Had a few shocks reading labels today!

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Today's my day 1 and I just spent 2 hours (!) in tescos, reading loads of labels. Some things i knew were high in fat but didn't know HOW high (like 25 grams in half a garlic cheese bread :o!!!!)

Also pretty shocked at content of things like a single rich tea biscuit for example - just 3 or 4 of them is more fat than i'm going to able to have for lunch now lol.

Is no wonder i was putting weight back on ... :oops:

tesco' light choices range of ready meals is impressive though, some with about 2grams for the whole meal, so i've stocked up and also on some fresh stuff, going to have to rediscover my love of cooking

was quite funny really, my poor hubby, as i walked around exclaiming at fat content lol :D

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    Hi onlyme, welcome to the forum. I agree with you that it's awful how much fat is in some foods. There's even fat in a frozen sprout. What's that all about? It's not until you really read the labels that you realise how fatty some stuff is even though it is low calorie.

    Don't forget to drink 2 litres of water a day or you may get constipated. I also find green tea helps.

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    apparently there is fat added to frozen veg as it allows it to cook better from frozen so fresh is always best if do-able!
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    I find that anything I read that has over 5g's of fat per 100g cannot be put in my mouth just makes me feel sick thinking of it :lol:

    There are lots of low fat alternatives available to stave over things like chocolate graving and sweet cravings, I find snack a jacks are great for this as they have chocolate ones and caramel ones. Also Go Aheads are nice if you fancy a biscuit type treat

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    cheers girls .... well i bought some marshmallows, ww toffee yogurts and meringue nests for sweet cravings, just had a meringue nest and it beat the sweetie urge to a pulp lol ... hope that carries on working over the next few months

    am worried by every tiny twinge in my tum now i've had all 3 tablets .. but that's why i started this weekend - no work.

    I had cereal and 1% milk for brekkie, 2 crumpets and jam for lunch and homemade pasta sauce (chicken, tomatoes, peppers, no oil) and pasta and a slice of plain french stick (apparently half of a bake at home one has only 1g) and a cheeky glass of wine for my tea.... hubby got a load of parmesan on his much bigger portion lol and i think he missed the garlic bread but he's being supportive

    everything adds up to under 30g fat - i was shocked at labels on even veggies - apparently half a fresh green pepper has 0.2g fat.. which surprised me it had any at all!

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    Meringues are nice with either yoghurt or quark with fresh fruit. Can't eat them now they are just too sweet. Anyway I shouldn't as I am diabetic. Agree with the other post, can't face anything that is either too sweet or over 5g of fat. Even going past the chippie makes me feel sick.

    Good luck to everyone with their weight loss.


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    well today's day 2 and my tummy is gurgling a lot after breakfast +tablet and i do feel very queasy! sad didnt read nausea on side effects in the packet.

    making me not want to eat anyway so sort-of mission accomplished lol

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    Hello and welcome.

    Just thought I would fill you in on some of my favourite treats, might help you with some ideas.

    My fav low fat treats are:

    Creme caramel deserts-0.9g of fat per tub. (Sainsburys brand)

    Pink and whites-marshmallow in-between wafer.

    Weight watchers caramel crunch desert (my fav) 2.6g-watch out for other WW desserts as they tend to be rather high,they work on saturated fat,not total fat!!

    Ben and Jerry's do a cherry frozen yogurt,it's not low low fat but much better than ice cream, I have a small cone (trace fat) fill it with mini marshmallows (fat free) and that way I only have one scoop of frozen yogurt which is low in fat!

    I also buy organic apple and plum pure^ and stir through fat free yoghurt.

    Marks and spencer do a fantastic 'count on us...' double chocolate sundae for the chocoholics. It's is 2.6g of fat per 100g and the tub is 130g. 182 calories per pot.

    M&S also do a good 'count on us ..' strawberry trifle. Not sure on exact fat figures but I know they are good and well within the limit.


    Weight watches hoola hoops (0.2g) per 20g bag.

    Snack a jax - all flavours.

    Be good for u crisps from sainsburys- tai sweet chilli or cheddar and red onion (1.5g) per bag.

    Certain packs of Japanese rice crackers are good. Make sure you look at the label coz there can be big differences as some have lots of peanuts, therefore , higher fat content.

    It just takes time to shop and going to different shops is helpful as u find different things. I'm still learning everyday.

    Also got a useful BBC good food 101 low fat feasts recipe book. Nice meals and all fat and calorie content per portion is stated. Good if you cook from scratch and have a partner that is supportive. My partner is loving the low fat meals and treats! I just make him a good lunch for work that contains more fat and calories so that he gets more than 30g of fat a day and more calories.

    Best of luck.

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    thanks pearl that's really helpful

    i noticed that about a few weightwatchers things - not that low in total fat - but the tesco light choice range really is, i was surprised. not tasted any of it yet though!!

    feel a bit suspicious if i'm honest because i've eaten quite well these first 2 days and been fine apart from queasy and tummy gurgly. Just made 'normal' food (for me anyway lol) but without fat and munched a meringue nest and an options hot choc with melted marshmallows after tea rather than biccies or a pudding.

    am nervous of starting work on orlistat tomorrow ... usual routine would be cereal and coffee at 730, then toast and LURPACK :o (that's got to be a swearword on here!) around 1030, then cheese pannini or soup for lunch arund 130 ... NOT good at all and going to be hard to get a new routine. Thinking of saving my cereal for 1030 and trying to ignore the smell of buttered toast ... !

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    its not hard once you start and if you tell those around you that you're on the blueys (of a low fat diet if you don't want to tell them about the tablets) they'll hopefully be supportive and not offer you the naughty foods - its easier without the tempting offers!

    you can still have soups for lunch but how about changing your cheesy panini for pitta bread with extra low fat cheese spread, extra low fat butter (ie flora extra light) or salad?

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    ugh i don't like raw food lol ...

    nothing will ever be as nice as a cheese and mushroom pannini from the bakery near work so i'm sticking to soups or maybe beans on toast sometimes. Going to make a big pan of leek and potato in a mo and actually everyone at work is having some with me tomorrow lol (only 3 of us)

    day 3 and not even 'been' to the loo yet let alone had 'side effects' ... really hoping it's all ok because if it is, and what i'm eating is working, then this is do-able for me....

    need advice on a night out but will post that seperately i think , there are lots of wise people frequenting this page and i am glad of the support and info smile

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    you may find initially and on the odd occasion you will get constipated so make sure you have your fibre and if that doesn't work sennacot
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    thankyou suza ... probably just my body getting used to so little fat!

    i'll keep drinking water between meals smile

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