Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

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I have never had something to make my feet hurt so bad. I am in week 2 of the healing process. About 2 Sunday's ago I woke up with itchy places on my hands. I showed them to my mom and she said it may be mosquito bites. I decided to check my bed out, changed the sheets and even bought bug spray and sprayed my room. A few hours later I noticed that they were starting to spread on my hands. About 5 I begin to notice blister like bumps forming on my feet. By now I am getting scared because I don't know what is going on. I ended up going to the ER. Long story short, I stayed there for 6 hours to tell me I only had a allergic reaction but couldn't tell me to what. Gave me some pain pills and sent me on my way.

On Monday, I called my main doctor and made an appoinment to come in. By now my feet are so sore, can't stand to touch them. Didn't want to put on any shoes and didn't even attempt to put on socks. My doctor comes in and she wasn't in the room 10 minutes before she could tell me exactly what I had. By then I am literally in tears from the pain. Hand, foot, and mouth disease was the diagnosis. I told her I had went to the ER and that they didn't take any blood or urine and let alone couldn't tell me what was going on. Keep in mind, I was contagious then and if they didn't clean the room in the ER after the left, the next person could have easily picked it up. Not my fault and I pray no did. I leave doctor office, get my pain meds cause that's all she could give me. This is virus that isn't caused by bacteria. She told me if she gave me anything else that it would weaken my immune system and make it spread to other places so all she could give me was some pain meds. There is no cure or any kind of meds that they could give you for this. If it was caused by bacteria, then they could.

By Tuesday, I couldn't even get up on my feet to stand let alone go to the bathroom. My feet would burn so bad. I had to have an ice pack on top and the bottom of my feet. I just took my meds, rub my feet down in gold bond lotion ( which it doesn't help with itching). Take benadryl for the itching. Stayed in bed.

By Wednesday, I could tell it was starting to dry in some. I could finally make it into the bathroom. I could stand on my feet for a few mintues at a time. I could walk in the house some but boy would I pay for it once I sat down. Like pure fire on my feet.

By Thursday, I got up and gently put my feet on the floor. Praise God, I could stand on my feet. You never know how important a body part is until you can't use it. I was able to finally get out the bed and move around. Something I hadn't been really able to do the last 3 days.

I am in week 2 of the healing process. I no longer have my pretty feet because they are peeling so bad. My heels is like the entire skin is going to come off, even over top of my nails. I am so scared my toe nails are going to come off. I do believe both of my entire feet skin is going to come off. I have been soaking them and letting the skin peel. But my heels are so sore now from the peeling. I am literally tired of the peeling and my feet have brown patchy places here and there that haven't peeled yet. My finger tips are so sore from where the skin has peeled. My dear God, how long does this stuff last? I just want my hands and feet to be back to normal. I am ashamed to show my feet out so I make sure I have on socks when I go out.

I feel sorry for anybody kid that gets this. You would think since they know what it is by now they would have made some kind of pill or shot for this stuff. I have never in my life had something to hurt my feet so bad and I pray that I never get anything else as bad as this here. I am ready for it to go away completely. You can buy all the medicated creams, and lotions all you want but nothing did anything but grease my feet like it was a piece of chicken.

Good luck to anyone who comes across this!

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    Seriously. Nothing helps. The peeling does go away, but my feet looked like aliens for at least a month. I will warn you. About a month or so after my hands cleared up from the peeling, I lost the top layers of 3 finger nails. And now I'm 5 months or from initial virus, I just lost a toe nail. .

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      I was hoping not the nails. I know the other day when it was peeling on my little toe, the skin came right up to the nail and i was scared to go any further. I feel you on the feet looking like aliens. Is there new ones up under the nails? I am curious because I never had that to happen to any of my nails.
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      The whole nail did not come off. It peeled up from the base of the nail and flaked away just like the skin. There was a thin layer of nail left. It was very thin and very short. It hurt to touch it so I wore a bandage on it for a few days. It will get thicker and stronger as time passes and be back to normal after a couple weeks. It also helped to put clear mail polish on when it was peeling so it didn't get caught on anything and tear. Pretty much sucked.


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