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meteor63 meteor63

Has anyone else got or had medication induced akathisia?


Just wondering if there's anyone else out there who either has or has had akathisia as a result of taking ssris or anti pcyhotics? It seems like an uncommon thing.

I am very sensitive to meds and have severe akathisia from SSRIs. I got it on citalopram, came off that and was put on sertraline and quetiapine. It's all continued. I'm now just off quetiapine and almost if the sertraline.

I have to keep pushing through it every day. If there's anyone else who's experienced this, it would be great to hear from you.

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  • meteor63 meteor63

    Thanks for replying Deee. I was on citalopram for 2 months & had it all that time though I didn't know what it was & docs thought it was 'my condition'. Was med free for one week then was put on quietapine and sertraline. Yuck. Almost everything now.

    Do you mind if I ask how long yours took to clear up after stopping the meds? I've had this thing severely for 5 months straight and its hell. All doctors want to do is keep drugging me up but there's no way. I think getting free from meds is my only chance of recovery.

    I'm so glad you're off everything and doing well.

    Thanks again.

  • deee deee

    After terrible reactions to risperodone, I was pretty bad for a while but I can't remember for how long. Same with Abilify. At the time I was in and out of hospital, looking back that could have been because of those 2 drugs. Last year I cut Seroquel slowly, it took months and I had to go back on it but at a lot lower dose. Good Luck.

  • meteor63 meteor63

    Thanks Deee. I ended up in hospital too and I fully believe it was because of the akathisia. Horrendous side effect! I never knew it existed until recently! Are you off the seroquel completely now?

    Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. It makes me feel less alone.

  • deee deee

    I'm down to a very small dose and still, after 9 months, I am nervous about the last little bit. I'm actually medically sophisticated, too, so it shows how emotionally dependent it makes you. After I cut right back, all my tennis friends, about 20 people, kept saying how different I was, how much brighter I was/am. I hadn't realised how much of `me' was suppressed. Because suppression of emotions is what the drugs do. They don't FIX ANYTHING, and that includes the anti-depressants. have you got supports out there? There are probably quite a few other places to look at, self help programs can be useful, we have `meetup' here in Aus but I bet we got it last.

  • meteor63 meteor63

    Well done for cutting down and getting down to a low dose.

    Thank you SO much for your help. It makes me feel less alone with this.

    Akathisa is WAY worse than the anxiety and depression I started off with. It's the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me. It's really never heard of it until it happened to me. I've read it can persist for months or even years after coming off the offending drugs so I'm trying not to be scared. I have to keep believing it will go away in time. I won't take any more psych drugs. I'm too sensitive and don't want to damage my body further.

    I found someone on the web who had it severely for months and she helps others through it. She is fantastic. There's so little info and help out there on this thing. When I'm through this, I'm going to help others with the condition.

    • ella15254 ella15254 meteor63

      Hi Meteor, 

      Hope things have improved for you!

      I've got a friend still suffering from Akathisia three months after going off Seroquel and none of the drugs their doctor prescribed have helped.

      Understandably, they could really use some support right now and I wondered if I might be able to put them in touch with you or the woman who helped you out.



    • lika84004 lika84004 ella15254

      Hi Ella, how are you... hope you can help me.. Im stoping seroquel too and I think Im having withdrawal akathisia... did your friend improved? Is he suffering with anxiety too or just the restless? Did he had the akathisia wile on Seroquel or after he stopped? Im so lost... no dr has dx me as akathisia, they keep saying is just anxiety... Im not sure.... 

      Sorry for so many questions... Im feeling so alone right now.... 

    • Jelly bean Jelly bean meteor63

      Ive read large amounts of B6 will stop it and am trying that on my husbandwho took anti psych drugs for 6 months. Never again they are a chemical lobotomy. Read up on how dangerous they are. The psychiatric profesdion are frankinsteins.

    • Jelly bean Jelly bean meteor63

      Meteor63. Could you put me in touch with the lady on the web who know how to be rid of akathesia. I have been using high doses of B6 vitamin but don't see . I am treating my husband with a homeopath who is detoxing him. That might do it. We are only 30 days into it. Will advise if I see some improvement.

    • leah50062 leah50062 meteor63

      I’m suffering from severe akisthesia due to years of being on Saphris.  My doc told me to take it as needed and my last dose was 3 days ago.  I’m really struggling with the anxiety.  It’s so severe.  I would appreciate any help I can get, so that I can get through this terrible time.


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