Has anyone else gotten these swollen bumps?

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So, I'm 18 and I've had mono for a little over two months now. What had originally made me want to get checked out was I had felt this hard lump under my skin on my neck. There are a total of three and I'll try to explain it the best I can. The first one is on my left side, about an inch away from my earlobe. It's maybe 2/3 the size of a golf ball, completely round, hard and immobile. The second on is on my nape, right under my skull and maybe just barely to the left of my nape, same shape, size, hardness and immobile as well. The last one is in the same position as the one on my left side, except it's on the right. An inch away from my earlobe, immobile, hard, etc. I first thought it was the C1 or C2 vertabra but I'm not even sure at this point. All three of them are evenly spaced out with each other and only seem to feel sore if I mess with them too much. Does anyone have any idea as to what these could be? I have one normal sized swollen lymph node lower on my neck as well as fatigue but those are pretty much my only symptoms at the moment, aside from some muscle twitching (possibly from the fatigue?). Can anyone help me with this?

Here's a full list of my symptoms. Keep in mind that I also have a cold on top of all of this so some symptoms may be from that.


Swollen lymph nodes

Pins and needles only in fingers (mainly on my right hand)


Slight cough

Increased acne around the back of my neck under skull (have been diagnosed with cystic acne)

The lumps that I had mentioned

Muscle twitches (just twitches, not spasms. Just in my fingers, hands, arms, legs and feet)

That's all I can really think of for the moment. I don't have a fever, I haven't had any unexplained weight loss, weight gain, etc. 

Thank you in advance to anyone who replies! My hypochondria is terrible and doesn't really let me rest when all of this is going on.

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    Hey Alex,

    What you're describing sounds exactly like lymph nodes. I have swollen ones in exactly the same places and have had them since November last year (im still unwell with post viral syndrome). Even the one on the back of the neck slightly to the left. Totally normal for mono. I have every other symptom you describe too.

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      I'm glad to hear I'm not alone! But I am sorry that you're still dealing with the symptoms. The only reason I've been concerned about the 'bumps' is that they're so large, hard and immobile while I have one normal lymph node the size of a lima bean that's more soft and able to be moved around. Though in a way, it does make sense. It all started when I got a new piercing. That same morning, I was starting to feel a bit sick but I went through with it anyway. Turns out I had a sinus infection and then got mono while I was taking amoxicillin for the sinus infection. I don't think my body has really had a chance to heal since then so maybe that's why my symptoms and lymph nodes have been reacting so strangely. 

      I do hope you feel better soon and thank you for your reply!

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      No worries! And yeah it's totally normal for nodes to be all different sizes especially being fairly early in the illness. They're probably just so swollen they don't have room to move.

      Hope you recover soon smile

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      Hi Alex,  I had the same type of swollen lymph nodes for several months when first diagnosed with mono.  Your other symptoms are ones that I have had or am still having.  Sounds "normal" mono to me.  But please do check with your doctor!  My doctor said rest, rest and more rest and a healthy diet with plenty of fluids.

      You will get better--just give your body time to recover!

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    Hi Alex,

    Just wanted to offer some encouragement and let you know that I believe you will get better from how you are feeling. Mono (glandular fever) is a horrible thing and can do all sorts of symptoms to the body, so try not to worry too much about the unusual symptoms - I'm sure most of them are just part of the virus but let me assure you they do eventually go away. In terms of the lumps, maybe best to get doctor to check out but it may just be the lymph nodes which is perfectly normal as part of glandular fever, your doctor should be able to confirm that.

    It's really positive that you don't have any weight loss or gain or fever, it shows that generally you are healthy other than the virus I'm sure. And the good news is someone of your age Alex, the virus shouldn't take as long to recover from as it does for older people, although I know a couple of months really is a long and weary time when feeling this way.

    I have been through mono when I was older and fully recovered from it, sometimes just takes a bit of time though so hang in there - and you WILL get better, so don't lose hope or feel discouraged or dismayed.

    Take care



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