Has anyone ever had a videofluroscopy? I am being tested to see if I have

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Dysphagia. I really hope I don't have this, but if I do so be it.

If I am thinking right, you don't have to swallow the camera for this test?

If any of you have had this procedure done, could you please share your experiences. Also if you got diagnosed just with this test alone. My greatest fear is of the Endoscopy where you do indeed swallow the flexible tube sad

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    All the test are VERY EASY.. the endoscopy you are put to sleep the only one I didn't care for is the and I'm sorry I can't remember the name but is when they test the muscle when you swallow but even that one wasn't bad just a bit uncomfortable. NO PAIN at all. Don't stress the test or procedures if needed .. I had a Heller procedure and was up in a day no pain and able to swallow water and soup ..which at the time was great..

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      Thank you Dolphinz for your quick reply. I will try and not stress haha. Do you have any follow up appointments?
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    You are being tested for vfss. If you are having difficulties when you are swallowing you have a Dysphagia. I have it too unfortunately. Dysphagia is like a word cancer so it’s broad and has many different symtoms and causes. Back to the subject  vfss. They are going to feed you with liquid , semi solid and solid that’s marinated with barium. You will be swallowing them and they will

    Monitor you with X-ray and it’s being recorded. Or they can just feed you with liquid only.  You have to do Manometry test if you think your esophagus is dysfunxtioning.

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      Hi Erickim

      Thank you for your quick and very formative reply. They haven't mentiont the Manometry test or Endoscopy YET rolleyes

      How are you coping with yours?

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    Hi Yvonne, 

    I have had this condition (Achalasia) for over ten years and have opted not to have the surgery and I do have my condition managed by a very good specialist, he uses fluoroscopy for my dilatations', although the procedure you're having is for initial diagnosis it not to invasive , if you require a dilatation for your condition ask if your specialist does dilatations' with Fluoroscopy its very acuate.      

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      Hi Jacarr1

      Thank you for your reply and information, i will indeed ask about the dilatations thanks for the heads up.

      How do you cope with this?

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      Once you know exactly what it is you have, then I'm sure you'll be put on the right path, if in this case it happens to be Achalasia there are lots of people on this forum that can help smile

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      Thank you Jacarr1 smile

      What tests did you have to diagnose Achalasia ?

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      Hi Yvonne, After the stand there and drink the wet cement test whilst being x-rayed...…, it was manometry test that confirmed it, but be wary of any dilatation's done by inexperienced doctors, know there history with the procedures before you commit or look for someone who specialises' in this field, do your homework before you commit to any surgery and go back thru post history on this site and read post op results, finding ways to manage Achalasia can be just as effective.


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      Thank you again Jacarr1

      I will do what you suggest as I have seen that word before but wasn't sure what it meant. I have to be careful with my throat as it is, as I had plastic surgery as a child to enable me to speak, so that is mine and my families biggest worry that it will undo that sad

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    Hi yvonne, I too am going through something similar.. hoping you feel better very soon.. ok so as far as I know the barium swallow is to test your swallowing an to monitor your throat muscles.. it’s a drink no swallowing of a camera for that test.. the endoscopy test is where you will be required to swallow the camera but they spray your throat with numbing spray prior an put you to sleep, it will not effect your breathing during test..I have done research on this as I too will be going through this process and I’m very very worried.. we will be ok! Actually I’m going in today to see primary doctor.. what have been your symptoms if you don’t mind me asking? Any updates? Would love to hear back from you 
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      Hi Anxietyasf

      Thanks for your reply, not sure how old you are, but my symptoms are only with food at the moment, can manage fluid with ease. Solids forget it, they try to go up my nose or down the wrong way, so now I just puree everything. Thank god Autumn is coming, I love stew and casseroles but have always mashed them since I was a kid, no idea why lol.

      I had my videofluroscopy yesterday, the liquid was vile and I gagged on that I told them I would and that it wouldnt be problem related. I swallowed about 6 different amounts of food to see what was going on.

      They showed me the xrays after, which was weird to say the least. She did say they have done all they can now for that section of my throat, so, yes the dreaded fear is next, the endoscopy camera, and believe you me I WILL be given GA not having it without lol. They did say that they weren't overly concerned about whats going on with my swallow, and think the problem is further down. I have a different structured throat to most people as had plastic surgery as a child aged  6 to enable me to speak.

      I hope you get yours soon, voice your concerns with your gp. Please keep me updated and I will do the same if you wish.

      Good luck Anxietyasf

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      You’ll do fine, don’t worry.. I’ve watched videos of people’s experience with endoscopy an all we’re extremely nervous before hand but after couldn’t remember much an thought it was so funny that they were as scared as they were haha so let’s have our fingers crossed for that same experience if not better! Also I heard for the barium test they make it bare able by adding a flavor was that not true for you during your barium swallow test? I’m just really nervous about having to swallow the pill portion of the barium swallow test as I hated taking pills even before having these throat complications an now since I’m even more freaked out about pills Lol 😂 Im currently waiting to be approved through my insurance unfortunately 😒 that’ll take another 3 weeks I’m being told.. feels like I’m getting worse and worse as the days go also my doctor put me on anxiety meds an sleep aids I’m guessing to get me through until my ENT visit he says I’m way too anxious well yea, clearly Lol haven’t taken a single pill though because hello throat complications doesn’t exactly scream “ take pills” to me 🤣 in fact I’m afraid of solids definitely not going to take pills not now not ever Lol I’ve even told my doctor this an I’m also on file as “doesn’t take pills” 😒 I feel they should save these pills for people who actually want them an who will take them 🤷🏽??? Anyway im patiently waiting dealing with the anxiety naturally an obviously not getting much sleep because of it.. glad your testing went well..! I feel like I have really good days then days were I feel like crap.. thank you for your reply and concerns 🙂 I’ll be back with my results I believe I’ll be getting video through the nose then throat so maybe won’t be put to sleep 🤷🏽??? Will update you though 

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