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Hi all,

Really have had enough of it all now. 

For the past 3 years I have sufferered from really bad bloating. When I wake in the morning my stomach is pretty flat. By the evening I am severely bloated to the point I look pregnant no joke. I have started to measure the difference in circumference in the morning and evening and most days there is 6 inches difference. 

My doctors are hopeless I have had to fight for whatever tests I have had as they are just not interested. 

I have had a test for coeliac disease, h pylori, bacteria in stool, endoscopy and ultrasound on liver and kidneys all were clear and I really do not know where to go from here now.

I don’t feel it’s simply ibs as I tried cutting out various foods to see if they were a trigger but nothing has helped. 

Really am at the end of my tether now it’s really getting me down and affecting my quality of life.

Has anyone had anything similar? 

I don’t suffer from constipation or diarrhoea or excessive gas

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    What type of food do you typically eat?

    How much do you weigh? Did you gain alot of weight within the last few years?

    Do you smoke/vape?

    Do you take any dry/non-coated pills and, if so, what kind of pills?

    Are you active?

    After the endoscopy, did they say you have redness or irritation in your stomach?

    Do you do any drugs?

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      Yes pretty active I go to the gym 5 days a week. I lift weights and a typical days food now is 

      oats, protein shake fruit

      Lean beef mince, rice and veg

      Chicken mince rice veg

      Chicken mince rice veg

      Before bed natural yoghurt sometimes with a handful of berries.

      I vape through the day.

      Currently weigh 87kg bf % around 15. Lost around 4 stone the last two years as was overweight but now at a healthy weight for my size 

      Don’t do any drugs at all nor any pills

      The only thing that showed up on the endoscopy was a few polyps which were tested and showed nothing. 

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    Maybe you have non celiac gluten intolerance where you can eat some gluten but large amounts can make you bloated.  Are you having any abdominal pain?  Was gastritis mentioned after your endoscopy?  Gastritis can cause bloating too.
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      I cut gluten out completely for 6 weeks but it didn’t help at all. No gastritis was mentioned after the endoscopy nothing was just the polyps found. 

      No stomach pain except sometimes a sharp pain on both sides but that I’ve put down to being so swollen as it mainly happens in the evenings

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    Uh huh! So you vape!


    So you've been trying the process of elimination of foods to see if any are the culprit.


    I'm not going to suggest that you include vaping in your process of elimination. I want to URGE you to do so. Quit it entirely! I have a good reason for this.


    I had the same stomach bloat issue as you. I say had because its gone, ENTIRELY. No symptoms in 6 months.


    Mine started in 2013. The majority of the time it started at night and was gone in the morning. At some point in 2017 I started getting it during the day too and it was awful, I had to leave work in the middle of the day. I considered even going on medical leave.


    I did testing. I had an endoscopy done. No hpilory, nothing. They did say the bottom of my stomach was red/irritated.

    I reached the point in 2017 where I thought its been 5 years I'm tired of this, its depressing. Thats when I started to think back to when it started in 2013. It was the same year I quit cigarettes and started vaping. Really, think about it, do you know whats in the vape juice? All I know is it doesnt friggin freeze lol! That cant be good.


    I quit vaping cold turkey and I threw out the electronic cigarette last October. My symptoms continued for I'd say 2 more weeks. I've had no sypmtoms since, for the first time in 5 years I'm symptom free. That cant be a coincidence.


    I'm not saying you're stomach is irritated like mine was because of vaping. I'm saying I asked if you vape for a reason. There's a chance its the culprit for your stomach bloat. If you're tired of this bloat, like I was, dump the vape, it may save you of all this misery.

     Also, when you have the symptoms try this: Lie down on your left side. Pull your knee up so that your leg is right on your stomach. Turn a little more to the left so that your bed pushes against your leg which in turn pushes hard against your stomach. Stay like this for a long time. You'll feel gurgling and gas move around and some you'll feel is coming up. You'll finally be able to relax once enough gas has escaped your stomach.

    All the best.


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    Hi rob51893

    Take on board about the vaping sounds like good advice. However, if it turns out that is not the culprit try taking probiotic capsules to put good gut flora into your stomach. It may be you have some bad bacteria in your gut causing gas and bloating....

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    Hi, I sometimes have the same thing, but just when I ate something I shouldn‘t.. like chips, crackers, popcorn etc.

    If I were you I would take Probiotics, drink water instead of juices or sugary drinks, stay away from added sugar and eat clean. 

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    I started feeling excessive gas when my gallbladder stopped working.Do Hida scan to check gb function.

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