Hallux Rigitus

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If anyone has advice for this condition, it would be very much appreciated. I had pain in my R. toe that went on & on to the point of aching even when lying down/no pressure on the toe. I thought that it was another bunion developing, as in my L' foot, however, this is much more painful. I can no longer tolerate wearing even ordinary flat shoes & it is worse in cold, damp weather. Insoles helped at first & rocker shoes like PG lites/FitFlop & Schechers.I enjoy walking, but even with a good pair of trainers, I ache like hell afterwards. My doc suggested cortisone injections, which I almost went for last winter. Has anyone had these injections with success? It is such a tiny painful space to inject into! I am in constant fear of someone stepping on my toe when out & people tend to lack sympathy because "it's only a toe". I find this condition quite debiltating so any advice would be very much appreciated.

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    I had the same issues. Cortisone  shots never gave me relief. Just hurt like HECK.

    1). My first thought is to rest UR feet ice and the most important thing is take out the existing arches in all UR shoes and replace with custom arches found online. Many styles to choose from.

    Never walk barefoot or without the shoe added special arches. Arches of all types are online.. Order and try them until one stops the pain while walking & standing.this all gave me relief for falling arches ,planterfaciatis. Morton's neuroma, all the fat pads are worn down & arthritis .all normal for my age... If I never hear that ever again I will be a happy camper.

    2). Also this big toe could be arthritis called GOUT.  To much uric acid in the system can cause build up which commonly causes big toe pain. Affecting the first joint of the big toe, an inability to process Uric acid causes crystals to form in the joint .many foods contain uric acid. See online info for gout and foot pain.

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    Went to the NHS doctors many time and they were useless. This year the bumps on both big toes have gotten quite large and I went to a podiatrist who offered surgery as an option as well as shortening of the big toes. I am a size 8 which is the largest size in womens shoe and have always been very active which has compounded the problem. The only other options are spending the rest of my life buying extra large shoes that can fit insoles (which don't last) or custom made shoes (which are expensive).

    I have pain and clicking daily, so decided to go for corrective surgery which I will be having on the 26/11. I have heard the injections can provide relief but not sure about the long term effects, so that was not an option for me.

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    I have had the diagnosis hallux rigidus a year ago and got a special typ of sole called rocker sole (and rocker shoes). They are supposed to reduce the pressure on the big toe when walking. You can also try BMT shoes. I have recently got a new diagnosis osteoarthritis and will soon meet an 

    orthopedic doctor that will tell me if I need an operation or not. I am male and from Sweden and the rocker soles I mentioned above, we get free of charge through our NHS. I left 3 pair of shoes (walkers, trainers and a pair of black shoes for parties etc and I got those soles "installed". As I have been in pain for a very long time (some years), I hope I will have an operation. After a three months´waiting time after having had a referral to an orthopedic doctor (there is a guarantee that you will be taken care of within three months) I now had a choice to choose a private clinic that is listed with the NHS in the region.It seems they have another sum of money after the guarantee time has ended. It would be interesting to hear if anybody has had an operation on the biog toe.


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    I have arthritis in both big toe joints. Saw orthopaedic specialist 2 days ago and was given the choice between a cortisone injection ($30) or Synvisc injections for $500. Synvisc is commonly used in arthritis of the knee joint and is supposed to lubricate the joint and provide increased range of motion and decreased pain. Treatment supposed to be effective for 6-12 months, but I cannot find ANY forums where patients are sharing their experiences with this treatment for our condition. I went with the Synvisc injections in both toes and have been hobbling around all weekend. The shots were quite uncomfortable and felt like the doctor was trying to inject the Synvisc with as much pressure as possible. Not looking forward to the repeat treatment, but am hoping and praying that it will help. Hoping to share positive outcome within the month.
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    Hi Caroline,

    i totally get what your experiencing . As I have aged my former very active athletic life has taken a toll on my poor feet.

    You have the good shoes and arches. The one thing that helped me the most was a toe pillow that fits between the big toe and second and a gel toe sock as well. They are generally found in the drug store in the foot section. I have totally avoided bunion surgery using them. I also use rocker shoes. Easy on the feet knees and hip joints. Hey are amazing.

    I also know how important walking is and like you it's a great way to get out and stay in shape. Injections in my feet did not help either.hurt like a ....

    It wasn't until I found my own arches for my shoes and toe pillows and toe sock that I could walk again with no pain. 

    Also exercise the feet and toes get the blood and oxygen flowing I leaned so good exercises from a Physio therapist. Also I use  a frozen water bottle to roll under my arches. All together today I have very little problems with my bunions toes & arches.

    It has just become a routine. And oh I almost forgot I never walk without shoes, never go barefoot. All the cushion tissue on the bottom of our feet wears out after time. Some times I use self stick mole cloth in foot section to help cushion for long walks. The arch supports help as I also have fallen arches, plantarfaciatis & Ledderhose syndrome as well as Morton's nerve syndrome. 

    Good luck and happy walking. I hope you can find what your feet need to stay comfy! It's like getting comfy in bed finding the right pillow, blankets and mattress to help support the frail or sore areas as well exercise and rest to make them strong.



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      On Tuesday last week I had successful surgery for hallux rigidus. Afterthe operation I got a cast splint that makes the cast very small. I also got a postop treatment shoe invinyl and the heel is cut off so I can put theload on the heel in 45 ° angle. I will now have to look for very big socks to use outside the cast and then the postop usedas a she. I have three pairs of rocker shoes. One is an Ecco with wide toes -for finer occasions. Then I have wide black Reebooks with rocker soles and finally a sports shoe in gray and bright green. I will now use the left shoe for all and I will learn to use crutches.

      There is also a type of shoes called MBT that have a type of rocker soles and are not too expensive. Too bad I will just need left shoes

      When I looked for wider shoes I looked at Ecco and MBT shoes but also found the above mentioned. I was lucky to have all rocker shoes I needed

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      Hey RD, 

      Sounds like we are on the same page. MBT shoes are my favorite . As a matter of fact they have helped the OA In one knee and torn miniscus in the other. They are magic. It's difficult to explain the advantages of these shoes and improvement in balance, walking back hips and joint reserve to others. But it's nice to know you get it!

      Hope your back up to getting on with your fav daily activities soon.



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      Hi TC&GB

      So glad that you like the MBT shoes. I don't have any MBT shoe myself as I got those rocker soles put in free of charge through Swedish NHS.

      Now I walk on my right heel of the postop shoe to unload the big toe joint. I am retired so using the postop shoe doesn't bother me too much. Maybe I should start using the crutches so I can walk outdoors. I have 250 metres to the nearest bus stop so I could test the crutches going there and back.

      I remember the first time I saw an MBT shoe being demonstrated maybe five years ago. I was at Harrods and found a chair so I could rest and saw such shoes being demonstrated a few meters away from me.

      Sunny greetings


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