Hallux valgus Surgery 2 weeks ago... advice needed

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Hi all,

Brand new to this forum site

I had left foot hallux valgus surgery on 10/09/2018

3 screws placed in my foot to realign my big toe.

The reason for my post is because i havent seen my consultant yet, infact ive seen no proffesional since and have had alot of discomfort due to there being a cast underneath all the bandages, which is so tight. Although im aware this is to keep the big toe in line. Anyway basically after calling the outpatient department to see when i will get an appointment ive been told 11/10/2018 as they have a back log- a month after surgery!  My discharge notes said id see the consultant within 14 days. I asked if i can hust come to fracture clinic and have the bandages atleast changed and looked at, i was told no its not a walk in clinic.

Im so frustrated and my foot needs to be out of this cast, everytime it swells up the cast/bandages become unbearable. Maybe this is normal? But without having seen a doctor or speaking to anyone who has had this surgery, im just really unsure about everything. Is a month ok to wait ? Is the tightness and swelling normal. Also i have Constant! Pins and needles running thru my big toe which is still numb. Please could anyone advise me on the points ive raised. Id really appreciate it.

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    Your dates are off bc it's still Sept 2018.

    You should have seen someone bc you have sutures. Cut the bandage on the sides to get relief. Find a new Dr bc the one you have appears worthless. You should be seen 2 weeks post op & then again in 2 weeks.

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    The foot swells if you keep your foot down. The enemy in this surgery is swelling.

    If you are really struggling go to a and e.

    The numb toe and pins and needles is normal. Nerves are damaged and need to repair. But if you pinch your toe the colour should come back straight away. If it doesn't the swelling could be an issue.

    At this stage you should have your foot up 90% of the time.

    Ice pack and elevate.

    If your worried go to A and E

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    Hi thanks for the replies 

    Im in the Uk and i had my surgery under the NHS 

    I had minimal invasive surgery with 3 incision sites. (Im not sure if that makes a difference but just in case) i was supposed to have a follow up appointment within exactly 14 days. Tbh i just needed advice on the bandage tightness - yes the intermittent swelling makes it worse, so i am trying to take it easy and keep it elevated. Also interested in others time period between surgery and follow up appointment on the nhs.

    I spoke to someone from the orphapedic dept and was told the soonest id be seen is 11.10.2018 . It seems il just have to put up with the discomfort until then. Im anxious for anyone other than my consultant to remove the bandage as i have this worry they may change the position of my toe and disrupt the process (as they lady who i spoke to told me all they will do is replace the cast and bandage until i see the consultant). Its just frustrating that I haven’t had a follow up appointment yet and thts why i came on here just to see others experience at 2 weeks post op etc. Really appreciate the replies / worst case senario if it gets more uncomfortable or i feel its getting worse, il go to a&e. 

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      This is a nightmare. You must not cut dressings. If you interfere you won't have a leg to stand on.

      Go to A and E or your Gp but make a fuss.

      My treatment, surgery and follow up have been amazing. I have three points of surgery on one foot only one of which can actually be seen and the whole foot improves each day.

      NHS treatment should not vary like this.

      But if you interfere with dressing you are screwed whatever happens.

      Where are you?

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      I'm a RN over 40 yrs. I say let your foot breath. Cut at sides just a bit. I did & it help. You need to be seen. I guess that government free health care sucks. Careful what you wish for in the USA.

      Maybe you can try going ER.

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    I'm also in the Uk and have had my operations done under the NHS.

    As you know you should of had your first check up at 2 weeks post op.

    I had my 2 week check up appointment cancelled via a text on the morning I was due to go and like you I was concerned as I had Stitches and no alternative appointment was offered.

    I called the hospital explaining what I'd had done and that I was concerned about the wound/stitches needing a check... I was then given an appointment for 2 days later...

    Could you call back explaining your concerns? If your notes said 14 days you need to reiterate that.

    I'd ask if it was possible to speak to your consultants/surgeons secratary?

    4 weeks is too long to wait.

    Could you call your own Dr's surgery for advise?

    In the mean time please elevate your leg as much as possible and then a bit more... It's so important for the first weeks to help keep the swelling down.

    I do feel for you....i'm waiting to see the surgeon for a follow up appointment re a second revised surgery....but so far have had 3 appointments cancelled.... Again the latest one being on the morning I was due to go...

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    Sorry..... Just to add...

    Where in the UK are you?

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    I've had my surgery in the UK. Every appointment was kept the care was first class and the surgery was successfully. There were 3 sights of surgery, slot of repair work. Two of the scars I can't see unless I bend low to look and the other is like a line of cotton along my foot. I just feel I need to point out it is not an NHS issue. There are just as many concerns from people who pay for treatment.

    There are times though when you have to stand up ( not literally) and put your case forward quite firmly. Best advice my mum ever gave me was" make friends with the consultants Secretary, they are the power behind the throne". My other line of support is the GP practice manager. It's amazing what they can do. If you are in distress go to A and E.

    All my stitches were soluble so it may not actually be an issue. If you don't feel unwell or toes going a funny colour there probably isn't anything to worry about.

    The most important thing is to keep the foot up. Swelling stops everything from healing.

    Take care, keep calm but make sure you get what you need.

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    I would advise you to keep it elevated it stops swelling which will ease the tightness, your big toe will be numb for quite awhile mine was done April 2017

    And up until today I was lent a portable  aultra sound and used it on my big toe and second toe and it has helped with tightness and numbing 

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    Hey there,

    Sorry to hear this. I am post 4 weeks. I had the same but with one screw in the toe. I didn't receive my appointment until 2.5 weeks after my operation even though they said 2 weeks. My bandage & plaster were so tight that it hurt bad as well as the pain from the injury. Honest, you haven't got anything to worry about, it will be ok. just elevate continuously and take pain killers and drink plenty of water as this helps. Just keep chasing the surgeon's secretary for an appointment. even if it becomes 3 weeks it will still be ok. i know the plaster etc. hurts but you will get through it. i over thought stuff because i was at home and not doing much and getting more anxious, which didn't help and then i got that appointment and then worried for no reason. the pain didn't help but i kept taking pain killers. elevate the foot to heart level and drains the fluid down which helped. i used 4-5 pillows.

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    Can i have advice on post op 4 weeks please?

    did anyone leave the house etc? could you walk on your actual foot?

    i haven't left the house yet but i am thinking of doing it tomorrow just to walk a bit down the road. i have been told to use my shoe they give you but am i being impatient? when did you start to walk on your actual foot without the shoe? as i can't yet as it hurts. i know that the bone takes from 6 weeks to mend itself.

    hope you guys can help.

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      Hi, i got my plaster off at 4 weeks and they said i could walk on it although my toe was still completely stiff so iv been wearing trainers as they are soft and easy to get my foot into. id say going local is fine jus wear something comfortable and dont go to far incase it hurts to much and you wanna turn back. im sure you will be fine and thankful to be able to get out the house. goodluck x

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