Has anyone been hospitalised with anxiety? Experiences

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Just wondering if anyone has been admitted to hospital due to anxiety and has it been because of an attempt to hurt yourself or others or because of thoughts of self harm.

when I'm in the throws of anxiety and am breaking down crying because of thoughts my mind is often in the no hope situation and I get thoughts if taking an overdose or hurting myself and I'm starting to get a bit concerned.

i would like to know of peoples experiences as whilst I was at the psychiatric unit for assessment with the nurse which was very disappointing she said I shouldn't use the crisis line or A&E unless I was having serious thoughts of stop harm or was going yo carry it out. I felt as though an avenue if help was being taken away from me. I'm not wanting to keep taking diazepam either although it's well within the limits (I can take 3 x 5mg per day if necessary) but tend only to take half or one and not every day.

having a terrible day today more with thoughts rather than physical symptoms of anxiety so think it could be the depression coming through as my anxiety has been really under control over the last few days?

if my thoughts keep turning to harm at what stage should I ask for help or visit A&E and what experiences has anyone had? 


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    I just checked on your medication and it sounds alot like what I took for years and am now getting off of slowly-Paxil.

    Some of your problem is you are not taking the medication as prescibed.

    That can cause you to have anxiety.

    You need to decide weather you are going to take it or not or it WILL mess you up.


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    If you are having thoughts of harming yourself that is more than anxiety and you might consider going to a psychiatrist.

    you might be diagnosed properly there and get the right medication for you.

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      Hi tinamn, I am taking my medication as prescribed apart from diazepam which is for "as needed" and I take when in crisis, I've been on Venlefaxine for years and it's always worked for me, my dose has been increased 7 weeks ago.

      I'm at my GP's again Wednesday and intend to discuss my feelings with him inc diazepam use. 

      I feel I'm being let down by mental health services as I was referred to the team as an urgent referral expecting to see a phychiatrist BUT was seen by a nurse to assess me for possible CBT which I've already been referred for so total waste of time. Plus my employers have offered to pay privately for CBT so they said there was no point me being referred (obviously)! I've had no official diagnosis of depression only anxiety but in my experience of previous episodes I'm definitely mild-moderate depression. 


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      Yes me too, I suffer mostly from anxiety but there is always a bit of depression that goes along with the anxiety.

      So they got you on two meds huh?

      They tried to do that to me too. I said no.

      Not good, besides getting cancer there are other side effects that will eventually happen if you continue taking these meds.

      It happened to me I thought I was fine and I was for a long time but now it has started effecting my thyroid and sugar levels.

      if you keep following doctors they will eventually have you popping pills left and right until they kill you.

      Remember one presciption leads to another because the one effects one organ in our body which requires another med and the other effects another organ which requires another med.You will just get sicker and sicker until you are dead.

      There are natural alternatives to these meds if your interested.


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      Hi Tinamn, I think you've probably over fine it there, in fact I'm on 3 sets of meds, Venlefaxine, buspirone, propranalol.

      i have an underlying depressive condition (genetic) which I've taken Venlefaxine for for years,mins an SNRI so hood for anxiety. When my anxiety condition flares up I go on buspirone and propranalol either diazepam for crisis use.

      I'm in control of what my Dr prescribes in fact I tell him what to prescribe as this is my 4th relapse in 20 years and know what works. 

      When I feel better I slowly taper off the meds starting with propranalol, then buspirone leaving just Venlefaxine to control my genetic deoression condition.

      I've never got sicker or sicker from them and I don't believe for one minute that they will eventually kill me.. 

      I can't say your post was in any way helpful I'm afraid, chemicals are chemicals and the drugs have certainly been through more clinical trials than any natural alternatives, indeed I am aware that some natural remedies are dangerous. As for the cancer connection I'd like to see the clinical evidence for that? I used to smoke 20 a day now that was a cancer risk. 

      Thanks for taking time to reply though. 

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    Are you sure these arnt intrusive thoughts? Are you worried you will act on them but don't want to? Or do you think yes I actually want to do this?

    I think counselling will be a good route, have you considered that? If you cant get it quick enough with the health service(not sure where you are) then you could do it privately?

    In regards to the nurse, I think her care was disgusting. If you feel like you want help, then take it Neil either crisis line, a & e or both! Otherwise you can call Samaritans if youre feeling hopeless.

    As you know, Im not ig on the drugs side of things so peple will know better than me, however do look into the side effects as suggested!


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    I was hospitalized recently for anxiety/depression because I had tried to kill myself. rolleyes I feel like I also was somewhat disappointed with the help I received, but overall I would much prefer seeking treatment outside a hospital. I think it was really difficult due to the fact that there were a variety of different people on different levels of mental illness, and I think in a way I was able to flow under the radar brcause there were certainy others who needed care more. I think that if you are really thinking of harm then you should talk to a therapist.
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      Hi Holly, I did have a bad episode on Sunday and went to A&E as my thoughts of self harm had gone from fleeting thoughts to the next level and it scared me so I thought I'd better get some help.

      A&E were great and after a couple of hours talking and discussing stuff I was home.

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    I've had panic attacks/anxiety/depression for 4 years now, it's terrible, I know.

    I went to CBT (through my Doctor), after 6 weeks I was told that you can pass out when you have anxiety/panic attacks.  When I go anywhere, I take someone with me.  I have blacked out in the house once.

    I'm on gabapentin and amiltripyline which does help.

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