Has anyone had positive results with this drug?

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Hi all,

I was recently prescribed this by my psychiatrist after having had a very difficult last 6 months. I've suffered really bad depression episodes so my doc put me on this. I'm 28 and have never been on an anti-depressant before. After reading lots of these reviews I'm a little freaked out. Seems like everyone gains tons of weight, has a really tough time getting off of it and it just seems to be a misery for lots of people out there. Is this the norm? Is there anyone who has had good results using it and then getting off of it? Thanks very much in advance for any help guys.


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    Hi Andrew

    Yes, I think Mirtazapine is brilliant. It has worked well for me. Inevitably, people only post on sites like this when they are feeling negative or unsure about a drug they are taking or planning to take.

    All the happy takers dont bother to go online as they have no need!

    Yes, there are side effects - its a powerful drug. But the alternatives are in my opinion, worse. No perfect cure to depression has yet been developed. ie one with an instant result and no side effects.

    The thing is to be patient and give it time to work. 

    I did find I put on weight but that was because it improved my appetite and so I ate more than usual. Just stick to your normal diet and you wont gain anything.

    Good Luck!


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    I assume you are talking about mirt.iv been on it a year.i haven't gained weight but iv watched everything I put in mouth.i was on45 mg but am down to 15.ihavent really had any problems coming off it.im stopping it as I was on a drug before that I put on a huge amount of weight.iv suffered from anorexia in the past hence the weight thing.lifes to short to have to vet everything you put in your mouth.i must be honest and say after being on god knows how many antidepressants this one has been very good but you have to stick with it.good luck
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    Andy, I wouldn't touch Mirtazapine with a 10 ft pole. I slept 1.5 hours last night, and spent an hour sitting up in bed crying. The rest of the night watching TV. I went off 7.5 mgs 3 weeks ago today, and it has been hell. Awful abdominal pains, fatigue, depression and anxiety. I am sorry for your depression, but if at all possible, find something else. For some folks, at first, it is a wonder drug, and it might help you. But there are others out there that might help as well. I will make this clear, I am no one to tell anyone else how to care for their health, unless of course they ask for my advise, as you did. And, this is my opinion based on my experience.  David
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      Hi David, I undersstand some people find it hard to come off Mirtazipine and am reading comments and taking advice for the day I have to 'come off'.  I was just wonderring about your comment when you say "went off 7.5 mg 3 weeks ago" ...  do you mean you are effectively going from 7.5 mg to nothing?  Like cold turky?  

      Thank you in anticipation of your reply and I would like to wish you all the best and hope your suffering will improve soon.

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      Yes, cold turkey! It was a mistake. I had previously been on 45 mg for about 8 years. My doc and me decided to get me off the drug, as the side effects were making my life miserable, and it took a while to nail down the cause. He did the following: 30 mg x 2 wks, 15 mg x 2 wks, off. I tried it and about 4 days after the last pill, hell started in. It was mostly gastrointestinal symptoms. I called my GI doc, who said that I had come off them to quickly, and put me back on 7.5 mg. After 6 months, I figured at 7.5 I should be able to stop. I don't know what I was thinking. I should have cut the pills in half for a couple of weeks, and then every other day for a couple more, minimum. The thing that gets you is when you go cold turkey, you feel OK for a couple of days, and you get a false sense that it is going to be OK. I advise anyone reading this to learn from my mistake and don't pay for the same road twice. I hope this answers your question. I am miserable, but 3 weeks in is too far to turn back now. I'll never touch another one. Part of this is my fault, but my opinion is the same.
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    I think it is a wonderful drug. It worked really quickly (within days) for me and after 3 years on it I feel great. I sleep well, it has cured my itchy skin, my migrains and my IBS too. I put on 1.5 stone to begin with but now have lost all but 6 pounds of the extra weight and it's still coming off fast. However, I did try to come off the mirt around 6 months after starting it because of the weight gain. It was awful. I had severe nausea, depression, and fatigue as well as insomnia, so I know that if I ever have to come off it, it will be hard. I am happy to stay on it for life though, if I'm allowed as it makes me into a normal healthy happy person.
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    Mine is another vote in favour of mirtazapine. It's helped me a lot for depression, and I haven't gained any weight over 6 years taking it. I'm now slowly reducing it with the aim of eventually coming off it. I'm taking it very slowly and have had no problems so far, but it is early days. I'm not in any hurry, I'll happily stay on it as long as it takes. Everyone us different, I hope it helps you.
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    Hi Andrew,

    Worked for me straight away, my main problem was extreme anxiety brought on by insomnia & then depression set in.  I was quite drowsy to begin with but managed with normal day to day routine (not work) and walking the dog.  After trying 8 other prescriptions (including 2 different sleeping tablets which don't really give you restorative sleep) I felt like Mirt' was a miracle.

    Best wishes; not enough people out there are saying "you will get better" but believe it.

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    Hi Andrew, I have found mirtazapine to be a good drug for me. Like you I had never been on an antidepressant before, and not suffered from depression and anxiety before. Then had a bad few months and started struggling with depression and anxiety, and with that insomnia. Mirtazapine was particularly good for me as I wasn't sleeping, and when I say not sleeping I mean still being awake at 7 in the morning. After weeks of this, and depression, you get pretty desperate to try anything that might help. Yes I have put on weight, but in the scheme of things I would much rather that I have weight to lose, than to still be feeling the way that I was. I am still taking mirtazapine so I can't tell you my experience of coming off it, but as I understand it you should gradually taper off to minimise the effects of coming off it. Mirtazapine has helped me greatly.
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    I'm surprised they chose that medication for you as it is one of the first types of anti depressants and post traumatic stress drugs.

    I've been on different SSRIs, an antipsychotic drug and MOIs I didn't even know this type existed until 1 month ago when a much older doctor prescribed it. The other drugs caused me major side effects and worsened depression and anxiety, now - couldnt be happier! I cannot believe there is something out there that works for me. I think it really does depend on how your body reacts and if the side effects are unbearable let your doctors know ASAP. For example I have minimal side effects and the benefits definitely out weigh them.

    Goodluck !

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    Hi Andy,

    For me, taking 30 mg Mirtazapine with 40 mg Citalopram every day has seen a new me.

    I have been depressed for many years chosing not to do anything about it because I was a man and convinced myself I could beat it on my own.

    Finally I broke down and realised I could not do it on my own and I was just on Citalopram to start I was not really improving until I joined a clinical trial to take Mirtazapine as well.

    I know I cannot come off my meds yet but I cannot remember when I felt so well and whilst I have to watch my weight as my appetite for pesky calories has increased considerably its worth it for me. The 5-2 diet is helping me maintain!

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