Has any lost weight due to Chronic Gastritis?

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I have lost quite a bit of weight due to Chronic Gastritis.

I have had all kind of tests and everything came clear except Gastritis in Endoscopy.

I have stomach pain since 6-7 months, its on the left side and persistent.

I do have normal appetite and eat properly, though I am on a restrictive diet, no fat and non spicy food.

Has anyone else has lost weight due to Gastritis?

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    I have same problem same like you and I have this problem since six or seven month even I did so many test and it's clear.

    I don't known what is the solution for this.

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    I have been experiencing the same thing. I was diagnosed with gastritis in January. Since then I have lost 40 lbs, yes 40! I'm only 5'5" and for years I weighed 170, I am now 130. I eat like normal, except lately I have developed severe constipation. I also have been having pains on my left side, right below my ribs. Sometimes I get pains on my right side as well. I also have lower back pain often. I've had blood work, stool samples and ultrasounds done. The only thing they keep saying is gastritis. I have an appt coming up in a few weeks with a G.I. Specialist. I'm hoping to get answers as well. So know, you are not alone. I'm experiencing it as well. :-)

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      I am so sorry that you are having to go through this.

      I know how painful it is.

      My pain is persistant and my stomach feels sore on pressing, which means inflammation.

      Do you have soreness on pressing stomach as well?

      I had also had an ctscan to rule out other structural abnormalities and it came clear too.

      Had you tested for hpylori? Mine was negative.

      You can test for it, if it comes positive then you can start antibiotics to relieve your symptoms.

      Thanks for replying!

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      Yes, same here. Been tested for h pylori, had blood and stool cultures done as well as ultrasounds. My stomach feels sore all the time like I pulled every muscle. I'm hoping to get done kind of answer soon. Hopefully you will too ??

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      I have an appointment with my Dr. In few fews too, wan't to rule out crohn's of stomach.

      I feel this is too much for Gastritis.

      This soreness is killing me, I have a 1 year baby to care of and this is really painful.


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      Hey had you had an endoscopy ? How did they diagnose you with Gastritis then?
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    i am also experience this issue since 2 months. sudden pain in abdomen and horrible burning in stomach , chest and throat. i took some home remedies but no use. did endoscopy and got gastritis. i am taking homeopathy medicines but though i am eating normal as usual I lost quite weight. do not know why I lost so much weight.

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      It may just be you and I here Sucheta, but hopefully we can help each other.

      Can you describe your pain and location? Mine is in my LUQ - under my peck and it feels like it's happening under my ribs. The pain seems to get worse after I eat. It only lasts for a few seconds, but it is stabbing, and sharp in nature and eventually, I am able to breathe out of it. I've also noticed it if I'm applying pressure on my stomach like lying down on my stomach.

      Prior to all this coming on I had noticed I was losing weight. I'm down about 12 lbs since October 2021 and then later I was getting nauseated - two separate occasions prompted me to get seen. Also have had weird changes in my bowel movements. Initially it was all diahhrea and since has calmed down to solid again, but I have to go 2x/day usually in the morning and then don't go the rest of the day which is a change for me.

      This has given me multiple trips to the doctors. They've done all the basic blood labs 3x in the span of a month: CBC, CMP. The only pattern I noticed was a slight reduction in RBCs over that time frame.

      I've also had my lipase checked and it's come up at the bottom of the range for lipase levels both time which they consider normal. My Thyorid check was normal, as was my lipid panel (tryglycerides) and celiacs and h.pilori were negative.

      My doctor put me on a PPI (protonix or Pantoprozale) and it has really allowed me to eat, so I'm grateful for that, however, I am completely low acid, low FODMAP diet going on 2 weeks now. It's proving hard to get the necessary daily caloric intake that I need.

      I'm having a hard time getting into see a GI, that I asked my GP to get me a CT scan and I'd pay for it out of pocket if I have to.

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