Haemoragic Cyst

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Hi ladies - good morning hope you’re all well.

I was advised after a recent hospital admission that I have a Haemoragic cyst on my right ovary - I was Discharged from Hospital with a view to return for a planned operation to remove the cyst and possibly my ovary and tube (just found that out at my ore assessment 🙄

I’m not nervous about the surgery ;not yet any way it’s on the 24th July - just in time for the kids school holidays lucky me!! ) 

I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced a haemoragic cyst and were you in constant pain? I feel like I have no life at the moment I’m just in too much pain it hurts when I walk and when I go to the toilet (TMI apologies) is this something that you’ve experienced?? I’m so scared it’s going to rupture as it’s pretty much a constant very sharp stitch like pain but worsens on movement and toilet duty 🙄 my consultant advised the cyst could be caused by endometriosis?? Any advise or your personal experience would be greatly appreciated TIA xx

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    Hello Amanda, I've only just seen your post I'm just wondering how you got on? I have a complex overian cyst that is over 19cms I look pregnant, but the pain is horrendous can't bend, walking is real hard plus the toilet issues even laying down, may I ask what surgery did you have? I'm due for my operation in August, it cannot come quick enough! Hope your feeling better and your on the road to recovery, hugs xxx

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      Hi Caroline 

      Thank you for replying to me lovie.

      I had a Laparoscopy yesterday so still feeling rather weak and tired - the incisions really only hurt when I try to get up and move about.

      I had the cyst removed and some adhesions that had attached to my bowel. 

      I know what you mean about being in constant pain it is literally debilitating and lonely as not everybody understands.

      I really hope you get sorted ASAP if you contact your surgeons Secretary advise them your pain is getting worse and you are willing to take a cancellation it’s honestly worth a try.

      Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

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    Hello Amanda, bless you, your operation was yesterday no wonder your very tired and sore when you try to move, gosh you had adhesions to your bowel, you've been through the mill but hopefully now your recovery will get better with every day that goes past. ( Hugs) How long will you be in hospital? Laparoscopy is the open surgery? Was it as bad as maybe you thought? I'm so nervous yet somewhat looking forward to having the operation I think just to know this dam cyst will be gone. Did they leave your overies? I'm not fully sure what will happen with myself, if the overies are damaged it will be a Ooperectomy, I'm really feeling like I should tell the gynaecologist to just take the lot and be done with it for fear of another cyst returning, then I'm thinking I'd like to keep my ovary as I don't fancy surgical menopause... Sorry for rabbiting on I'm happy to be able to chat with someone who has gone through it.

    I will phone the secretary tomorrow, I didn't think to thank you for suggestion. I really hope you have help waiting for you when you go home, stay in your dressing gown and keep your feet up 😊

    Thank you again for replying, keep me posted how your getting on on, speedy recovery and hugs again xxx

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      Hi Caroline - I’m already home sweetie, I had my operation at 11:30 and was in recovery for 2:30 got on the ward around 4pm and left the ward just after 6:30pm I had to do a wee and eat & drink something before they would allow me home. I was a little scared about coming home tbh as I was so sore but I’m glad I did my bed is far more comfortable than those in Hospital and a lot more peaceful too.

      The scariest bit so far was having a shower and changing the dressings but if you soak the dressings for a long time they peel off so much easier (bitbidca truck there for you) I would also highly recommend you walk around as much as you physically can to get rid of the gas quicker and drink lots of water plus because you will be on painkillers make sure either you buy in a laxative or get the Hospital to prescribe you some to take home (truthfully my Hospital didn’t even send me home with any meds at all only 6 dressings to change after each shower) 

      A laparoscopy is where they put three ports into your tummy the main one is in your belly button and the other two are in your abdomen  generally but mine was in my belly button and my bikini line.  They fill you with gas to be able to manouver your organs easily.

      I totally get where you are coming from as I was exactly the same prior to my operation I was just at my white end worrying constantly that the cyst would rupture because I was in constant pain it’s seriously debilitating and I did say to my surgeon just take it all out I can’t cope like this any longer but now it’s all over I’m so pleased I’ve managed to keep my ovaries as they do a lot of good for us too - I certainly couldn’t cope with going through the change as well now

      A friend of mine who is only 35 had to have a full hysterectomy recently because she had a large fibroid and they had to cut her vertically which has been horrendous for her as the wound is still opening after 5wk post op and she is really struggling with night sweats etc plus this weather isn’t helping her but I do totally get where your coming from I was just the same I think it’s normal we just want to be free from pain at any cost don’t we.

      Keep on their backs huni and hopefully you will be seen much sooner than August I know it’s only around the corner but when your in pain it may as well be ten months down the road.

      Oh and btw I’m a bit naive I guess I never realised I would be bleeding afterwards too so make sure you have pads and granny pants at the ready I’ve been using my thinning pants tbh because the fact they hold you in is a comfort holding the tummy where it’s bruised.

      If I can help in any way just ask I’m more than happy to share any information you may need huni. Best wishes xx

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      Good morning Amanda!!😀 How you feeling today? I cannot believe the hospital sent you home with nothing bar 6 bandages I mean what the heck???!!! Disgraceful 😔 I'm glad you had the non invasive technique, was your cyst big? I was told I'd have to have a vertical cut like your friend, she's still struggling you mentioned 😔 .

      Thank you for the tips, I've got big knickers ready and peppermint tea, it's supposed to help with the gas, although does open surgery require gas?

      Thank you again for answering questions, your very much appreciated 😘

      I hope your on the mend, hugs xxxx ??

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      Hi Caroline, I’m still quite sore sweetie, not sleeping so well as it hurts to turn over and get comfortable the incisions are tiny they only go in 3mm or so but they do still have to cut through muscle and fat and move organs around to cut bits and pieces away 😱

      I was advised I would probably need a vertical scar but I got away with two small incisions my cyst was 7cm which makes me feel like a right wuss considering there are ladies on here with cysts the size of melons there was actually a lady on Tuesday who had hers removed and it weighed 7lb that’s the size of a baby yet she felt no pain prior to surgery just felt bloated ‘weird isn’t it’ 

      Yes you do still get gas if your incision is vertical lovie just checked that with my friend, but like me she said to advise you to just make sure you move around as much as possible I’m Day 2 and don’t feel as gassy now my shoulder aches a little bit but nothing like it did yesterday. Yes bless her her scar opened and still hasn’t closed properly but she had a full hysterectomy bless her.

      Did you manage to phone your surgeons secretary? 

      Ha! Yes only gave me 6 dressings tbh I just wanted to get home do didn’t dare ask for any more as guaranteed I would of had to wait hours I was desperate to get home to see my children I’ve a 7yr old and a 2yr old couldn’t wait to get big cuddles from them both. 

      Funny thing was my hubby phoned pre op lounge to see if I had gone to theatre and to try gage what they weee actually going to do to me and he was advised they were going to have to go in via my bottom!! He stupidly didn’t query that either... I honestly think I was mixed up with somebody else as the surgeon never mentioned that one to me afterwards lol xx

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    Amanda, hi sweetie!! 😀 First things first, how's your bottom 😂😂😂 oh this made me laugh lol I think your hubby was to scared to ask lol 😂

    Bless, your going to be sore you've had things removed and your right your insides have been rattled around its going to take some time to settle but it will and before you know it you'll be running around with the kids x

    Gutted to hear they still use gas with open surgery, I guess they have to, its compact in there it makes you wonder how anything could grow there's not much space ... Cringing to hear that poor lady was carry a 7Ib cyst absolutely crazy she didn't have any pain!!! Yours was big enough to cause debilitating pain, it's Blooming awful, mine is over 19cm my local GP reckons mine is 7Ib, it will be interesting to know the weight I'll let you know lol

    I've called the secretary it's her day off so I've left a message.

    Fingers crossed.

    Did you know after your scan what type of cyst you had? My GP said they knew it was a complex cyst but untill it goes off to pathology they won't know for sure why type ' Dermoid' ect ..

    I think in the future if I have a ovarie left I'm going to be more vigilant or I should say go to the doctors instead of thinking something is not quite right.

    Was you ok with the anesthesia? See that scares me to, sorry about all these question xxx

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      Aww bless you ask away I will help as much as I can sweetie.

      My cyst was haemoragic apparently Endometrial material grows in it from endometriosis (blood and tissue) 

      Wowsers your cyst is 19cm bless you let’s hope when  they get in there that it has shrunk that can happen too mine had shrunk a little hence why I escaped open surgery so 🙏 same happens for you.

      I know this is cheeky but with regards to anaesthetic tell them it makes you sick and they will ensure they give you a good antihimetic (antinausea meds whilst in theatre) 

      You will go into the anaesthetic room where they put sticky dots on your chest to monitor your heart rate and rhythm and a clip is put on your finger that looks at how much oxygen you have in your blood and a BP cuff a needle will be put in your hand and firstbof all they give you a relaxant which makes you feel like you’ve been out on the razz it’s great as all of a sudden your fears just go and then they give you the anaesthetic and before you know it your being woken up again it’s bizarre - don’t be afraid to ask for painkillers in recovery they will have been given a prescription for you ready to administer so keep on top of it - I had morphine IV which helped massively

      Oh another tip before your operation drink lots of water this helps flush the anaesthetic out afterwards plus drink lots of water afterwards too (I’m not keen on plain water but I’ve noticed the anaesthetic hasn’t bothered me so much this time plus it will help your bowels last thing you want is constipation 😱 so get those laxatives  in I’m taking them and lots of water and still not been to open my bowels so thank goodness I’m on laxative last as when it’s time I can imagine it would be horrendous without it.

      lol sorry more bottom talk oh hell, yea my hubby is funny first thing he said to me when he cane to see me was does your bum hurt? I thought I know your crap at anatomy but bloody hell man lol 😂 

      Even if they tell you that you will be a day patient still take an overnight bag, make sure you have a light weight dressing gown and slippers as you will probably walk to theatre - leave all valuables at home and don’t have any jewellery on or nail polish - they allowed me to keep my bra on but I had to wear paper knickers and white Hospital stockings and a gown ‘lush’ lol  xxx

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