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I am 29 yr old healthy female and got this awful virus a month ago.

started with two days of terrible fever ,chills,  and sore throat. Day 3 :Blisters appeared on hands and feet. Two nights of no sleep due to extreme discomfort (feeling like hands were lit on fire) the whole time.  My only relief was sandwiching hands between a large ice pack and occasionally soaking hands and feet in Epsom salt water.The doctor basically said there was nothing to do, but wait. Fabulous. She prescribed lidocaine for my hands, which I never got the RX filled. 

  It gets better. I started to get these nasty tiny sores and discoloration by my nose that wouldn't go away from days 4-8. They just looked nasty. I was using diluted hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse twice a day to avoid canker sores.  I had two canker sores on side of tongue that I would hit with direct hydrogen peroxide on a Q tip twice a day. This seemed to help. Gargling salt water kept sore throat at bay. I just kept taking Tylenol, but it didn't help a whole lot. I also started using organic virgin coconut oil on hands and feet at night.minread it has anti viral properties, but don't take my word for this.  It seemed to soothe the blisters a little.

The thing that helped most on day 4 was doing a 30 minute healing meditation twice a day. Calmed my nerves and then the healing process started kicking in. I really do think my body was too stressed out to know how to repair. I had a burn on my wrist from days before the virus and during the first 4 days it was infected. Almost like my body was attacking everything. The meditation seemed to start healing the burn by day 5 as well.

  I had to bandage my hands after day 10 when I returned to work. Lots of people,masked questions, I said I burned my hands. rolleyes

I delt with  flaky and peeling hands for two weeks after and calloused feet. Skin on toes all started to peel off. Now a month later my entire skin of heel is dead and starting to peel off in large pieces. It's gross and pretty ridiculous. I want to let it peel by itself but have had to gently pumice and peel some of the areas. Just trying to keep it clean. One of my finger nails is slightly white by cuticle and I'm terrified it will fall off.

this is a very nasty thing to catch and I have no idea how I even got it. I wish there was a vaccine for it.

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    Well im a 23 year old male to start with.

    the doctors say i have HFMD but they're not sure exactly...

    i get ulcers all thought out my mouth also swelling and the little red spots on my hands that turn into liquid filled blisters at its worst. skin also peels off at the end which takes meny mouths to heal so it looks normal (sorry best way i can discribe it) but i never had anything on my feet before.

    This is the 4th or 5th time its reacured atleast in a 2 year time to me, which makes me feel like itis forsure HFMD also sometimes its real bad and other times i can deal with it. Mouth is usally bad but my hands are random.

    Iv been prescibed staroids (helped with swelling of my lips and mouth) and antibiotics (which seemed to do nothing and i also read that they wont help with HFMD anyway), hydrocodone (500mg vikes) for pain in the hands, magic sweral to numb the ulcers in my mouth.

    I work constrtion as a foremen and also work on the side doing landscaping and remodeling. which dose put me in some real stressfull environments among other things.

    i also dont know how i got this just randomly happened but my main question is do you belive that this keeps accuring because of to much stress (which kinda makes sence with my last two weeks or so)

    im not exactly calm person eather


    If you dont mind replaying back about what you mean by "healing meditation" because at this point anything and everything is worth trying so this dont come back or hopefully be able to controlle it from getting anyworse.

    Iv also had that happen under my noise as well but i work outside so never really payed any mind to it or thought it would be involved with this issue.

    This post is the accurate artical iv read to compare to what im going and or went through.

    Any help would appreciated.

    also forgot to mention i also use peroxide, worm salt water, non alacholic mouth wash, orajel(which i dont like useing) and drinking plenty of water.

    im not on any of that prescribed medicine like i was the first 4 or 5 times neather.

    (listed earlier) im starting to get use to it sadly.

    For anyone eles that reads these this is a horrible thing to get you should try your best to avoid anyone with it for a week. Iv never passed it on to anyone but it says it can be. Also i had to of got it from somewhere.


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      Well that is awful. I am sick again 3 months later after hfmd but I think it is just a cold since I have a sore throat and sinus congestion which started with a fever for 2 days. Just tonight I noticed mouth blisters! I hope its not another round of hfmd.

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    Sounds very similar to my bout with hfmd about 2 months ago!

    I, also, am 29 yr old healthy female.

    It seems that adults tend to get this worse than children do, although, it is children who normally are diagnosed with hand foot and mouth. 

    If you want my entire story, read on...

    It started with a horriblily high fever and chills that nothing could help. Even with Tyneol, my fever stayed pretty high-grade. By day 2 and a half, the fever had subsided to a low grade fever, but my throat was on fire. I went to a local urgent care, since it was a sunday and my dr was not avialable. They said I had strep and gave me penacillin.  

    I start feeling a little more tea helps my throat, and I'm on Motrin and Tyneol....Sunday evening I notice 2 little bumps on my hand, and don't think much of it..I think it may be because of the high fever, and I call it a night.

    Monday morning I wake up to more red dots and bumps on my hands and arms. I still have a fever and decide to make an appt to see my doctor. 

    - I visit my Dr, he thinks it could be an allergic reaction to Penacillin, and tells me to go home and take some Benedryl. 

    I follow the doctors orders, take a good benedryl nap, and a few hours later I wake up with more red dots and bumps and go straight back to my doctor, luckly, he is just right down the road.

    They still think I have strep and the bumps are from either the fever or the penecillin, we switch antibiotics, I tell the doctor that I work better with "hard deadlines" and tell him to give me a hard headline on when my bumps should start going away and feeling better.

    He tells me 48 hours, so I go home with my new round of medicine (a Z-pack) and just try to get better. 

    At this point, the worst bumps in between my fingers are turning into blisters, I have little red "pin prick" dots, and bigger red blister type bumps on my hands and arms, as well as red splochy spots that appear to be almost under the skin,  I can't shake the fever, my throat still hurts, I have gague ear piercings, and they are both angry and infected, and my nose is super stuffy and runny, and therefore angry with an infected (maybe not infected....crusty??) sore.

    I to, cannot sleep because it feels like my hands are on fire, I have ice packs that I sleep with and tuck my hands in, and that seems to help. 

    By tuesday, I'm still down for the count, and to add, my feet really hurt when I stand on this point I can't tell that there are blisters and bumps forming, but there are. 

    Wednesday, the fever is gone, the throat is a little better, the bumps are still bad and my hands are so swollen I can hardly bend my fingers or grip anything,  and I am impatiently waiting my "deadline" of 48 hours since the bumps are getting worse. 

    I go to the Dr, they are no help, and continue to lather my hands in cocoa butter or aquaphor. 

    Friday morning, with the  I go back to the Doctor, see another doctor in the practice, and he seems a little more knowledgeable than the other doctor I had been seeing. 

    He tries to track down the "Dermo" specialist and leaves me for his quest. 

    They come back a few minutes later, the dermo specilists takes one look at me and my hands, and says "oh, you have hand foot and mouth" and that there is nothing I can do but ride it out. 

    By that weekend, the swelling starts to go down on my hands and the RED bumps have turned into red bumps and seem to be slowly going away. My feet however seem about 5 days behind my hands, because they scream at me every time I try to put shoes on or stand on them...I am still heavily moisturing my hands and feet. 

    In the weeks to follow my hands peel and peel the red spots, turn to brown, and finally start to dissapear. 

    2 months later, my toes are still peeling, as are my feet, and now the bottom of some of my fingers has started to pull away and peel away from the rest of the nail. It doesnt hurt, there is "nail" underneath the peeling part, but right now I'm concerned that it is starting to grow back and kind of curve into the nail bed....oi. 


    hand foot and mouth sucks, it took 5 doctors trips for them to diagnose me, everything was angry (ear piercings etc) ice packs and aquaphor help, 2 months later, my feet and nails are still peeling. 


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    Hi Anne

    I am a single dad living in Cape Town, South Africa.

    On the 21st Feb this year my (almost 13 year old) daughter told me that she had a sore throat and headache and was feeling cold - it was almost 32 degrees C outside. She actually didn't look ill at all and I can usually tell immediately by looking at my kids when something is amiss healthwise.

    I checked her temp and found that she was running a fever. Put her to bed and 2 days later the bumps on the fingers and toes started.When I saw the bumps I took her to the Doc immediately as Im ,,, had no clue as to what it was. After checking her out and almost sending us on our way (undiagnosed) I reminded him about the bumps and on closer inspection he said she had HF&MD. He could not say where or how she had contracted it.

    The bumps then turned from a burning sensation into intense pain. Delilah (My daughter) likened the feeling to having "cuts"beneath the surface of the skin - it actually looked exactly like that!

    She also had what appeared to be masses of tiny pimples all over her face.

    After a week at home in bed she went back to school (even though she felt alot better - a little too soon I expect.

    Last week end Delilah showed me her fingers and toes which look absolutely appalling. The skin is peeling off in huge pieces and her 1 nail looks as if the peeling is happening underneath it. itdoes not yet look as though she will lose the nail - heaven forbid.

    This skin "Peeling"seem so be moving down her fingers and is occurring in places where she had no red bumps.

    The skin underneath is very pink, almost like a blister that has burst and has left an open space where the underlayer of new skin is.

    Her fingers are sensitive, particularly her index finger where she holds her pen for school.

    Her toes are actually sore - I don't think it helps that she has to wear shoes and socks all day at school.

    After her shower her feet (in particular) look absolutely abominable.

    I also have no idea whatsoever where or how she contracted this. No other children at the school have reported suffering from anything like this at all.

    I am currently using "Alcare Aloe"(South African product) as well as a bees wax extract to try and form some sense of relief from the sensitivity and the condition.

    If there is anything that you came across that slows or halts the "peeling" please do let me know.

    This is probably one of the most shocking illnesses that I have yet come across and do not wish it upon my worst enemy.

    Further to the above, the day that Delilah went back to school (2 weeks ago) I awoke on the monday with a headache from hell that I can only describe as 4 hangovers at once. (I don't drink much alcohol at all so I knew that it was not a hangover!) The headache lasted until this past Sunday when it finally subsided. Nothing that I took for it helped in any way at all.

    I can only but imagine that the headache had something to do with the illness that Delilah was inflicted with. I luckily did not come down with the bumps etc. The only thing that was similar was a mildy sore throat that lasted for 2 days prior to the headache starting.

    Please do let me know if you came across anything else that helps with the skin peeling.

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      Sorry to hear that. In the tropical countries, HFMD is a very common disease and usually adults show no symptoms (as you have described for yourself). 

      Unfortunately, the nail peeling and what nots are also very common and usually happen weeks after recovery from the bumps. Please dispose of the fallen bits of nails etc carefully as they also contain the HFMD virus!

      Transmission is usually via oral-faecal route but perhaps one of her classmates had it asymptomatically... hope everyone else gets well soon.

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      This is exactly me. Im a 20 year old female who babysat my nephew, took him to nursery seen a sign saying theres an outbreak of hfmd and forgot to tell his parents, didnt think about it again. I was so ill for two days, horrible fever so much sweating, I made my holiday to Rome when this started, purely by surviving on ibuprofen. I can't even describe my throat but it hurt every swallow. I had the worst headache. Then woke up with an itchy hand. Later I noticed a couple spots on the back of my hand and my itchy fingertips felt lumpy. My feet were sore from "walking around all day", when I called my boyfriend and mentioned that he was determined they shouldn't be as he loves nikes and I was wearing new nikes which should have been super comfy. Then I noticed tiny pin prick dots all over fingers. All along, I'm in Rome wondering if I have heat rash, bed bugs bites or what. By the third day I could swallow and was so happy I could order some yummy food and enjoy it! My hands and feet were still itchy though. Then I facetimed my nephew and his dad tells me he has now got hfmd. So it all clicks, I must have it. Then the second I land on day 4, I go to the doctors and she agrees but says its complicated as no ulcers or anything in mouth, I just have hand and foot and tonsillitis. I've never had tonsillitis before. She gave penicillin and it went away. Itchiness went away, dots too.... Now, two weeks later. I go in shower and come out, completely covered my fingers and toes are peeling. It looks disgusting. Not sore, not too red no pus. Just horrible, I want it gone. Also I forgot to mention a day after the inital hand itchiness, I got a yellowish crust forming round my nose. Eventually that went and I had little dots on my nostril, my face came up in some spots too. Three days ago when the peeling began I got a sore throat too and panicked the tonsillitis/hfmd was coming back, went to docs she says peeling is normal but that I've probably just caught another cold? I'm pretty ill today with my cold and my throat hurts alot. Mines sounds milder but I want it gone
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      I have no idea if you are still dealing with this but I will tell you that I share all same symptoms. after getting it 2nd time, much faster (2days) I went in to acute care cuz I was covered he as to toe with lesions/small scabs? ,things that looked like paper cuts, brownish skin discoloration, pimple or ingrown hair type things but not exactly, tiny red dots, tingling in certain places, hive looking things on my butt &privates, itched very bad, hard pieces on toes, sides of toes, heels, etc, under toenail like tiny little white beads, black fluid leaking from one part of my nipple, oh, the feet, one day was horrible bad-weird tan-yellowish color of hard pieces almost like calluses but not, swelling of the ankle and the horrific smell I can never forget! the Dr at acute care ended up being my old Dr so I lucked out but he was perplexed at 1st (kept asking if I have used any diff body soaps, lotion, was I having an allergic reaction with hives from sensitive skin, have I ever had chix pox, etc) but after showing him certain areas & describing all symptoms, he told me I had scabies. knew exactly where I contracted it! has been horrible- 2 treatment of permethrin cream but I still think I have it because I need to do oral antibiotics. my Dr is an idiot& doesn't know crapt about this. thank God I have done my own research on this, very time consuming, don't overdo it but helped me. after that I concluded I contracted Norwegian Crusted Scabies which sucks. very hard to get rid of. if u have a weakened immune system like aids, hep c, fibormygyla(??misspell? ), thyroid, depression, etc you can easily get it and spread it. I have had to treat my animals twice! I am tired, I just stumbled upon this site& broke my heart cuz so many stories sounded like mine. if you are someone reads this and wants to know how I'm treating it, how to properly clean so no reinfection, I will gladly give any and all information. scabies, crusted Norwegian scabies, demodex mites, bird mites, morgellons, spider mites, scabies mange on pets, etc to look up info but I have done so much research that I have key pieces from diff articles and websites for anyone to request. God bless and I truly hope you are no longer suffering with this private hell.
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    I am suffering now with flu and peeling of hands and feet. I have never been so ill and all my skin is coming off my whole hands right now. They were red and tingling and felt on filre for a fewdays prior to peeling. The fever I have had 10 days on and off. No DR can diagnose what is wrong. I have seen three DRs and due to see a fourth tomorrow,
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    My experience with this was equally as horrible as you all described. Started with a bad fever, nothing I took helped it go down, but I was ok by the next morning. I went to work the next day and got another fever so I came home. The 3rd day I got another fever and noticed my throat was bothering me as well. I also started to notice a few bumps on my hands and then noticed it was soar on one side of my foot when I tried to walk. I wasn't sure what was going on so I went to the doctor. Before I went I googled bumps on hands which led to HFMD or Coxsackie. It seemed to make sense, I had all the symptoms to far. After the visit to the doctor, he confirmed that I had it. the bumps on my hands and feet multipled quickly over the next day, my hands burned like they were on fire. I would compare the pain to a 1st degree burn on both sides of my hands. My feet were so tender, I could only walk a few steps so basically stayed in bed. Day 4 I found wrapping my hands in a cold wash cloth was the only thing that would help me sleep. Day 5 was no different, pain was just as intense. The bumps spread to my wrists, elbows, ears, face ( above below mouth, nose, cheeks, forehead). Some of the bumps were small, some were big, some hurt and some itched. At one point I think I had conjunctivitis in one eye as I woke on the 6th day my eye was partially shut. Later on the 6th day, the soreness in my hands had started to subside as well as my feet. Its the end of day 6 or 7ish now and my hands are still numb. My palms are marbled with red blotchy spots and darker red dots or blothes on the tops of my hands, side of my feet. My face started peeling on my cheeks, nose and around my mouth and those spots are tender and sting and are now red or pink. Its still tender when walking but at least I left the house today. I don't recall a more miserable experience but hey, at least were still alive! Hoping to regain the feeling in my hands soon as I can't feel the keys Im pressing right now. Glad to have found this site and know I wasn't alone on this journey.
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    Mine started four weeks ago on the very day I was going on holiday. I managed to get an appointment after phoning 111 and the dr confirmed it was hf&m. I started with a huge blister on my tongue and red spots on my hands. As each day passed the spots spread all over my body (except my tummy), my hands were so painful I couldn't even wash my hair and my feet were so bad I couldn't walk - good timing being on holiday and wanting to walk around beautiful Lake Bled. My legs, arms eyelids and lips were covered in spots that turned into huge red blotches. I felt washed out, slept a lot and tried all sorts of cream to stop the horrific burning and itching but nothing seem to work except cold flannels (ice from the bar). Four weeks later you can still see where the spots have been and the skin is peeling off my hands and feet. Funnily enough I didn't pass it on to anyone and have no idea where I caught it from (although I do work in a hospital). Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy and hope I don't get it again.
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    I also have had the same extreme case of the blisters and peeling on my hands, feet, and scalp. My whole heal has a very thick layer of skin that is coming off. Very disturbing and disappointing to not be able to wear sandals in summer. I'm wondering if any of you lost finger nails or toe nails? My thumb nail started peeling from the base yesterday and it looks like the same well happen on another nail. My fever and red bumps occurrd exactly one month ago.

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      Well it is now 7 weeks since this started and the skin is still peeling off my feet and my toenails have changed colour so it looks as if they may still fall off. You can still see where the spots were on my arms and legs and I'm very tired as if my body is still fighting it off.

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      Very sorry you have to experience this cruel virus. After about 8 weeks most of my finger nails fell off. Had to wear band aids on the finger tips for protection. Recovery was not until 4 months. It has been 2 years since I first contracted the HFM viral disease. However, I still have pain in my right hand whenever my hand is in hot water, washing dishes, washing hands, etc. It is a serious burning sensation and is familiar, like the original illness. A dermatologist said my hands completely healed. I am going to see a burn specialist because I know there is some damage, possibly the nerve endings. Doctors don't seem understand the pain and suffering.

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      Hi debviolet,

      I know this is late. My 4 year old daughter is experiencing similar symptoms. How long did it take you to completly recover? My child is about to loose a few nails. I took her to her pediatrician while her toes were peeling like crazy and she thought it was just dried skin. There was an outbreak of HMFD at her school but she only developed a few blisters on her toes. By the time i took her in the blisters were already flaky and that's when the peeling started. Took her in again(today) and this other Doctor thinks it's vitamin deficiency. Lately she has being tired and sleeping more. 

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