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Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

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  • anne82995 1

    The month after HFM-adult

    I am 29 yr old healthy female and got this awful virus a month ago. started with two days of terrible fever ,chills,  and sore throat. Day 3 :Blisters appeared on hands and feet. Two nights of no sleep due to extreme discomfort (feeling like hands were lit on fire) the whole time.  My only relief was...

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  • jwspeedy 1

    Multiple symptoms after hand foot mouth disease

    Hi back in August I got hand foot mouth disease which then turned into epididymitis or so they thought. They gave me Antibotics for that and all but then said I didn't have epidiymitis. I had three testicular ultrasounds and they all said I was fine. Then I had a MRI of the pelvis and everything said...

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  • john09564 1

    Is this Hand, Foot and Mouth?

    I woke up with a tender throat. The doctor diagnosed me with tonsilitis, and after three days I noticed my throat was more painful and I had just overcome a2 day fever. A day after the fever unnoticed tiny painful blisters (not raised) on the tips of my fingers. Then a day later a few on my feet. I...

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  • Guest M

    Hand Foot and Mouth Adult......HURTS!

    WELL I AM 29 AND HAD CHICKENPOX A FEW YEARS AGO AND THIS IS WORSE! SO much for all the 'MILD' stuff you see on every health website... :shock: I caught it from my daughter who is 14 months and was in a pretty bad way. Started with Fever, Feeling Sick, Sore Throat, Aches in all my joints especially...

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  • pansylou 1

    Hand foot mouth disease?

    I have a confirmed HFMD ADULT case. i have a few questions I'm on day 3, I have the blisters and the feet aches. How long was it before you started to feel better with the blisters? Does it get worse past day 3? When do you know you aren't contagious? I know without fever but isn't your rash contagious...

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  • ParadiseCityGR 1

    Foot numbness

    Helo! Just joined here wanting to ask a question. I got a foot numbness for 3-4 days now. It starts from a bit below and front from the ankle going forward. The picture shows approx where it is. Could be smaller or bigger than the circle I've drawn. What could it be? It's not completely numb. It's like...

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  • tara38911 1

    Hand foot mouth?

    I have recently been diagnosed with hand foot mouth, minus mouth or feet and right hand lol It isn't painful, my 3 young children don't have it the only thing was I got weird looking bumps on the tops of my hand, misdiagnosed? Or maybe it's early?

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  • Pa7865 1

    Mild adult case of Hand Foot and Mouth. Anyone similar?

    Hi, About 2 weeks ago my 20 month old came down with HFM . Had a fever days 1-3 then fever broke and had blisters on his feet and one in his mouth. Four days after my first son got it, my other one did. Same thing for him with fever 1-3 days then blisters. With him he had very bad sore throat and mouth...

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  • lola44616 1

    Hand Foot and Mouth a week before my Wedding!

    I am getting married Dec 4th. In 10 days. I have had HFMD once in my life, this past spring. I don't remember how long I was sick, but I know the blisters in the back of my throat lasted well over a month or two. I only got blisters in the back of my throat, but was extremely sick.  I felt like I had...

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  • Guest M

    HFM for the fourth time??

    My daughther has HFM and has been getting it on and off for the last year. This is now her fourth time. I would be interested to know if anyone else has had it repeatedly. She seems to get it very bad and it can go on for up to two weeks before the spots show. This time the blisters do not seem to be...

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  • Guest M

    ongoing hfm in adult

    I caught hfm off my 1 year old a month ago, it was excrutiating (for both of us), ending in me losing my voice for the whole second week of infection, and took longer than that to get my tastebuds back to normal... My throat still hasn't recovered, still painful in the evenings. Now to top it all off...

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  • sandra43030 1

    Help! HFMD for three months and counting!

    Hi everyone, I am literally at wits end! I am begging for anyones help I would appreciate it so much!! In september (2015) I contracted HFMD, starting with large (r than normal) red blisters with white in the middle, on my hands and feet, with dehydration, mild temperature, tiredness, a lot of itching,...

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  • DarthGary 1
  • bonnie56921 2

    Any heads up on HFMD would be appreciated

    I am going through my own days of hell currently. Started 8 days ago. The normal sore throat and then the first signs of "pimple" on 2 fingers on diff hands. Started to feel unwell. Didn't know what it was, it didn't take long for blisters/red spots to show up on hands and feet. A call to the doctor...

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  • amandaaaa 1

    Residual foot pain from adult HFM

    It has been 3 months since I had been cursed with the dreaded hand foot and mouth disease. My finger nails are still messed up, my hands and feet are scarred, and tonight I feel extremely irritating tingling in my right foot kind of like what I felt when I had HFM disease. I was wondering if anyone else...

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  • delores80726 1

    Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

    I have never had something to make my feet hurt so bad. I am in week 2 of the healing process. About 2 Sunday's ago I woke up with itchy places on my hands. I showed them to my mom and she said it may be mosquito bites. I decided to check my bed out, changed the sheets and even bought bug spray and sprayed...

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  • carly50049 2


    Hello need a bit of advice I've been depressed for a year or so now and decided the other week that I would stop them dead without weening myself off them since then I have felt so ill and constantly dizzy as if I'm goin to pass out all the time and just feel so suicidal everyday thinking horrible thoughts...

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  • koala911 1

    Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

    Hello there, I'm just gonna be clear here and say that I think that I have hand, foot, and mouth disease. Not even more then four days ago, I had chocolate on my hands so not really thinking I licked it off. Today I found huge rashes on both of the my hands, the same size I can recall of the chocolate...

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  • avril14435 1

    Hand, foot & Mouth

    My husband is suffering from terrible peeling on his hands, lower legs and feet. Huge sheets of skin come off and the soles of his feet have become large clumps of skin which then scrape off.  I am suspecting he has Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.  I am wondering whether anyone has found anything to assist...

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  • fiz37686 1
  • rebecca24778 1

    Adult hand,foot,mouth virus

    I had gotten the virus from my grandson.  Didn't worry too much about it as he didn't seem to have any problems from it.  He was fussy & ran very low fever for 2 days & his arms,hands,feet & legs had lots of red bumps, but didn't seem painful to him.  7 days later, I started it too.  My hands & feet...

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  • vikki93740 2

    hmm in adults

    My daughter picked this up from the childminders at the beginning of the week but bounced back after 2 days. I had a sore throat on weds eve & all day yesterday then my fingertips got sore. Woken today with red dots in my mouth, angry tonsils with white lumps on them blisters under the skin on my finger...

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  • Patient86 1
  • Squasher 1


    Since early morning have had lots of blisters appear on and around my feet and toes..sure looks like hfam...any over the counter meds for this???

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  • carol26683 2

    6 months after HFM

    Experienced all the symptoms and severe. Now 6 months later I still have tingling and pain in my fingers, especially when my hands are in hot water....washing dishes etc. Did not have this sensation before HFM. Just learned from international news that a person with a different kind virus (not HFM),...

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  • cassmith6 1
  • tootsiekitty 1
  • victoria01 1

    hand foot and mouth

    last week my 2yr old was in contact with her niece who had hand foot and mouth, she has now got a temperature nd cold. what are the chances of her getting it 

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  • luke15302 2

    Foot and mouth

    Hi I have spots/blisters on one hand. My doc seems to think it's foot and mouth. But it's just contained to one hand. How long does this take to move? And how can I help?

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  • magician137 2

    Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease weird complication

    This disease hit me really hard.  I am a middle school teacher and must have caught this virus from one of my students.  I came down with a fever, achy, sore throat on Saturday, June 8th.  Fever was not really high 100-101 and ran about two days.  Have had headaches on and off throughout but Motrin helps....

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  • meadows1 2

    hand foot and mouth when will it go??

    Hi i have ended up getting hfam last week from my 1 year old he also had it a week before i got it. he doesnt go to nursery and last time he was at a playgroup wasin july. I still am puzzled on how he actually got it as we dont know many people and when i take him for walks its usually for about a hour...

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  • backnorial 1
  • SoreMatty 1

    Worst virus ive ever had

    it all started sunday when i was botherd by a sore throat, then came a fever in the middle of the night i was awoken by a terrible itch ever since my entire body has been covered with sores, blisters and even wort looking things from my hands to my arms my back legs feet and all over my buttocks.   very...

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  • cathie45675 1

    OMG hfmd is so painful i don't know what to do with my self

    can someone tell me why my tongue looks so disgusting like covered in a white/yellow coating.  My whole body hurts,my feet itch constantly.  my lips are so swolen i cant shut my mouth and am constantly dribling.  I look like i have got trout pout till u look close and see that my lower lip which sticks...

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  • david22585 1

    HFM Disease 49 y/o healthy male

    Hi, my daughter and son both got HFM disease and I got it too.  My son got it from my daughter and the incubation period is 2-3 days..unbeknownst to me he was infected and I ate after him and he gave it to me. I am a very healthy male that runs 4-6 miles a day and runs competitively. A lot of what you...

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