Had another episode of afib have questions please

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Hello I’m a 46 year old male, I have always been a bigger guy, but never had problems with high bp until about two years ago when I had my 1st afib attack, it took them few hours to get me back to normal, but I was put on aspirin and 3.5mg of coreg once a day, was told to lose weight and I did about 30 pounds, I always wondered if the med was really needed if it’s been almost two years, well this past Sunday I had another episode and was put in hospital for 5 days, they changed my beta blocker to Sotalol and Eliquis, I was doing really good I thought with the coreg not many side effects at all, now on this other I feel very tired and sleepy, I’ve only been on it for a week now, guess my question is are there much difference in coreg and Sotalol? I’m on 40mg take one half in morning and other in evening, it’s crazy cause they say fish is really good for afib, but the two times I’ve went into afib I was eating fish🤷🏽???🤷🏽??? Fried of course but I don’t understand I do know that I was really full both times as well drinking a lot of soda, I thought that I got lucky and it was just a one time thing, but guess not😢 it’s like starting all over with new med now, thanks for listening

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    Hey Bigmarlon, there are a whole bunch of beta blockers, and if one is making you feel badly always mention it to the doctor.  You can look up the warnings that come (?) with the pills, or online.  But the occurrence of symptoms may or may not relate to what you just ate.

    If it was bad enough to put you in the hospital for a few days I guess you have to take it seriously.  Of course everyone will always tell you to clean up the diet and maybe lose some more weight - and these are good ideas.  Eating and arrhythmias can be related by way of the vagus nerve, but it's not usually sensitive to *what* you are eating, more likely to eating too much.

    Don't know if that helps, but just keep dealing with what comes up, there's always one more thing to try.

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    Hi. I can relate to both how much and what you eat. I agree with jx about going back to your doctor regarding meds. I had to change from Bisoprolol to Verapamil - the former turned me into a non-functioning zombie, and that was on the lowest dose. Over eating or eating late would 100% trigger my PAF, but also certain foods. No fizzy drinks at all, and even diet options would kick it off due to either saccharin or aspartame. Other triggers include alcohol (3yrs teetotal now), sausages (must be something in them, maybe a spice or preservative), crisps, toblerone chocolate (!) And my most recent is yogurt! I watch both sugar and salt levels closely, but also fatigue triggers me, dehydration, and being cold. In the recent cold snap, just 2 breaths of very cold air walking from my car into the house was enough. Ive had 3 ablations and my PAF is far more controlled than it was, and Im no longer on meds (with dr's agreement) but still have to be careful.

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    Thank you all yes I do eat supper late with my work and busy schedule I’m gonna continue watching what I eat and praying, also I get worried about going out of town and going out period right now cause I’m Lil down because I thought I had it beat there for awhile, and I was back to my normal everyday life, and now it seems I’m starting over with that nervous feeling again, thanks for replying
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    Was was the soda very cold? My afib trigger was almost always drinking a very cold drink too fast. Once it was eating some soft ice cream, again too fast.

    As to your meds, were they prescribed by an ep or cardioloigst? I've seen a lot of questionable med calls here, so a second (or even third) opinion is not a bad idea. I had my first afib episode at about your age, and then three more spaced around 7 years apart. Sotanol is both a beta blocker and anti-arrhythmic. I was never put on either and did quite well so I would question those meds if you get a second opinion.

    Curious, how did they get you out of afib both times? Electro Cardioversion? Drugs? Did you convert naturally?


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    I'm guessing by 'bigger' you're euphemistically meaning overweight or obese? I think if you get down to the safe weight range for your height, things may fall into place :-) 

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    I was put on Sotalol while hospitalized and had to be take off it because of shortness of breath and was put on oxygen.  Once off it, I felt fine -- do not know if this or the other drug is causing your problem -- but the Sotalol sure wasn't good for me.  I'm sure the fried fish and a lot of soda can't be good for your either  Good luck!!

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      Thank you I get up out of chair go to bathroom come back I feel like I ran, but I go to the gym and walk yesterday I was sweating a lot but felt fine, guess my main thing the 1st one I let it beat me I was scared to go anywhere, out of town but I was also scared of heart attack happening I did have a cardiac cath done and no blockage thank the lord!! But I did and right now still feel nervous about having another episode and it makes me not want to go anywhere and I hate that feeling

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      If you haven't already done so, you should have a discussion with your cardiologist about ablation surgery and if you are a candidate for it (he will refer you to an EP who can determine that).  For me, the surgery allowed me to get off all the rotten heart meds I was on and put my afib into remission (which is the most we can hope for as there doesn't appear to be an actual cure) and brought me back to my 'new' normal which is pretty good.  I'm still on Eliquis which I will be on for the rest of my life because of my age and the fact that I have afib..Good luck!

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    I will also add, I was given a beta blocker to help treat high blood pressure and a little tachycardia, but the first time I took the pill I felt like it was too much.  I called the doctor, and have never taken more than one-quarter of a low dose, but for me that is very helpful and effective.  So you might try simply cutting the dose, see if that works.

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