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Hair falling out, tried everything suggested already?

Background info first, I am a 21 year old female, have dyed my hair a fair few times in the past, although I haven't done so now for about 8 months. Also did used to use a lot of heat styling on my hair, but do less of it now due to the hair loss.

It must be around 6 - 8 months now, that my hair has been falling out in significant amounts. When i wash my hair in the shower I lose clumps of it, then when i brush my hair (wet or dry) I lose another chunk of hair, and then if I ever decide to style my hair using heat (straighteners, curlers etc. which is rare now as I thought that could be contributing to the damage) then I lose another load of hair through that.

The condition of my hair is very thing and dry now, and I can see very subtle bald patches coming through on my scalp (although not noticeable). I thought it could be the damage from either to dying of my hair, or the heat styling, but nothing has changed since cutting them out. I have had my hair cut quite a few times as I thought that would help maintain the health of my hair, but still it continues to fall out.

I've been to the doctors, they've done blood tests, all of which have come back fine. I then went to our local health shop and asked a specialist some vitamin tablets she would recommend for my problem, to which she recommended some tablets which I have been taking for a few weeks, but not change. And they aren't cheap to buy, and I have now ran out of them but am unsure as to whether to buy another bottle because I have noticed no change.

I've also tried all the little tricks such as putting lots of conditioner on my hair so I can comb it through smoother and lose less hair, tying it up less so it doesn't pull so many on the hairs etc. but I haven't even noticed a slight difference.

I thought maybe it could be due to stress, even though I am not noticeably stressed, I do subconciously find myself becoming stressed sometimes. 

But what can I do to help my condition? Is there any diet I can follow that might have the right nutrients in to help strengthen my hair? Because I'm lost for what else I can do, and I don't want to lose all my hair sad as it used to be so thick and healthy.

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  • franlove franlove hannah48533

    Changes in medications , especially  Birth control or hormones of any type can  cause  temporary hair loss.  Large amounts of certain antibiotics taken for a bad infection can also cause hair loss .  I would make an appointment with a Dermatologist specializing in  hair loss to see what remedies he may have .  Best of Luck to you 

    • frances88479 frances88479 franlove

      I didn't really think nuhairrx serum would work but it does! I was really surprised! It smells bad though, but doesn't stick on your hair. And I don't follow the instructions on the bottle because it makes my hair oily, I just mix it in my hand with my conditioner while showering and it works just as well.

  • colin47 colin47 hannah48533


    My wife recently complained of losing lots of hair each day.  I suggested she takes one Zinc and one vitamin D per day.  Since about 4 months ago her hair does not fall out anymore, other than normal one or two dead hairs which is expected.  No hair lasts forever.

  • laurie88768 laurie88768 hannah48533

    Hey Hannah . hair is a very sensitive thing as I've found out more recently. I got diagnosed with alopecia areata last week. However I did ask the doctor what other things can cause hair loss before I found this out. As listed below. I am a 21 year old female and I get how worrying this is especially as I've only been losing my hair in the last week that is noticable. But if it is going to happen just less heat more healthy diet and brushing it when dry not wet are my top tips. plus one deep condition a week. This is how I grew my hair before I got alopecia areata. 

    Things that can make your hair Fall out:

    > low protein in your diet. ( commonly found in meats)

    > low levels of keratin , vitamin b and d. ( Found in most foods but if your body is low any multivitamin will bring these levels up) 

    > heat or chemical damage will break hair ( however not from the root )

    > burnt or thin skin will hold less hair. ( hense when people age their hair is thinner due to thinner skin)

    > hormonal imbalances can cause brief periods of general hair loss. 

    > stress or extended periods of emotional periods of life( so although this sounds odd stop worrying about the hair loss)

    >low levels of iron in your diet , found in green vegetables like spinach , leafy greens and broccoli ( if you are a female with a heavy time of the month this is important anyway and could be a reason for general hair loss instead of patchy hair loss. ) 

    So my best advice is a healthy diet , active lifestyle and make sure to eat meat and greens. Less heat find ways to style your hair without using heat. Such as if you love girls go to bed with wet hair in rags. If you want straight hair blow dry it straight apposed to drying it then straightening it and if this doesn't work a good heat defense spray . If you find your still worried then go to gp. When I went last week with a thumb sized missing patch , I was surprised how quick my gp reacted I thought he would laugh and think I was being overdramatic. But he ran whole bunch of blood tests and I have alopecia. It doesn't hurt to attend gp anyway as they can advise you the right amount of each food group and what vitamin rich foods you could eat to benefit your hair "wink.  

    Hope this helps hun x know this is a scary time but its okay there are some things you can proactively do and get the advise of your gp. "wink 

    • hilde15278 hilde15278 laurie88768

      You say that you were diagnosed with alopecia areata. This was about a year ago. I have not been to the doctor but I think that is what I have. the hairdresser spotted 3 patches. I am absolutly terrified that I will loose all my hair. Could you tell me what to expect?

  • kirsty130391 kirsty130391 hannah48533

    Hi Hannah, I'm sorry to bump this old thread but I'm just wondering if you ever got a conclusion as to why your hair was thinning and maybe an answer to stop it? I'm in the same boat as you, 24 years old and my hair is thinning, a lot! Every time I brush it or wash it or even just run my fingers through it a whole load comes out. I've been told that my ferritin levels are low and I'm on iron tablets but not seeing much change as of yet. Any news on your end? I hope your problems have been resolved!

    Thank you

    • robertelias robertelias kirsty130391

      Doctors are generally really not up to speed on hair loss. Jump onto the Alopecia UK site and lots of clinicians, nurses and docs are members who can offer plenty of advice. I'm not an expert just 26 years with it and getting on with it. But I'm a bloke so not having hair is a hundred times easier than a woman

  • keisha90306 keisha90306 hannah48533

    Have you been checked for polycystic ovary syndrome?

  • sne90963 sne90963 hannah48533

    hi hannah

    i too suffered by this problem due to stress.use to eat more fresh fruits daily,apply oil,conditioners.when i was in canada one friend suggested me segals solutions product it was good stil now am using that.when returned to india i came to know that it is available in india gives true results and control all the problems related to hair.

    thank you

  • manda08392 manda08392 hannah48533

    i would be curious to know what medicines and birth control you were taking at the time and what had been added or subtracted in the year before your post. I see the original is older but am wondering what the result was.

    • jeanjeany jeanjeany manda08392






  • jeanjeany jeanjeany hannah48533

    hi hanna

    i had same problem due to medication.

    please try this as it worked for me .

    my hair has stopped coming out , growing really fast , and at last a shine.

    it is cheap although you will nead a juicer (not a blender) to begin with.

    they are cheaper on ebay

    this is what i use that will last for approx 4 days in a flask in the fridge.


    2 cucumbers

    8 apples

    1 lemon


    serve with ice if you want.

    in 3 weeks my hair had stopped falling out and has been fine since and i am on the same medication that caused it in the first place

    hope it helps as its not nice cleaning out the plug holes clogged with hair.

    let me know how you go on in around 3/4 weeks.

    i use a glass full every day


  • suyash0078 suyash0078 hannah48533

    Female-pattern hair loss, which is most of the time has a strong genetic component which  can be inherited from their family member either the mother or father. Also it can be referred to as androgenetic alopecia, this type of hair loss can start as early as the late teens -- and the earlier it starts, the more severe the hair loss tends to be.

    to treat female hair baldness or hair fall Minoxidil (Rogaine) 5% is the only topical medication which is being approved by the FDA for female-pattern hair loss. The once daily use foam treatment regrows hair in 81% of the women who try it. 

    Liquid options of in between 2% and 5% solutions are available over the counter. Minoxidil works by prolonging the growth phase of hair -- providing more time for hair to grow out to its full density.

    You have to be patient, as noticeable results usually take three to four months and the product must be used once a day. It tends to work better if started early.

  • kirsty130391 kirsty130391 hannah48533

    Hi all,

    I'd just like to update you on my results - I wrote in a while ago when my own hair was thinning dramatically, so much so that I had visible bald spots on my head.

    After much testing, doctors and hospital appointments I was finally told that my ferritin levels were low. Basically at the time I was a vegetarian and it seems that my body had reacted badly to that. I suffer from multiple sclerosis and my body isn't strong enough to cut out meat (much to my own upset). I started taking iron tablets and they made me feel very sick. Eventually I reintroduced meat into my diet and now my hair has come back thicker and healthier.

    I had my hair cut very short, had to get rid of all the dead hair; it was wirey and just looked terrible but now I actually love it short.

    Just thought I'd come back with what was my own solution in case it can help anybody else out.

    Good luck everyone and I hope you all find out what is causing your own hair loss - reply to me if you'd like any more info and I'll be happy to tell you all I can. smile

    Kirsty <3

    • minoshi89963 minoshi89963 kirsty130391

      Hi kirsty

      I too started losing my hair in clumps around february this year. The hair fall started very suddenly and i would lose clumps of hair everyday, especially during showers every 2nd day. Finally on march i went to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with AGA and put me on Spironolactone and oral minoxidil. On the other hand my blood test results for iron, hormones and vitamins came out normal except for thyroid hormone (which was low indicated by high TSH levels). I was always hypothyroidic and my levels were under control through medication till that point. Anyway regardless of that particular test result my dermo was convinced that i suffered from AGA. 

      After several months on the hairloss medication the hair fall reduced down to almost normal and i regrew most of my lost hair. However things started going downhill again for me again 2 months ago. Eversince october i'm losing hair again in clumps, and all that hair that grew back has gone down the drain. I noticed the hairloss started right after i got myself a implanon (contraceptive progesteron only implant) Hairfall is aggressive than the episode ealier this year. I could literally see and feel a little bit of my hair volume reducing every day. Again my blood test result came out normal except for thyroid levels, which was very low yet again. I removed my implant about a month ago and my thyroid medication dose and hairloss medication dose was increased. My hair fall is still really bad and i feel like i'm lost in a mountain of medication with no solid explanation as to why this is happening. Not a single doctor has been helpfull and many are very ignorant and lacks empathy when it comes to hair related problems. 

      At this point all i can do is take my medication, eat right and wait for things to get better as i see no other option. But i know this waiting is killing me little by little when things don't improve and nobody understands what i'm going through. My hair has always been my shining armour and I really don't know whether i can deal with this hairloss any longer as i'm at the point of a complete breakdown.

      Do you happen to have any advice for me as to how t deal with this situation. 

    • michelle1723 michelle1723 minoshi89963

      Please post your hormone levels on tests, with lab reference ranges. You need to know your testosterone, free testosterone, SHBG, estrodial, DHEA and DHEA-S (they are different and you need to know both and they often only run the S), DHT, cortisol, ACTH and CRH and serum histamine, and andro. Are you diagnosed with PCOS? Have you had a metabolic panel? Have fasting insulin, fasting glucose and A1C. IF T is normal then it is either adrenal or inflammation. Do you have allergies, migraine, IBS, eczema or other immune related conditions?

      Are you on and OCP? If so which one?

      Ladies should know that many progestins in OCP are androgenic. And can cause shedding. If you have PCOS and are NOT on an OCP you should without question supplement yourself with progesterone cream 14 days per month. Get a cream which says USP Progrsterone. Use it 2x per day, like morning and night as the halflife id 10-12 hours. Progesterone binds to the androgen receptor with a higher affinity and longer bind than even testosterone, it inhibits 5-AR enzyme which converts DHEA or T to DHT, and it protects your endometrium from too much estrogen. Progesterone is a woman's natural anti-androgen. And it is more potent than propecia or even dutasteride. And it lowers histamine and calms mast cells if you have immune issues.


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