Has anyone else with LPR/GERD symptoms been experiencing this too?

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I have been diagnosed with LPR back in November 2018 symptoms started off with light sore throat, swollen linguill tonisils (i think thats how you spell it) globus feeling and mucus stuck in my throat it is also hard to swallow food sometimes if i dont drink water after i chew. To this day, i still have the same symptoms. Now, i have started to get constant headaches similar to sinus headaches and alot of earpain and also pain in the back of my neck. Ive had these constant headaches and earpain/pressure and back of neck pain on and off for 2 months now. Also with my throat symptoms they are on and off as well. for example, my throat will start hurting and burning a couple times throughout the day as well and my globus feeling is on and off too but still constant throughout the day. 2 weeks ago my globus feeling was getting alot weaker then it came back stronger. Does lpr give anyone headaches and earpain? also can it swell your linguill tonsils and taste buds in the back of your tongue? ive also been on randitine for a week.

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    Hi Retchyjo

    Your symptoms are very similar to mine, unfortunately I have had these for just about 3 years now, I am taking Esomeprazole once a day it was twice but trying to cut down. Only thing that has helped is not drinking alcohol /coffee or any carbonated drink and keeping away from spicy food. Not a lot of fun but at least I think it is helping. Anxiety is also a big trigger for this problem. I am finding that I appreciate the good days as and when I do have them. Hopefully one day we will be free of this.

    All the best


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      At the present time the Globus feeling is the worse, sometimes throat is also sore and I cough all of the time. Stomache cramps, head ache, neck ache, painful ear ( I also has Tinnitus), and just generally feeling tired and no energy. On my last visit to the ENT I was advised to increase my medication and take Gaviscon every night. I am not too keen to do this all the time as I would like to be able to control this without medication. As I suffer from Prostatitus and Arthritus I do sometimes feel down when all the symptoms come together but do my best to try and cope without too much stress.

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      I feel that anxiety also plays a huge part in this condition. When my post gets approved you will see the issues that I have had, but also running with that is an underlying amount of anxiety.

      Have you been for any support to help with that...? I have seen therapists and tried medication and whilst it has offered me some help anxiety and depression can be very debilitating.

      Best wishes to you.

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    My symptoms started around the beginning of 2018. Sore throat that didn't go away. I had also experienced some reflux. My diet wasn't bad but caffeine, very dark chocolate, red wine, eating late at night all factored. That type of reflux I felt and understood. It was an acid feeling in my mouth.

    I made big dietary changes.

    Running parallel to that was also sinus issues which often became chronic following a cold. Facial pain, lots of infected mucous.

    ENT specialist number 1 looked with a camera into my larynx and placed me on a PPI for three months and Gaviscon to take at night. Bed also raised. This went on for more than the three months and no improvements noticed. He wanted me to continue with more PPI 's, but I wanted another opinion.

    ENT specialist 2. Tried a different PPI but no difference, Sinus issues became more apparent. Whilst on the PPI I went to see a Gastroenterologist.

    He did an endoscopy and said all was well.

    He fitted a chip in my esophagus to measure for reflux and that was normal.

    Had abdominal CT scan, normal.

    Went back to ENT 2.

    Had CT scan of head. Both maxillary sinuses were fully blocked with bone on the openings. Had surgery 7 months ago to remove bone to allow irrigation. That seemed to improve mucous and PND.

    ENT 2 still, like ENT 1, suspected that LPR plays a part.

    Went back to Gastroenterologist and he placed a probe in my larynx to measure any minute pH changes that would suggest LPR. That was normal. The Gastroenterologist lectures on LPR and believes in it but also feels too many ENT's wrongly diagnose it. That should be up to a Gastroenterologist. He wrote to my ENT to state that I do not have LPR.

    ENT does another CT scan following a bad cold which left me with very thickened mucous. My ethmoid and frontal sinuses were very blocked.

    Just come out of hospital yesterday after having those operated on.

    When I recover from this OP I will still be left with ear pain, voice issues and a soreness in the throat.

    I have an ENT who feels that some sort of reflux, speed using the term LPR since that letter, is playing a part even tho the Gastroenterologist believes that any form of reflux is within normal amounts and called functional.

    It is very frustrating when you have a condition which needs the support of two specialists, more so if they differ on opinion.

    The Gastroenterologist has placed me on a tablet to try and desensitise the larynx area, believing that is contributing to any functional reflux.

    I'll be going back to see the ENT in four weeks as a follow up to my latest sinus surgery.

    Which specialist diagnosed you with LPR and what tests had they done to determine that...?

    Best wishes to all in this thread who have issues with LPR, most frustrating.

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    I have typed a very full reply which goes into lots of detail but unfortunately it will need to be moderated, that can take a while.

    In the meantime who diagnosed you with that type of reflux, which specialist were they and what tests had they done..?

    Thanks and best wishes.

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    my problems are almost identical to yours. Have had a really painful throat since January. Also the mucus building up in the back of my throat. Food is painful to swallow and even cold water burns. it's not a nice feeling as I feel as if i can't breath properly. I have an appt. this week to see Maskell Facial Surgeon and waiting on one for ENT . Hope you start to feel better soon it does drag you down doesn't it. take care

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