H-pylori treatment for the second time.

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I was diagnosed with h-pylori and went through the torment of taking the anitibiotics treatement about a year back. It dint get better and I hated the treatment that I dint go back for the second round. Now my gas and bloating has become bad and went to a diff doctor and my results came positive and she asked me to start 14 day treatment again.

I don’t know how to cope with the side effects and will it ever really get out of my system ? And does the treatment ever work for anybody ? Just the thought of going through that horrible time again makes me scared ! How does one cope with being sick and having to work and manage the house etc ?? 

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    I am understand your  feelings. I have this problem for last 3 years. Still nothing diagnosed. I was getting treatment in Brazil and Pakistan for last 3 years but nothing found. Presently, I am in USA and so far nothing identified. In CT-Scan, they said that my lymph node is swelled but the doctor said pain is not due to node swelling. They did biosposies and I am waiting for the result and hopefully will get it in next week. My life is horrible. 
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    Read my threads and dont go the antibiotics way unless your condition is unbearable. Try using Mastic Gum and look for other natural treatments. Docs today have found the easy way of blaming everything on hpylori. I didnt even have any symptoms and was prescribed antibiotics and I am dying everyday after that.
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      You have to watch with H pylori though. It can lead to ulcers or gastritis.  Doctors don’t make these things up; they are the experts!  Believe, trust and accept what your doctor tells you. They are the only ones who can help. Some people with ulcers or gastritis find they have h pylori as well. H pylori is a leading cause of both conditions.  Endoscopies show these GI problems.
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      I do not have H pylori or ulcer. It was tested for 3-4 times but there is nothing like this. Last endoscopy was done last week here in US, the doctor said everything is normal but he took biopsies for H Pylori and Celiac disease. Yesterday, my medical doctor asked me to have CT-Scan for chest which I scheduled for 16 May, in my previous Abdominal CT scan, they found that my lymph node is swelled. In nutshell, I am 24 hours with pain in upper right side of my stomach and I feel something is pushing and it is bloated. I am living a terrible life for last 3 years. I hope, they may able to find something and resolve my issue so that I can live a normal life. 
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      I accept that but you can not deny the fact that every problem is blamed on hpylori once your blood results come positive. I have read tons of research, hpylori is not something people are interpreting it to be, it has many strains some are harmful some are not, it does not create problem for everyone. I can guarantee you every fourth or fifth person in the world has hpylori. If there is no symptom of inflammation then the goal should be to lower the activity of hpylori rather than using harsh meds on everyone. Scientist still do not have answer to how hpylori causes cancer and why it causes inflammation in some people and not in others, what they found is that most of the people who have ulcers or stomach cancer had this bacteria so they concluded there must be something that this bacteria is doing that leads to this condition, there are some strains that cause problems and some that dont. Of course it does create problems for people but most of the time its eradication does not fix the problem and today hpylori is blamed for everything even brainfog. All I am saying is one should be very careful before putting antibiotic poison in there system, if one can manage it always go for the natural treatment.
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      H pylori does occur naturally in the gut.  The problem starts when the bacteria overgrows. Everyone has different reactions and that is why h pylori can cause inflammation in some people and not others.  It is not important as to how h pylori can lead to ulcers, gastritis or cancers; the point is that the link exists.  Some people have non h pylori related gastritis or ulcers whereas others find that h pylori has caused further gut inflammation.

       I had a life long reaction to a vaccination as a child which affects some people but not others.  Trying to prove an adverse reaction to a drug can be very difficult.

      The best you can do is to keep going back to your doctor for diagnosis and if nothing shows up, ask to be referred to a pain clinic to help you manage your symptoms.

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    Talk to your doctor about your intolerance to the antibiotics and emphasise you couldn’t cope with the side effects.  Ask for omeprazole to try and settle your stomach while taking a second round of antibiotics. I have heard of doctors prescribing it to help patients cope with the harsh drug regimen. You could also ask your doctor ifvhe or she would recommend a natural treatment instead.

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