Had Vasectomy 1 yr ago - still suffering side effects

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Am planning on making a Dr appointment after the holidays but wanted to check in and get some feedback from others to see if anyone has had any similar situations or remedies.

I had the scalpel vasectomy done 1 yr ago. Initially no major complications. Like most the typical soreness that accompanied it. After a few weeks that seemed to go away and life returned to normal.

However, periodically I would have issues where I would get a dull 'ache' in my testicles that might last a day or two. Nothing severe enough to go to the doctor but painful. This has cropped up multiple times over the past several months. The pain is still with me whether I'm standing or lying down and ibuprofen does little to help.

And twice now - once probably six months ago and again last night I had blood in my semen. Not a lot but noticeable. The blood isn't appearing when I urinate.

I know this is more of a Dr related question but I guess I'm just looking for feedback from anyone that might have ran into similar problems. I never had either prior to a year ago and the surgery so that is the obvious culprit.

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    Problems after vasectomy are a lot more common then the medical profession are honest about.

    3 years after vasectomy I still have huge issues.

    Daily pain that can totally disable me

    Lack of sex due to pain on erection and or ejaculation

    Low semon quantity

    Pain in urination

    High opiate use

    Occasional blood in semen

    Post Vasectomy pain syndrome is a very cruel nightmare as it's life long with no cure.

    I've had further surgery to try and ease pain which ended up making things a lot worse

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    First get checked out by the GP but ask for a Urology appointment. They will tell you PVPS is incurable.

    Had mine 3 years and it is life changing. Surgery, testicular injections, heavy pain killer use, sickness from work so under occ. Health.

    Only fairly pain free at the moment as I'm in hospital with a broken back so the bucket loads of morphine help, but no way could I ever work with this level of drugs.

    I'm scheduled for two more operations to strip the nerves from the spermatic chords but each op only has 30% chance. Not sure when this will happen now due to a broken back (knocked off my bike by a driver who did not look).

    I can't offer any positive outcome if it is PVPS. Blood in semen sounds like an issue near the prostrate and semen producing gland as sperm is stuck down in the testes and epididymis.

    Really sorry this has happened to you. I hope it isn't PVPS.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I have an appointment with my GP already scheduled in about a week and we can discussed these issues then. From there I can figure out where to go or to make an appointment with my specialist.

    I read the stuff on PVPS and wI'll read further, thanks again.

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      You may well find your GP is dismissive of PVPS, so you may have the initial battle of convincing him that this is worthy of being a discussion area.

      You need to push for Urology Consultant referral as they know the subject quite well due to clearing up the mess left by GP's and GPwSI's who dismally fail to warn the patient about the risks from the procedure.

      As Ouchy says really hope this isn't PVPS for you

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    Hi. I had similar symptoms to you pain after, recovery and then a dull ache that slowly got worse until it was constant. 

    I did did not have any blood though.

    nhs response, will be ultrasound and check your prostate.

    if and I suspect it will be the case they will offer to cut more away.

    this is where I said what about a reversal? They said no so I had it reversed privately. All I signed up for was cutting two pipes. It the gradual cutting away of my balls which does. It always work

    i was told that a reversal might also not wor, but I wanted to try it first.

    I am now pain free. I don't know if I can have children. That was not really my concern. Ex had chemo anyway and was probably sterile anyway.

    good luck, don't get pushed around or ignored. I wanted 18 months before I said I had had enough of the NHS. The private op was booked on 14 Feb and carried out later that month. Within 2-3 months I was back to normal.

    please be aware if you are in constant pain it will change your mood. If you are and I guess you are, in a relationship and it is not solid then there is a chance it will break down and she will leave you.

    there are far reaching consequences to the snip they don't tell you. Make sure your partner is aware of your problem and get her support. Don't hide it as I did as I thought it was not as bad/important as my ex when she had cancer.

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      Interesting thoughts to consider.  I'm not in constant pain now - it comes and goes which is the weird thing.  

      The relationship with the wife it good and if anything she is oversupportive at times but I hadn't mentioned it - sometimes she can worry herself to death over things.  However, you are right, she needs to know.

      We had tossed around which of us to go for the operation after having kids and I opted to because we had thought it would be easiest (plus her doctor had kept beating the vasectomy thing to death) so I went ahead with it thinking this would be best.  

      Additional children aren't a concern for either of us at this point.  Neither of us want anymore at this point so we are good there.

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    I also am having the same issue I was wondering what happened after your doctor's visit ?

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      I was lucky. The problem, both aching and any sort of discoloration/blood in the semen conpletely went away. It took it a little over a year but everything feels as if it did before the surgery.

      In hindsight though, I would definitely tell a friend who is thinking about having one of these to give it some serious second thoughts. In no way is it the 'minor' surgery that it is made out to be.

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