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**i had an eyehance lens in right eye in october. it has been great can see distance again. tried IC_8 in second eye for a chance at near and far vision. am seeing haloes around all lights at night. they are mostly ragged circles a bit like ring around saturn. Dr says that the lens in the right eye is clear. but says the lens in the left eye is cloudy. Dr not very helpful at all. not sure whether night vision problem is from cloudy lens or the IOL

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    This sounds frustrating. I'm sorry you're seeing halos: I know personally how annoying they are. I don't have an IC-8, but looked it up because of your post. There's an article in Review of Ophthalmology from 10 May 2018 called New High-Tech IOL Options in the Pipeline. It doesn't mention any halo complications, but some folks (including me) can have halos with monofocals too, so I guess it seems you might be one they should know about so they can keep track of adverse effects.

    What does a cloudy lens mean? Do you think the surgeon is referring to posterior capsular opacification?

    Do you have a second opinion appointment scheduled?

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      hi thanks for your reply.

      the dr didnt say that it was PCO . But did say that i may require a laser procedure so assume it must be.

      I am getting a second opinion tomorrow just for peace of mind. if second dr says the same thing that is ok.

      FIrst dr has not been very helpful Says come back in 3 months. And don't tell me about the haloes or the perception of the seeing the outline of the lens with the right eye.

      i gather he means not to concentrate on these things to allow the brain to adjust to seeing through the new lens. i understand that but some feedback from him would be reassuring. Also to explain why one eye is clear and the left is cloudy on the back of the lens. And whether this can cause the perception of haloes.

      as you said i chose the IC_8 because of the reduction in perceived haloes and also because i had laser surgery on my eyes in 1994 and this lens was said to be better in that situation.

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      Yeah I totally had the same frustration, that my experience wasnt being acknowledged. I guess they get tired of hand-holding every patient through this months-long process, especially when there's a limited set of options for how they can help. I'm sorry your doc doesn't communicate, and goad you found this forum because thats what a supportive group can help with!

      Sounds like you're taking all the right steps and know that this can fade over time. I can say that I've noticed that attitude is everything: when I'm tired and cranky, they are worse. When I'm cheery, they almost disappear.

      I can also say that they have improved even in the last week. I'm two months post-op on the second eye which is still getting better.

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      Good to hear that yours is improving .

      Strangely the halo appears to be changing into a half halo on the right side only. But the full circle remains on very small lights.

      I guess it is a journey. and best ti go along for the ride rather than get frustrated

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    So I assume you are not in the US but how close can you see clearly with the Eyhance IOL and I assume that is in your dominant eye as that is the typical setup? I thought the IC-8 was supposed to have minimal issues other than reducing the amount of light it allows to enter the eye but I guess with all these lens there can be a small number of unlucky patients who have problems.

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      yes eyhance is in dominant eye .

      can see up to a couple of metres with eyhance.

      dr did recommend eyhance in both eyes . with hindsight he was probably right unless haloes settle with time.

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      Yes, monovision with monofocals seems to be the safest path but again every case is different so don't be too hard on yourself and give it some time. Supposedly Eyhance has good clear vision from infinity in to about 1 meter if you set it for distance--is that what you are experiencing? I am not sure what you mean by "can see up to a couple metres with eyhance"

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      I meant eyhance is set for distance. in to about a m as you say.

      Got 2nd opinion. As i had come to expect after reading posts, it is a matter of time.

      Will wait the 3 months after operation and see what vision is like then.

      I can then decide whether to swap the IC_8 for an eyhance in the left eye.

      Second surgeon does not use that lens at all.

      But I guess it was worth a try.

      Thanks for the helpful comments.

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    Although i dont have the same lenses, as mine are Panoptix in both eyes, i have some similar experience as you. i selected these lenses for the full spectrum of vision improvement, coupled with the fact that they had reportedly low occurance of vision issues like halos or starbursts.

    In my case, i am seeing concentric jagged circles around brighter light sources in both eyes like what you describe. I also see side to side "shadows" which i am not sure if that is what you are describing as seeing the edges of the lenses. My perception of these shadows comes and goes; i really only notice them when i think about them being there. Someone in another post said the shadows are like your nose in the FOV, and the brain will just adapt and tune them out over time.

    I dont have the cloudiness you mentioned, so not sure how much that may contribute to the rings, but my total guess is that it is not a big contributor.

    The rings just seem to be phenomena caused by lenses and how they react to light passing through the differing thicknesses across their surfaces in relationship to how parallel/perpendicular they are to the retina. Not everyone is the same with how the lens aligns due to the many variables with eye shape, where the lens settles in to the capsule, etc and therefore some see differing effects. I actually worked on a machine that took measurements using optics that relied on these types of rings, and we had to adjust the lenses out of perfect alignment to achieve the rings to make it work. I guess it is the same general optical principal going on here with IOLs, and makes sense given the science around what is happening. And also maube why it can change over time as the lenses settle in to place and can change position a bit. Then again, I could be all wet... 😉

    Good luck!!

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