP KIT for eridicating it. Sometimes bacteria becomes reluctant against antibiotics and it doesn't easily go out from your gut.

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      H Leni. If you have an active h pylori infection that's causing gastritis you need to eradicate it or else you won't fully heal.

      Antibiotics with ppi are the best way as prescribed by docs. Natural ways are possible but much more difficult.

      I used antibiotics for a week and sorted it no problem. Had a stool test done 8 weeks after it confirmed it had gone and I felt different so knew it had.

      It's the damage caused by h pylori that takes months to heal. And strict diet and lifestyle changes will only heal you. Supplements help but diet is the number 1 priority ! smile

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      Hi Paul

      Unfortunately all three treatments with antibiotics I had didnt get rid of this Bacteria. 

      i agree the diet is very important, I'm very careful what I eat and drink. I avoid many things that I know would only make the pain worse. I still get pain most days and nausea. I know it will be impossible to heal while with this bug. I just hope it doesn't turn into something even worse in my stomach because it's been a long time like this. I can only wait and see if there's some  other medication that can help me. I've seen a gastro doctor that is with my case. Thank you for your post.

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      Hi again,

      In sorry to hear that. I was fortunate enough to eradicate it with a weeks worth of triple therapy. Although it took me 12 months to heal from the damage the little beggars did!

      There are natural ways of eradicating h pylori but they take longer and aren't 100%.

      It might be worth having a culture sample taken from your stomach and then the docs test it for sensitivity and give you the antibiotics that work best against it.

      Good luck. Paul

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