H. pylori.. Related pain n burning in stomach and chest

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Hi Janna,I am devashree (21years) I have the same problem for past 11 months. In November 2016 I started experiencing pain in stomach which was a very little bit. I started to have acidity frequently and was not able to eat normal food. I started following diet. I went to Dr in Jan 2017 (Ms surgeon) and he gave some medicine (rabeprazole, digene) for 15 days. Still I was having uncomfortable feeling and little pain in stomach. There was no pain or burn in chest before. After 15 days I went through endoscopy and was diagnosed with h. Pylori..Dr said I should not eat high protein foods n fibre foods like pulses n legumes, milk, bakery n confectionery products etc they banned all processed foods for me.. Dr said that I was very weak and underweight so he delayed the antibiotics. After 1 month Dr gave me antibiotics amoxicillin and claribid for 7 days along with sompraz. I had the pain and burning more than it was before endoscopy..I thought I should go to a MD medicine Dr and had another endoscopy. He said this is due to stress and gave me anxiety tablets as there was no ulcer detected but still burning was there.. I went to another Dr he said that this is due to the wounds/ inflammation that have formed in the stomachdue to h. Pylori and 2 endoscopies.. He gave me prebiotic and probiotics and Rantac.. They said stomach healing needs time.. This all is from 11 months and I m not able to eat like normal people.. It hurts so much.. Sometimes I m scared to what has happened to my stomach..it's really unbearable burning and pain in stomach n chest..I am only 21 and still can't eat like others of my age 😖

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    Does anyone here have the same problem (heart burning,  stomach burning,  acidity or reflux).. I need help please it's very unbearable now.. I have gone through it since I was 20.. It's 11 months now.. I have to go to another country for MS.. I don't know how I will manage my diet food..as I m a vegetarian..😖

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      Being a vegetarian you need to get your B12 checked as you dont take dairy and meat...low B12 can cause digestion problems..go see your doc and get your B12 checked...also low Vit D can cause digestive problems too....best wishes...

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    Sounds like you need something stronger than an H2 Blocker like Zantac.  You can consider trying a OTC PPI like Nexium or Omeprazole. 
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      What were you dosages?  Sometimes you have to play around with PPI's until you find one that works for you.  Nexium and prevacid didn't work for me, but dexilant seems to work. When was your last upper endoscopy?  May be time for another one if it's been a while.  

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      Had one in June.. But it was normal.. N burning is still the same as it was then and now..thanks for reply 😊

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      So your results of your EGD was normal what you're still having burning?  

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      In January it showed - mucosal erythema was more (stomach),  no ulcer no erosion no pylorospasm, RUT positive (h. Pylori was detected in biopsy

      In June It showed: erythema lower esophagus (reflux esophagitis),  lax hiatal opening,  Antral erosion of stomach (Antral gastritis) ,  erosion of duodenum (duodenitis) 

       Plus I can bear any smell of smoke or perfume,  it causes burning in stomach and chest 

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    Sounds like Gastritis.  H pylori infections can trigger it.  Ask for another endoscopy to identify it.  It can also be diagnosed from your symptoms alone.

    It is also possible the h pylori has not cleared up and is resistant to antibiotics.  It may be that it cleared up but came back again.  I would have a stool test to see if you still have H Pylori.  You will need to come off PPIs for two weeks before this test to make sure the test is accurate.

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      OK.. Thanks.. I think I should take antibiotics for some more days..can rabeprazole,  claribid and amoxicillin help?? 

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      Triple antibiotic therapy is the standard treatment for h pylori so it should help.  Completeing the course of antibiotics will give you the best chance of killing the infection.  Take yoghurt after you have finished the antibiotics to rebalance your gut flora. 
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    Hi devashree I'm in a similar boat as you. I finished my h pylori triple does or drugs in August. Since then I have very slowly and gradually got better however I still have stomach and chest burning when I eat even the smallest amount of processed foods. I haven't been able to eat mlnornally for 3/4 months. 

    Try slippery elm powder. I find that helps. And I guess it will jus take a lot of time and strut diet before you can get back to normal. 

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    Hello devashree,

    Me too, I was diagnosed of H Pylori about 3 weeks ago. This is what happened to me.

    In December 2017 prickly feelings/pain started right below my right rib cage and gradually this pain traveled towards the center of my upper abdomen. It happened right after I ate. I am an alert person in nature and took my body’s warning seriously and went to the doctor right away (I hate waiting until the situation gets worse).  

    So I went to the doctor and he told me to go through an whole abdomen ultrasound and a blood test. I did what he asked me to do and my results came out FINE. So, I was happy and continued my life (diet most likely) as usual. 

    After exactly a month I was having a nice raw vegetable salad for my dinner. Oh boy that was it! I had an unusual gnawing and burning pain in my upper abdomen and I had NO clue why I was having this s****y pain (I usually eat healthy food and do exercise). The first this that came to my mind is ginger tea. I immediately made some ginger tea and it soothed my stomach. However my stomach felt sore and tender… I was quite concerned what happened to me and I went back to my doctor next day who scheduled an endoscopy. The endoscopy revealed “mild gastritis” of duodenum, stomach body and antrum. S**t I was FREAKED OUT. My doctor prescribed triple therapy (two antibiotics: amoxicillin, clarythromicin and PPI) and a strict diet. I followed his advise and to be honest, yes, it did decrease my dull pain but not the acidity... After I finished the triple therapy my acidity went up (depends what I eat). Listen, this bacteria is very resistant to antibiotics. It's very important to follow a strict diet. DO NOT eat FAT foods, carbohydrates, sugar, acid fruits and veggies. It’s true that stomach heals SLOWLY because the inflammation is INSIDE. So be patient. Diet is VERY important. If this disease is not cured in PROPER way it can lead to ulcers and ultimately to stomach cancer. I hope it doesn’t happen to you but follow a good soft and HEALTHY diet. 

    Since I have finished my “triple therapy” (it did help a bit), now I am taking BLACK SEED OIL every morning (1 teaspoon with honey) half hour BEFORE BREAKFAST. There were numerous studies done by scientist/doctors and it really does help to eradicate this nasty bugs from human body. Another remedy is BONE BROTH. Boil the cow leg (preferably cow because it has good amount of gelatin that helps your stomach lining to heal faster). Do not add salt. Eat it only in the mornings instead of your breakfast. I am actually eating this and it helps. 

    Here you, I hope it helps! 

    Please let me know how you are doing.    

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