Has anyone else experienced this pain with FM?

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I experience lots of symptoms with FM but recently I have been getting a pain in my right wrist that feels like a very tight band around it. Anyone else experienced this?

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    Hi. I too have a very sore pain in my wrist (funnily only the left one but I am left handed). I was sent for scan on my wrist by the rheumatologist and it showed no inflamation and as far as she was concerned she didnt know why it hurt so much. The doctors seem to be reluctant to accept these odd wierd symptoms as being part of the fibro but its not called a syndrome for nothing I say.
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    FM brings on all types of weird and funny pains and the best gift you can give yourself is not to focus on them at all... the more you focus on it, the more it is likely to hurt.... I am now reversing but in my worst, I never did take any medication and it gave me the opportunity to learn to manage pain so much so that I had a punctured appendicitis that I lived with for 2 days before I went to the hospital... every doctor I came in contact with told me that my pain treshhold was totally off the chart.

    Re punctured appendicitis, the pain medication they gave me was so low that the surgeons had their jaw to their collarbone and said they had never seen this; all this while I was laughing around with the nurse. What is my point here? My point is that if you want to get better, you have to focus on what is good in your life and forget focusing on the pains... I guarantee you that FM will bring on all types of weird and wacky pains so that should be the end of the story I believe... It was for me and although I did not have a "normal" life, I had a fulfilling life because I never paid attention to the pain... most of people in my family did not even know I had been diagnosed with pain..... just that will relieve a lot of pain... So many people spend so much time talking about how much they are in pain???? why? the more you talk about it, the more in pain you will be.... whatever you focus on is the life you lead....

    Let's talk about the amazing opportunity that FM offers... it offers the opportunity to start a conversation with your body and focus on the fact that you get to listen to your body when it hurts and let it lead you as to when you should do things and when you may be overdoing it.... when you are in pain somewhere in your body, ask it what it means and keep moving and doing your daily chores... ask for guidance... your body is letting you know that some things are out of balance in your life.... go on a discovery journey and try and figure out what your body does not like and what it does like?

    Focus on where you will be when your body is back in balance.... I don't mean to be harsh here but I speak from experience ( I had vulvodynia, blood in my urine, plantar fascia, knee pain where I had to slow down going up/down the stairs, etc.... problem walking without shoes, sleeping 16 hours/day or not sleeping at all)....

    One of the thing that I suggest you be careful about... getting addicted to the illness... and, this can happen easily if you chose to focus on it too much...... Dr. St-Amand reverses FM consistently and there is also Dr. John Bergman who reverses FM so there is no reason to live with it... I am clearly reversing as the lumps and bumps are disappearing and I feel more amazing every day... the question is.... do we want to learn to live with FM or do we want to reverse it? From the time I got sick, I never accepted to live with it, never talked about it too much so not to get addicted to the illness and doctors were well aware of it.... that makes a huge difference.... my question to you is "do you want to find the solution?" because these two doctors that I have named have some solutions as do other doctors.... when you keep believing that there is no solution, you will live your life as if there is no solution but I tell you from a person on the road to getting better, there is a solution and if you chose not to hear it, that is because you have become addicted to the illness and you want to ask yourself what you are getting from being addicted to an illness.... afraid of success, afraid of taking risk in a career, what is the fear that is getting you stuck to not believing that there is a solution etc....

    You have a gift to offer the world, what is that gift and how will you transmit that gift to the world? and, your gift is not about talking about how much in pain you are.... your gift is what you want to focus on....

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    AMEN !!!!!!!!! and AMEN again,however,its not always easy to take this approach on a daily basis when the

    Pain is so intense.You still may be silent but it is over whelming and have to get some relief,somehow.

    I have never taken prescribed meds but do have a supply of creams,bath salts etc that helps on these days...


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    I agree that some days are not easy Elaine and there are many natural approach (I used magnets a lot, (as an aside, I just found out about Egoscue approach through someone living with pain), meditation, MSM cream and crystals; check for hormonal imbalances also).... the benefit is that I have developed a tolerance for pain that doctors cannot understand.... I encourage everyone to do the same rather than turn to medication..... befriend your body; don't shut it up with medication as soon as you feel some pain....

    Prescribed meds create such imbalances in the body that people are often not aware of.... very very toxic so you accumulate toxicity that eventually may create other problems....

    And, once the underlying cause(s) is(are) found, the imbalances that create the intense pain can be alleviated.... unfortunately, so many people are focused on silencing the body with medication that the underlying issue(s) is(are) never addressed.... not taking medication is the main reason that I found out what the issues were in my body.... finding what the cause of the imbalance(s) is (are) is the answer....

    According to Dr. St-Amand, many people are misdiagnosed with FM because they are in pain... the only reason I know I had the correct diagnosis is because of the burning urine, the burning tears, the lumps and bumps on my body, the left quad problem/locking (which is a big sign) .. unfortunately, many doctors diagnose more and more FM when people complain about pain and often, it can be related to hypothyroid, hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, depression, adrenal insufficiency....

    With a wrong diagnosis, it can be hard to address the imbalances.... my suggestion to avoid this misdiagnosis is to read Dr. St-Amand's book "What your doctor may not tell you about FM"; he lived with FM himself and reverses FM on a regular basis... he talks about the different symptoms and he does talk about some symptoms (left quad) that are pretty common... burning tears, urine.... you can then get a feeling as to whether or not this fits with you....

    I would say that ensuring that you have the correct diagnosis is primary; second question should be "do I want to heal?".... How do you know that? I knew I wanted to heal when I did not participate in any group who wanted to talk about how do I learn to live with FM because my focus was to find the solution not talk about the problem? I only participated when they had a speaker who had lived with it and overcame it..... I have offered to go speak to an FM group in my area and I have also offered free pain sessions to many people with FM and none have answered.... ZERO.... Had I been offered free pain sessions when I was in pain, I would have accepted on the spot... so, these are signs as to whether or not you want to heal....

    Why am I here? Why do I insist on making my point? I lived in pain for many years and I know because of the fogginess etc. that we get to that place where we do not think very clearly so I keep repeating myself here..... I am repeating here that FM is reversible.... if you are not capturing this info, you most likely think that you are not worth it.... what is it that makes it so that you don't feel that you are worthy of a good life? who made you believe that you are not worthy? what made you believe them?

    If it is FM, it is reversible.... if it does not fit based on Dr. St-Amand's book, you want to look at hormonal imbalances, low iron, depression, adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroid, food sensitivities, adrenal insufficiency, Vitamin D, low magnesium.... all of these create pain in the body.... and, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself when you give it the proper nutrients and supplements.....

    Hope this offers some food for thought....

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    Hi Joanne1961,

    I hear your passion.Maybe you should offer what you have learned in finding out what/how your "body"

    imbalances are determined.Continue to be outspoken and please stay with us on this site.....


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    Hi Elaine:

    Here is what I have found true about imbalances at different levels for myself.... I have always gone on the premise that our body needs to be addressed at all levels in order to reclaim our health...

    Spiritual - align yourself with your mission - if you are in a relationship or work environment or other that is not fitting to you, find out what the lesson is for you and make a decision (stay and make it the best experience for yourself and others or leave in peace bringing with you the lesson)

    Physical - check the hormones estradiol, progesterone and testosterone and TSH, free T3, free T4, feed your body the foods that are natural and that your body does not react to (in some cases, it may mean letting go of some veggies and fruits as is my case - listen to your body - it is well known that food sensitivities create havoc in the body when people keep eating them - I honestly believe that the food sensitivities (carbs, salycilates) that I had and was not aware of is what created the cancer) listen to your body and find out which foods (often the case - dairy and wheat) do not accommodate it - supplement and test (iron, high level Vitamin C, organic sulfur, high level Vitamin D, iodine, selenium, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B100, + niacin, COQ10, immune booster and stretch and take a daily walk to start with and add on as you can - there are many supplements that can create much relief - guaifenesin protocol - if you have an FM diagnosis, you can reverse with guai 100% - avoid medication at all cost as it numbs the body and prevents you from listening to what your body is telling you - i.e. if you eat food that is affecting your body and take a pill rather than make the connection, it will prevent you from identifying the culprit which is why I chose to stay away from medication... forced me to stay aware of the messages that my body was sending me so that I could make the associations....

    Emotional - release the trapped emotions (I do this through the Emotion code) - according to Dr. Nelson, many diseases relate to trapped emotions which are emotions that have not been released from the body; these can be anywhere from the size of a ball to the size of a cantaloupe and create blockages in the body; I am experiencing great results with people I work with....

    Mental - focus on being grateful for what you have; do not dwell on what you do not have - negative energy is exceptionally toxic which is why it is important to let go of relationships and working environment that no longer fit who you are; let go of feelings of entitlements; the mere sight of a rose becomes a miracle when you do

    I hope this provides some clarity for you....


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    That was quite informative and uplifting.Thank You,I really don't put much thought into my foods,

    just what causes most weight gain.....but will focus more on body effects.

    Thank You,

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    HI Joanne,

    You mention burning tears....can you expand a bit more on this symptom? I have times where just one eye or sometimes both just suddenly feel like ive been maced and my eye/eyes tear up (like ive been chopping large onion) but it only lasts for a couple of minutes then goes away!...is this similar?

    cheesygrin JK

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