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meteor63 meteor63

Has anyone else got or had medication induced akathisia?


Just wondering if there's anyone else out there who either has or has had akathisia as a result of taking ssris or anti pcyhotics? It seems like an uncommon thing.

I am very sensitive to meds and have severe akathisia from SSRIs. I got it on citalopram, came off that and was put on sertraline and quetiapine. It's all continued. I'm now just off quetiapine and almost if the sertraline.

I have to keep pushing through it every day. If there's anyone else who's experienced this, it would be great to hear from you.

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  • meteor63 meteor63

    Thanks for replying Deee. I was on citalopram for 2 months & had it all that time though I didn't know what it was & docs thought it was 'my condition'. Was med free for one week then was put on quietapine and sertraline. Yuck. Almost everything now.

    Do you mind if I ask how long yours took to clear up after stopping the meds? I've had this thing severely for 5 months straight and its hell. All doctors want to do is keep drugging me up but there's no way. I think getting free from meds is my only chance of recovery.

    I'm so glad you're off everything and doing well.

    Thanks again.

  • deee deee

    After terrible reactions to risperodone, I was pretty bad for a while but I can't remember for how long. Same with Abilify. At the time I was in and out of hospital, looking back that could have been because of those 2 drugs. Last year I cut Seroquel slowly, it took months and I had to go back on it but at a lot lower dose. Good Luck.

  • meteor63 meteor63

    Thanks Deee. I ended up in hospital too and I fully believe it was because of the akathisia. Horrendous side effect! I never knew it existed until recently! Are you off the seroquel completely now?

    Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. It makes me feel less alone.

  • deee deee

    I'm down to a very small dose and still, after 9 months, I am nervous about the last little bit. I'm actually medically sophisticated, too, so it shows how emotionally dependent it makes you. After I cut right back, all my tennis friends, about 20 people, kept saying how different I was, how much brighter I was/am. I hadn't realised how much of `me' was suppressed. Because suppression of emotions is what the drugs do. They don't FIX ANYTHING, and that includes the anti-depressants. have you got supports out there? There are probably quite a few other places to look at, self help programs can be useful, we have `meetup' here in Aus but I bet we got it last.

  • meteor63 meteor63

    Well done for cutting down and getting down to a low dose.

    Thank you SO much for your help. It makes me feel less alone with this.

    Akathisa is WAY worse than the anxiety and depression I started off with. It's the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me. It's really never heard of it until it happened to me. I've read it can persist for months or even years after coming off the offending drugs so I'm trying not to be scared. I have to keep believing it will go away in time. I won't take any more psych drugs. I'm too sensitive and don't want to damage my body further.

    I found someone on the web who had it severely for months and she helps others through it. She is fantastic. There's so little info and help out there on this thing. When I'm through this, I'm going to help others with the condition.

    • ella15254 ella15254 meteor63

      Hi Meteor, 

      Hope things have improved for you!

      I've got a friend still suffering from Akathisia three months after going off Seroquel and none of the drugs their doctor prescribed have helped.

      Understandably, they could really use some support right now and I wondered if I might be able to put them in touch with you or the woman who helped you out.



    • lika84004 lika84004 ella15254

      Hi Ella, how are you... hope you can help me.. Im stoping seroquel too and I think Im having withdrawal akathisia... did your friend improved? Is he suffering with anxiety too or just the restless? Did he had the akathisia wile on Seroquel or after he stopped? Im so lost... no dr has dx me as akathisia, they keep saying is just anxiety... Im not sure.... 

      Sorry for so many questions... Im feeling so alone right now.... 

    • Jelly bean Jelly bean meteor63

      Ive read large amounts of B6 will stop it and am trying that on my husbandwho took anti psych drugs for 6 months. Never again they are a chemical lobotomy. Read up on how dangerous they are. The psychiatric profesdion are frankinsteins.

    • Jelly bean Jelly bean meteor63

      Meteor63. Could you put me in touch with the lady on the web who know how to be rid of akathesia. I have been using high doses of B6 vitamin but don't see . I am treating my husband with a homeopath who is detoxing him. That might do it. We are only 30 days into it. Will advise if I see some improvement.

  • patricia44234 patricia44234 meteor63

    My son, age 42 and diagnosed autistic and learning disabled at age 6, was needlessly first given psychiatric medication in a residential care home at age 21 without my knowledge.  This medication caused erratic and extreme behaviour and led to further medication - ad infinitum.  He has had akathisia for at least 15 years and I fear he won't recover.  Most of his waking hours are spent moving about needlessly.  Sometimes he can't stand still all day and looks as though he's treading water.  He's only on Lorazepam 1mg p.r.n. but I think this is is gradually making his akathisia worse in the long term, even though it termporarily calms him down. My son's situation is the pharmaceutical industry's dream scenario.  I'm sure that all pharmacists and doctors know about this side effect but it suits them to pretend that it is a psychological or psychiatric problem, I'm sure it's entirely a physical problem of the brain caused by poisoning by psychiatric drugs..  

    • meteor63 meteor63 patricia44234

      I am so very sorry this happened to your son. It's criminal. Absolutely criminal.

      I'm assuming your son is now off all psychiatric drugs, except Lorazepam? How often does he take the lorazapam and does he ever take it more than once a day? You know benzos can be a double edged sword. They can initial help with the akathisia but can also cause it in withdrawal or keep it going. Your son may be getting interdosr withdrawal from it.

      I took lorazepam at Christmas and it really helped with the akathisia. I took it prn. I was taking 1mg maybe once a week, once a fortnight, sometimes twice a week. 2 or 3 times I took it 3 days in a row. I took it like this for about 4 months. That was enough for me to hit tolerance. The lorazepam lost it's efficacy.

      ive had severe akathisia for a year. It started on citalopram last year, further drugs were thrown at me which made it worse and added new terrible side effects (sertraline and quetiapine). I came off everything on march. I've been having severe withdrawal syndrome since then. I took my last ever lorazepam almost 3 months ago & it turned on me. When it wore off I was the sickest I've ever been.

      I can't give advice on what your son should or shouldn't take. What I will say is that the way to recover from akathisia is to get off and stay off all psychiatric drugs and that includes benzos. All can result in horrific withdrawal syndromes so need to be titrated off very slowly and carefully. There are websites for that.

      have you seen Angie's akathisia blog? She says everyone she's has helped has got better. It really gives me hope.

    • patricia44234 patricia44234 meteor63

      He's off all psych. drugs except Lorazepam 1mg tab. p.r.n..  My son's care staff collect 10 tabs. per month from the GP surgery.  So far, he's kept within that limit, usually less, but I'm worried that even that small amount seems to be making his akathisia worse even though it calms him down within half an hour.   He only has a tablet if his behaviour becomes really out of control, and never more than 1 tab. within 24 hrs..  His autism makes it impossible for him to have any behaviour boundaries when he feels like this from the akathisia.  When he's given a p.r.n. Lorazepam tablet there really seems to be no option because his stress becomes so extreme from the akathisia.  Some days he moves his feet for hours on end, walking endlessly round and round and backwards and forwards but going nowhere.  When he's like this he usually doesn't need a tablet because the behaviour is continuous for most of the day but still within manageable limits.  I take him for very ong walks but he can't stop and stand still.  On other days, the pointless walking is less marked but he makes constant soft snorting, sniffing, coughing sounds at the back of his throat for hours on end, wherever he goes.  Some days he hardly does these things and looks much happier and behaves almost as normally as he used to in his pre-psych. drug days (that was 20 yrs. ago when he was 22 and autism was his only problem).  I know about the dangers of benzos, but thanks for warning me.  Lorazepam is the fastest-acting tranquillizer that I know of, and when he has a major outburst he really needs to be given something fast.  There is no option.  He's a strong, fit 6ft. man.  

      I haven't seen's Angie's akathisia blog yet, but will look it up.  I'm new to these forums.  Thanks for your advice!

    • meteor63 meteor63 lika84004

      Angie's blog is very good.

      Er, I don't want to scare you but I'm not better yet. I was on various meds though and have only been med free for five months. I had an immediate reaction to citalopram last year and was given various other meds which all made me worse then when I came off everything, I got sever withdrawal on top. So I'm very sick but, like I say, I was very ill from the start and it was exacerbated by more toxic meds.

      i would say maybe come off your seroquel very gradual and give yourself a chance to stabilise at each drop.

    • kim31778 kim31778 meteor63

      Are you better now? I have this horrific condition...had it now 21 mos with no lessening. I'm totally devastated; I can't work, am bed ridden and completely reliant upon my mother for care. I so need help. I'm 11 mos off a cold turkey off Klonopin and Prozac...

  • gordon13756 gordon13756 meteor63

    Hey, I know this is an old thread but I had this for a year. I was prescribed amisulpride for schizophrenia. I paced up and down all day everyday. It was horrendous experience. I ended up trying to take my own life because of it. I stopped the amisulpride cold Turkey and had bad withdrawal. My doctor had never heard of the condition. It disappeared within a month of stopping the amusulpride. My psychiatrist prescribed olanzapine and I developed akasthia within a fortnight. I told him I couldn't live with this ilness because it's unrelenting and very debilitating. I'm a paranoid schizophrenic, but I would rather live with psychosis than live with that torture! Anyways, I hope your doing well. Hopefully the condition will pass as it was the worst year of my life.

  • adrianctn adrianctn meteor63

    How are you today, meteor63?

    • gordon13756 gordon13756 adrianctn

      Hey, I can finally sit at peace. I'm not on any anti pyschotics and suffer daily from schizophrenia. But as I've stated before, akasthia is relentless and it's worse than any mental illness.I've tried all second generation anti pyschotics and they all gave me akasthia. I wouldn't wish it in my worse enemy. I hope your doing well?

    • adrianctn adrianctn gordon13756

      I only took several pills (16) of Prozac. I had akathisia on it. I stopped and I still have it very bad. No mental history, no other drugs.

      I could not sleep for 5 months after Prozac.

      Then, I could sleep but akathisia became worse. Could not drive, eat, take care of myself, horrible pacing all the time, horrible pain and agitation.

      Now, at 8 months after Prozac, I had one week with almost no symptoms. And some weeks of survivable symptoms. Then back to horror.

      I have been diagnosed with Protracted Withdrawal from Prozac, namely iatrogenic syndrome. With akathisia.

      I am taking ultra low doses of:

      Lamotrigine 0.7mg

      Diazepam 1mg

      Propanolol 20mg

      Clonidine 0.075mg

      Melatonin 3mg

      Very rarely Cyproheptadine 1-2mg. It knocks me out.

      I wonder how meteor63 is doing...

    • gordon13756 gordon13756 adrianctn

      I was the exact same.. I couldn't sit, drive and eating became a problem. I had to walk around eating my dinner.I couldn't sit watch tv. I had to take zopiclone to get some sleep. My life was devastated. I ended up trying to take my own life because of the severity of my illness. I now refuse medical treatment for pyschosis and I've been hospitalized twice. I was given lorezepam to stabilize. ITried propanalol and similar meds to you with no success. That's when I decided to stop my meds. I know how horrendus akasthia is, and even typing can cause distress. I pray you recover

    • adrianctn adrianctn gordon13756

      Thank you Gordon. I'm not sure how I will handle life with this. I just pray it heals at some point and stops, like it did for 1 week.

      You are so lucky akathisia stopped when you stopped the meds

    • gordon13756 gordon13756 adrianctn

      Yes, my doctor has said as much. Life is challenging at the best of times.akasthia is the worst illness I have ever experienced. My doctor diagnosed me with agitation originally and prescribed more meds, which made the condition worse.. That inner torture of needing to be in constant motion. I lost my job,my fiance and eveyrhing. Only someone who has experiences akasthia understands it's impact. I really hope you can recover.

    • gordon13756 gordon13756 adrianctn

      I lost everything. But nobody understood. That's the problem. I couldn't leave the house. I paced up and Down in my kitchen from first thing in the morning until last thing at night. I hated waking up everyday. My psychiatrst said I had developed severe akasthia. My family thought it was my psychosis and schizophrenia to blame. But when i actually broke down crying they finally listened. That was weeks after my suicide attempt. Please don't let this ware you down.

  • Vonnegutjunky Vonnegutjunky meteor63

    Hello everyone - I stumbled upon this thread - 10 years on 10mg of Paxil and I was fine- well I wanted to come off the med - I went off way too fast - so I went back on to my 10mg - it didn't work so doc bumped me up to 20mg - the akathisia hit - omg the horror - I can't even begin to explain the internal horror - I was like that for 5 months- doc said - oh you always feel worse before you feel better - after 5 mos I started reducing - I'm back down to 10mg ( pre akathisia dosage) but I'm still having waves of it - it comes and goes - I have horrific anxiety with it now and it just doesn't want to stay away- I don't know what to do- wait to see if I stabilize on 10mg or just continue decreasing? I don't want to have akathisia and wd symptoms - this is the worst thing I've ever felt in my life 😡 I'm sorry

    This has ever happens to anyone

    My symptoms include tinnitus, burning mouth, double vision, sensory perception issues, mental fog, desire to shake my hands or feet (but there was never really a need m, but it feels better when I do) overwhelming feelings or horror and dread that wash over me

    • adrianctn adrianctn Vonnegutjunky

      I know how horrible this can be. I know you from another forum.

      For some it resolves when they stop the drug, in time.

      For others, it resolved by going back to the previous good dose. Maybe you should stabilize here

      But everyone will just take a guess

      Please also try Propranolol.

    • gordon13756 gordon13756 adrianctn

      Hi adrian. Haven't heard from you for a while. I'm wondering how you are?? For some reason I can't email you anymore. My heart problem is angina it's usually seen in much older people. But my doctor said heart disease is very common in people with schizophrenia. How's the akasthia now?. I was hoping to try and get back to work. But nobody will employ me because of my heart and mental health issues. I hope you are doing better. Please contact me. Thanks


  • thisismylife thisismylife meteor63

    Hello- I've been chronically physically ill since 1985 after viral encephalitis. Because I had so much pain and difficulty sleeping I was put on antidepressants in 1986. In 2005 I was switched from tricyclic antidepressants to Lexapro. December 2015 I went off after having severe dysautonomia. I'm suffering from Akathisia so severely still today 8 months later. 

    I rarely sleep at all. I used to have the symptoms all the time but now they usually start about 60-90 minutes after laying down, when I'm really tired or stressed even a little. I'm bedridden so can't walk when I feel I need to run. I rock for hours in bed until I'm in excruciating pain. I scream, hit myself, scratch myself, move non stop and mumble or say nonsense words uncontrollably. It feels like I'm in hell. 

    Ive been physically ill a long time but this is the worst thing I've ever experienced. I was also taken off Duragesic patch in April which made the Akathisia worse. Every relaxing or sleep herb/supplement seems to make it worse. 

    Sometimes I'm so sleep deprived that I take Klonopin but it only works occasionally and now a few days later, that is causing worsening symptoms too. I sleep an hour here and there a week. It's so awful. No Dr even wants to deal with how sick I am. Only a cash paying naturopathic Dr admits it's a serotonin problem. 

    Are any of you better? I'm off all benzodiazepines , pain meds and antidepressants and wonder how long this will last. Drinking lemon balm tea with CalmMag and lemon balm liquid plus out loud meditation chanting helps a little. Many days after the horrible moving, I go into a vegetative like state. I'm unable to move, open my eyes or speak yet I'm actually awake. It's very scary. The longer I go without sleep and the more energy I expend, the worse this gets. It's painful too. 

    Could you you please tell me where the other forums and groups are? This is a very scary and lonely condition for me and my family who now care for me 24/7. I wish everyone the best and healing blessings. 

    • gordon13756 gordon13756 thisismylife

      Hi, my name is Gordon and I have suffered from akasthia several times. I have schizophrenia and anti psychotic medicines are usually the main culprit. I had uncontroble need to be in motion. In walked around in circles in my kitchen. From waking to bed time. I lost everything. My job, my fiance and was hospitalised. It was their the psychiatrist diagnosed me with the condition. I decided to stop all medications and went threw several months of he'll. But after 6 weeks or so I woke up and didn't feel the horrible akasthia. I was also very aggressive when I had this condition. I'm a paranoid schizophrenic but I don't take meds because I always develop akasthia. It will go away in time. Just try and take each day as it comes. I know how bad this illness is. I will pray it goes away for you

    • thisismylife thisismylife gordon13756

      Hi Gordon,

      Thank you for sharing. Yours went away in 6 weeks? I'm into 8 months already. Or did I misunderstand you? I'm sorry for all your loses. After 31 years of chronic illness I'm grateful for the few people in my life. This is the worst thing I've ever faced. 

    • gordon13756 gordon13756

      Propanalol helps and so does low dose mirtazapine. I know you want to stay drug free. But these drugs are documented to help. I know how long everyday day feels. I'm 38 now.

    • adrianctn adrianctn thisismylife

      There is a Facebook group : Living with Akathisia.

      There is the survivingantidepressants community, google for it.

      There is benzobuddies, for benzodiazepines, google it too.

      There is phoenixrising for CFS, google it also.

      There are many many people suffering.

      I will pray for you and your dear family. You are the bravest person I ever met. You are a real figher.

    • gordon13756 gordon13756 thisismylife

      I had akasthia for 1 year and know how horrible this illness can be. I have schizophrenia and the medication I used to take caused akasathia. As Adrian said you are a true hero an inspiration.i know how long everyday feels with this condition. Please try propanolol and low dose mirtazapine. To be honest they never worked for me,but their is some success storys. It stopped for me when I stopped all drugs. I had it for 1 year. And after several weeks of drug withdrawal it dissapeared. Please continue to fight as their is hope

  • cate79299 cate79299 meteor63

    I'm sensitive to drugs as well. I was put on 1/4 tablet of citalopram for two weeks all it did was make me sleep for 15 hours a day. Doctor said I didn't need it as my body was producing sufficient serotonin. He prescribed instead  Melatonin 3mg which I take at 9 pm each night  to regulate my circadian sleeping pattern so I go into REM sleep.

  • gordon13756 gordon13756 meteor63

    Hello, my name is Gordon. The doctors and medical community will lead you to believe that akasathia is rare, but as a paranoid schizophrenic I can personaly say this is untrue. I've tried all anti psychotic medications and they all gave me akasathia. It's a well known side effect.. It's actually the main reason mental health patients refuse to take medicines. The longest I had the condition was 1 year. Every waking moment was he'll.. Paced around my kitchen in circles all day. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sit. And on top of it all was the aggression. I couldn't explain what was wrong i told my doctor and he denied it was the medicines. It wasn't until I was hospitalized with psychosis that I was diagnosed. The hospital pyschiatrist seen me pacing back and forward and diagnosed me with akasathia. I stopped all medicines and the condition disappeared.

    • mimi57098 mimi57098 gordon13756

      Hello Gordon, thank you for your advices. I have had Akathisia for 9 months and lessened a lot when I stopped all medication. But I couldnt handle the benzo withdrawal either the akathisia and after a month I needed to take klonopin again (0.25 mg). It has been a week since then, and I feel that I dont pace as before and can sit longer. But my anxiety is to the roof and still have some light tremors and tensión headaches. Do you think these symptons are related to the akathisia? I m going to the doc on Monday and ask for Propanolol to aliviate the symptons. Do you think the anxiety and fear is going to improve as the akathisia goes away?

    • gordon13756 gordon13756 mimi57098

      Hello, in my experience and honest opinion. The fear will only go away when the anxiety is treated properly. I realize benzo withdrawal is serious in it's own. I would ask the doctor for a higher dose of benzo. stabilize first then cut back. Akathsia can be cause by benzo withdrawal. So please be careful

  • theresa08238 theresa08238 meteor63

    I have both dyskinesia and akathesia. Like you I am very sensitive to medications and am now on very little. This week has been tough as I feel like I am crawling in my skin. I have had little success in finding ways to cope with the effects of the symptoms. I keep myself busy as much as possible but symptoms take over when I stop. Dyskinesia involves the upper extremities whereas akathesia involves the entire body. My condition is worsening despite being off the meds that triggered the akathesia. I have told myself to eliminate the word " can't" as I find it more difficult when I say I can't go through anymore. Despite the symptoms do your best to remain positive or use positive words even though you don't feel it. This is no small task.

    • gordon13756 gordon13756 theresa08238

      I agree. I had medication induced akasthia for 1 year. Unrelenting pacing around in my kitchen. I would avoid all medicines that cause this condition. It will improve slowly day by day until it's gone completely. Please be positive I lost everything because of it. I still have schizophrenia and it will always be part of who I am. But anti pyschotics are the main culprit. This condition is not rare as doctors would have you believe.

    • gordon13756 gordon13756 cianna 18772

      6 weeks, maybe longer. I've had the condition a few times. Every time I take anti psychotic medication this condition rears it's ugly head. I'm glad it disappeared when I stop the meds, others have not be so lucky. Unfortunately I live with schizophrenia everyday, but I'd rather suffer this and be able to sit at peace. Akathsia is honestly the worse condition I have ever experienced the longest I had the conditions was 1 year, after a few months of taking amisulpride anti pyschotic, I was still having pyschotic episodes so my doctor increased my dosage. That's when the symptoms appeared. After a year of total he'll pacing around my kitchen and my house I stopped my medication. I have since tries all anti pyschotics on the market and all have akathsia as a side effect

  • chris34023 chris34023 meteor63

    I don't know if my message got through.  So I'll try again.  I had akathesia in 1988 as a result of Haldol prescribed by my psychiatrist.  He apparently thought I was lapsing into schizophrenia, but I'd only seen him on two occasions and it's not clear why he jumped to that conclusion so quickly.  The Haldol was prescribed in November of 1987, and prior to that I'd never taken psych meds before.  When I visited the psychiatrist I had been feeling stressed out at work and was very unhappy.  I was melancholy.  I have a dark personality, and have always been prone to melancholy and nostalgia.  I'm crazy about Ingmar Bergman films, and at an early age I liked the sad poetry of Edwin Arlington Robinson, an American poet of the early 20th Century.  So I was unhappy, but unhappiness is my specialty.  But after taking the Haldol the psychological pain I experienced was unbearable and I had to go to the hospital.  I paced the halls of the hospital and wore out the carpet, so to speak.  My acute, PTSD-like anxiety continued to be very high for the first week.  The psychiatrist must have realized his mistake in prescribing Haldol when I was not psychotic.  So Haldol, which is designed to treat psychosis, actually made my condition far worse than it was when I showed up in the office of the psychiatrist.  The psychiatrist switched from Haldol to Mellaril, a drug of the same class which doesn't have the side-effect of akathisia.  Then to reduce the anxiety he'd caused by prescribing Haldol, he gave me Xanax, a dangerous, addictive drug not recommended for long-term use.  But Xanax only served to deaden the psychological pain.  I was never the same after that time.  Almost 30 years after taking the Haldol I still have periodic episodes of PTSD-like anxiety, usually when there are stressful events in my life.  Like I said earlier the psychiatrist only saw me twice before prescribing Haldol.  He didn't know a damn thing about my condition.  I was born with a developmental disorder like attention deficit.  I had a terrible childhood with harsh and critical parents, bullies and social rejection.  I had a high IQ and showed strengths in things like history, philosophy, foreign languages, art and music, but my parents never stopped trying to turn me into someone I wasn't.  Society condemns brilliant historians and linguists because they're not mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, engineers, lawyers and all that other rot.  The elementary school psychologist said I had problems in a 1967 report that my parents received.  My parents could have told the psychiatrist about this but they didn't.  I don't think I ever got over the Haldol, and my attention deficit and high IQ weren't know until it was too late to do any good.  It's not always a good thing to be intelligent or have a high IQ.  In fact in American society, which has a long history of anti-intellectualism, it is frowned upon to "think too much."  I'm 54 years old and it seems like I never had a chance to get ahead in life, and I'm very bitter about that.  I've had dull badly-paying jobs in various types of industrial hell, when I would have wanted to work in an academic setting.  I still have to live in a society where ignorance is a point of honor, and "book learning" is for fools.       

  • bill21060 bill21060 meteor63

    I can categorically state that, yes, I have. In my first case, tricyclic antidepressants (in particular Endep - amitriptyline) was (yet to be determined to be) the cause. Read on for elaboration. The only treatment that worked to a degree for me was Valium. I suspected that amitriptyline was a strong factor (my doctor dismissed this!), I tapered off it on my own. It took 3 months to go from 100mg to zero by cutting off a piece of each tablet until down to a mere sliver. My RLS and restlessness finally subsided.

    Now, being that the cause was not (yet) medically determined and that this was the very first time I was diagnosed with this horrible malady, it was to happen one more time. In the 2nd instance, I became severely clinically depressed after witnessing the twin towers collapse from only a few blocks away. I was then prescribed Effexor. Guess what? Within 2 weeks, my RLS and even worse restlessness returned with a vengeance. It was only then that I needed to remind my GP of the 1st instance and how I dealt with it. He looked at my history and again prescribed Valium 5mg twice per day plus a quick taper off of Effexor. This 'relapse' took nearly a year to subside, with the added problem of tapering off Valium! 

    I've been free of all antidepressants and benzodiazepines for 18 months now. I don't get restless legs or awful anxiety (internal restlessness) any more. I will never, ever take antidepressants again. I consider myself fortunate to not have developed a permanent form of akathisia. There are many others out there not so fortunate.


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