had dizzy spells on and off last month everything has become awful, been diagnosed with labrynthitis

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So about three months ago i started experiencing slight dizziness at work(i work on the checkout in a shop). It would happen for a minute or so, maybe once a week and that was it. I put it down to the lights at work, or looking at the checkout screen too much.

Anyway things got slightly worse, and then last month, out of nowhere, I couldnt stand to be at work. I was fine at home, but as soon as i was around the bright shop lights i was always feeling like i was about to faint.

I went to the doctors, and they gave me a 10 day supply of prochlorperazine and said i had Labrynthitis. A few days into taking the tablets, the dizziness had subiseded. When i finished the tablets a few days later it all came back but so much worse.

Now it happens at home, i had to miss a few days of work(thankfully im not on holiday) I cant go outside without my vision being distorted, and even when i go out i cant stand it for any longer than an hour. If i am in an enviroment with people talking the sounds are like they are closer than they are, and when looking at someone it feels like they are ever so slightly tilting back and fourth. Im having panic attacks once a day now aswell. 

Im aware that the tablets dont get rid of the virus, but just stop the feeling, but have been giving more of them and they arent helping. It just feels like my symptoms are getting worse and worse. Im due back at work in a week and unless i improve im not going to be able to go back. I feel completely at a loss, and keep getting paranoid that its not going to go away or that something else is wrong with me

Sorry for the long post, but any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. 



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    Hi you can consult another doctor MD nuro for cross digonosis.
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    Hello, I was diagnosed with labs 3 months ago, amd still have symptoms. Had CT mri blood work ENT amd been to 2 eye specialists. All came clear. The ENT told me it wasn't labs. So I changed doctors and she sent a referral for a dizzy clinic that specializes in all this stuff. Look into see if you have one in your area. I'm in ontario canada. My feelings are more like swaying on a boat. Was super hard to drive (feel like eyes bouncing and can't focus properly) was told I had nystagmus also (eye fluttering) in a foggy state of mind. Hard time walking. (Feel like I'm walking fasterling than body or on spongy ground) headaches sometimes. Headlights on cars seem so much brighter. I feel like I constantly have a glare in my eyes. Fatigue...there are

    Quite a few people on here that have same symptoms and get nowhere. But your not alone. Do you feel better in the car? Look into something called PPPD....it's new so a lot of docs don't know much about it, but it's sounds exactly like what I have.

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      I'm not good in car either. And patterned carpets throw me way off. I went to a baseball game and had to look down a few times because the crod was a bit much. Also had problems with sitting in a resataunt in the beginning. PPPD explains all these symptoms. And anxiety which I have off and on. Mal de barqment syndrome is simular but people feel better with movement ie, car....hope this helps

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      Hi Smitty 89

      My feelings are more like swaying on a boat

      (Feel like I'm walking fasterling than body or on spongy ground

      I have these sensation, i feel better in a moving car, my doctor told me not Mal de barqment, i have not been on another boat ride prior 

      I think is PPPD, but neurologist not sure about it, he refer me to another senior next month to check

      How are you getting on, any medication or better

      Speaking to someone will really make me feel better, if you do not mind, you can call me +6593809412 by Whatsapp, cheaper 



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    Regardless of the cause of this, it sounds like anxiety is now contributing and needs to be addressed. The triggers you mention are common for vestibular migraine, as well as other vestibular disorders. A visit to an ENT is probably in order to confirm the diagnosis. I have vestibular migraine and have had very similar symptoms of sensory overload that you have. But inner ear issues like labyrinthitis can also cause sensory overload because the brain is trying to compensate for the vestibular nerve. Tests like a VNG can see if issue is the vestibular nerve.

    I had symptoms suggesting menieres or labyrinthitis but VNG testing showed normal vestibular function.

    I was diagnosed with vestibular migraine and take propranolol as a migraine preventative. If it is the vestibular nerve affected by virus or inflammation in your case, vestibular therapy is usually very helpful.

    Anxiety at same time with either condition is common, and I take an occasional med for that. Anxiety and vestibular disorders feed off each other.

    Do sunglasses help outside? There are also migraine glasses you can Google that can help. Do you have a history of regular migraines? Any head or neck pain or pressure during you dizzy spells? (It can still be migraine without these).

    At any rate, you should request to be seen by a specialist since your still having problems. I would as them about labyrinthitis vs vestibular migraine, as vestibular therapy will usually help labs but not so much for migraine. And meds will help the migraine. And ask to get the anxiety treated. Forgot to mention that a short course of steroids can help both issues. You might want to inquire about that as well. It helped me tremendously, but can make you a bit wired.

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      Yeah anxiety is deffo an issue with it. I suffered from it years ago, so i think that may be why its got quite bad with whatever i have now. 

      Sunglasses help massively outside! its just if i take them off my vision is very strange, everything is brighter and closer than it should be.

      Do have slight pressure around the back of my neck and my ears, thats only started happening in the past few days.

      Im also awful in a car, feels like i am on a rollercoaster. 

      I feel like if i go back to the doctor im just going to get told the same thing, as i questioned if it could be anything else but he was adamant that it would just go away on its own 

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      Ok, do you have a personal or family history of migraine? If so, you can look up "vestibular migraine" and "MAV". Light sensitivity is a big symptom with those. If it looks like a possible match, you have something to ask your Dr about as there are meds for this.

      If you're still having any type of slight spinning sensation, even briefly like leaning over you feel like you have to catch yourself or call to the side, steroid short course may help. You may still have some inflammation that needs to calm down.

      All this said, it is not uncommon for an initial vestibular event to happen, it resolves, anxiety flares, and one develops something akin to PPPD, which used to be considered just anxiety. At any rate, there is treatment for that as well. You may need temporary anxiety meds or counseling. Your Dr should be willing to help you with all of this. If your Dr is not a good listener, perhaps find another.

      In the meantime, I highly recommend that you do NOT avoid places that make you off balance. You need to desensitized your brain. They call it compensation. Try to breathe through it and relax your neck and shoulders. I totally understand what you're going through. I made my husband walk around the block with me over and over. It took a few weeks, but I improved. Grocery stores and malls were the worse, along with bright sunny days. Regardless of if this was Labs or migraine, avoidance will not help and anxiety is contributing.

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    First of all, the tablets are not a cure, so if they don't help, don't take them.  They have such a poor track record for helping anyway and are so big on side effects.  At this point I would recommend and ENT or neuro specialist to confirm the diagnosis since it it very frequently misdiagnosed.  

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