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Movement Disorders

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  • sue09174 1

    Tremors really acting up this last week .

    I have essential tremors that have been well controlled with medication. They have really been flaring this last week. They only change that comes to mind is that I have been out of my thyroid medicine for the last couple of weeks. Does anyone think this could be what's causing my flair?

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  • jill56586 1

    Propranolol and alcohol

    I've been prescribed to start taking propranolol to help with my tremors and am unsure about what I can do in terms of alcohol consumption with it. I know almost every medication tells you to avoid alcohol but it's mostly for liability purposes so I'm unsure how it would affect this particular

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  • meteor63 3

    Has anyone else got or had medication induced akathisia?

    Hi Just wondering if there's anyone else out there who either has or has had akathisia as a result of taking ssris or anti pcyhotics? It seems like an uncommon thing. I am very sensitive to meds and have severe akathisia from SSRIs. I got it on citalopram, came off that and was put on sertraline

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  • luffy68619 1

    Weird natural body moving!

    Sorry the max was only 100 letters so I decided to write it somewhere please help me what I have been dealing with, undiagnosed still but have a follow up on June 11 to neurologist ! Pls follow the link

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  • luffy68619 1
  • aaron01991 2

    Essential Tremor and dating

    Hi Everybody,  I am looking for some wisdom, encourage and hopefully motivation. I am a 25 year old male, and I have had essential tremor as long as I can remember. The first time I noticed it was when I was a kid taking communion in church. With one hand, I had to grab a tiny glass of grape juice

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  • Jane2012 2

    Tremors (Severe) - Vitamin D deficiency

    I suffered for years with tremors that increase to a total body tremor and felt unwell and The tremors became very severe by the age of 40 and found it hard to function. It's worth looking into this - my consultant decided to look at my vitamin d levels and the result was they were so

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  • toto1994 1

    Question about tic disorder

    Hi, I'm 22 years old. For 7 years, I have been doing some movements and sounds : - I'm cracking my knuckles over my chin. Also my wrists and elbows. - I'm clearing my throat. - I'm biting my lips and my nails. - I'm cracking my neck If I don't do these movements, I can feel tension or stress. I

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  • h40878 1

    Severe akathisia

    My mother has an abdominal pain for 9months but all the test results have been negative. We have done x-ray, ct (head and body), ultrasound, gastro. We are currently on pain relief (oxycodone 10mg twice a day and oxynorm 10mg 3-4times a day) along with regular medication (paracetamol, gabapentin

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  • Blue Badger 1

    Repetitive Strain Injury and weakness

    I've been diagnosed with a repetitive strain injury in boths wrists, caused by computer use. My main two symptoms are pain and weakness/fatigue. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to address the weakness so that I'm less limited in what activities I can do before fatigue sets in. Is weight lifting a

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  • robin20057 1


    Anyone experience acting drunk and bumping into things and slurred speach?

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  • meteor63 3

    Anyone else have medication induced akathisia?

    Hello I just wondered if anyone is suffering from or has suffered from akathisia as as result of taking ssris or other medication? I'm in the grips of this thing and feel very alone and scared. There isn't much info on the web about it. Thanks

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  • Hopeagain1 2

    Jerking movements before sleep have acting out dreams

    Hello, this all began about six months ago. Previous to the six months ago, I never had any of the symptoms. I was not on any medication. I am a 33 year old healthy gal. But then I started jerking before I fell asleep. I close my eyes and dreams come quick. And the next thing I know I am acting out

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  • t27242 1

    Involuntary movements question

    Hello. I have been experiencing a number of troubling symptoms and was hoping to hear from someone who has been there. I will try to be brief (sorry, ). I have been to a first appointment with a neurologist, and had an MRI, but it is such a long time until my next appointment. Beginning

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  • nikki27791 3

    Can't cope with tardive dyskinesia and involuntary movements

    I'm struggling to cope with having tardive dyskinesia and can't stop lip smacking/tongue movements every day. I have posted elsewere about this and will try to post more details in the future if anyone replies to this. It's so embarassing, not to mention socially weird. I feel a real freak and don'

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  • muna4 2

    Centers for kids with cerebral palsy

    hi everyone.  You can get some useful information on this website.  As I've already said my granddaughter has cerebral palsy.  Where we live in Saudi Arabia we have no specialist centers for children with cp.  we are therefore taking her to the Bobath Centre in London for a 4 week slot next month.  I'

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  • Lottie1989 1

    Please can someone help me. Leg pains when walking

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone can help me. Since i was 17 (im 27 now) i have sufferd with very painful lower leg pain when i walk. When i walk in both both of my legs from foot to knee i get numbness and pain to a point i cannot feel my feet and i lose feeling of my feet but get left with

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  • johnstd00239 2

    Tremors and muscular spasms

    For more than a year now, I had tremors and muscular spasms.  I have them when resting, when I’m up or active I don’t notice them. It’s more pronounced at the end of the day and after eating. At first I only noticed it in bed, then the second part of the day, then always. The firsts months I had

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  • robin20057 1

    parkinsons meds

    My husband is on 8 pills a day of carbidopa/levodopa 25 - 100 mg daily.  Also 6 tablets daily of carbidopa/levodopa/enta 50 200 200 daily.  Is anyone else on such a great amount of meds?

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  • sally 14743 5
  • kristen41361 1

    PD and pacemakers

    I have had PD Since I was 43 . Im 51, I started fainting without dizzy spells. I had a Pacemaker put in. Now 2 weeks home and today I fainted again. without warning? I

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  • les7360 2

    no control of arms and legs

    I was walking on the sidewalk and all at once I could not take a step so I fell and was not able to catch my fall with my arms.  I fell breaking my glasses and had a severe cut on my forehead.  This all happen in 15 seconds.I was not dizzy and no spinning. Now I'm tempted to wear a helment all the time

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  • magnets123 3

    Cigarette smoking and shaky hands

    I am 40 years old and have been smoking for years without my hands being really shaky. Lately during and after every cigarette my hands will shake rather noticeably. I am also right now dealing with stress and digestive issues. I am not sure if the digestive issue is linked or not. I know that

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  • saikat81502 1

    General treatement at to identify Gait disorder

    I am doing research on Human Gait. I am very keen to know now-a-days what are the treatements done at clinic by the doctor to identify gait disorder of a patient and finding out the probable disease. As we know the costly equipments (vision based & wearable sensor based) capable to identify gait,

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  • jean32494 2

    Parkinson's Disease and tension.

    I've been diagnosed with Parkinson's for nearly 9 years.  One of my main problems is I cannot relax, due to tension in my muscles.  I have asked my Consultant about the use of medical Cannibis, but she says she can't prescribe it for Parkinson's patients, although she can for MS.  Has anyone got

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  • theresa08238 2

    Non antipsychotics

    I took a list of my medications and entered them into a site titled akathesia and medications. I found multiple medications increase akathesia symptoms that have the symptoms of restlessness,as well as; other symptoms associated with akathesia. I am in need of the medications for other health

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  • john42248 1

    Scared to death about possible Huntington's Disease

    To start off, I'm in my late teens, and no-one in my family that I know has had Huntington's before. None of my parents, none of my grandparents, no-one I know has had it. For the past year or so I've been depressed. I linked it to starting college and not being around other people as much as

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  • ryan1990 2

    Full body muscles twitches and tremors

    I'd like to preface with saying I'd really appreciate if everyone read thouroughly through everything I'm about to post before responding as it is all important and relevant. Thanks. I'm a 25 year old male. For the past nearly 3 months (since the beginning of April) I've been experiencing weird

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  • nikki27791 3

    Nicotine to help movement disorder (tardive dyskinesia)

    Hi there I have a unfortunate situation in that I've got the drug induced movement disorder tardive Lucky me..! Does anyone know whether nicotine can help with reducing movements? I'm not a smoker but have considered using nicotine patches or gum, or even trying vaping if it helped

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  • theresa08238 2

    I have severe akathesia,need tips on coping with symptoms

    I have been off all psychotropic meds since 2004 yet symptom. I found some of my other medications not related to medications supposedly do not have these risks. I would like tips on coping as symptoms are unbearable at times. I get to the point of just crying. I have a good support systems

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  • theresa08238 2

    A lot of anxiety from akathesia

    For a week to 2 weeks my akathesia has been very difficult to manage. I have been sick physically for a month and a half so I am physically and emotionally tired. My movements begin immediately upon awakening. Although I have been off meds relating to this condition since 2004 I continue

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  • richard 4928 2

    Tremors of the lower trunk when standing

    About 15 year dealt with asthmatic, years of on and off stiffness random pain just year ago diagnost oestro arthritis. Then odd symptoms started memory of time like seconds? Then tremor of right foot. Fully body tremors twice a month apart. Now last few months only both legs when standing tremors

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  • theo1231231 1

    Bad Wrist Pain

    Hello. This is my first post here and Im hoping someone can clear some things up for me. Il start by saying I fractured both my wrists about 6 years ago, I didnt recieve treatment until the next day because we wernt sure.. For the next 4 years I didnt notice anything wrong with them, but over the

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  • jasvinder45874 2

    Motor Tics

    Hi, Its my first post regarding Motor Tics, have been struggling with my little girls Motor Tics. She is 9 years old and has Cystic Fibrosis, was only diagoised with Tourette Syndrome 2 months with aggressive movement of the neck moving back and forward. She has neck pains, headaches, but the main

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  • danrjlm 1

    Anybody with a tremor made worse by alcohol?

    Hi folks, New to the group, so saying hello! I have been experiencing a fairly mild tremor for the past year or two. This is a tremor of the hands, but I also feel generally shaky when it's bad and my voice gets wobbly. I know doctors often ask what affect caffeine, alcohol, and stress have to

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