Has anyone had surgery to remove glands and has it worked?

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Hi, I'm currently 21 but have had HS for 5 years and almost always on antibiotics.

I'm due to see a specialist based at Guys Hospital whom I have seen once before where I was put on long term antibiotics for nine months. 

At that point I had an open wound under my arm caused by a cyst that refused to close up for 6 months. I was told to see a nurse every 2 days to probe it, pack it and clean it in the hopes that it would heal. All of that just made it worse and the whole bigger but the specialist then gave me Betnovate C cream which closed it up within 2/3 weeks – it worked miracles and was nice not having to wear dressings constantly.

Also Hibiscrub is great to wash with as it keeps the area clean and doesn’t smell as I was very self-conscious about this.

Recently I have had 3 cysts come up under my other arm which are currently up most of the but I don't like the aspect of being on antibiotics for the rest of my life everytime they flare up because I know that it kills good bacteria as well as bad and is not good for your immune system in the long run. 

I've heard that some people have had the cysts/glands cut out and haven't had issues since. Has anyone experienced the surgical option?

In the meantime, I'm going to look at cutting out nightshades from my diet as there seems to be a lot of positive comments and anything that the majority says works makes me hopeful smile fingers crossed.

Laser hair removal has been said to work so I have also considered saving for this and will research more. 

I also used Aloe Vera on smaller cysts and this helped them go down in case it helps anyone else smile anything I can do naturally would be great!

Also, if prescriptions are costing you a fortune you can get pre-payment prescriptions which work out cheaper in the long run (£30 for 3 months instead of £8 roughly per prescription). Everyone may have discovered this but I was only told about this a year ago and it’s amazing financially as constant dressings, antibiotics and other medical issues all add up and not always affordable so your health sometimes suffers from this.

Hope any of this info helps or any surgical info would be great. Thank you smile


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    I spent $1000 on laser hair removal and it DID NOT work for me. I have had several cysts cut out over the years and that does get rid of those particular ones for the time being until new ones form in other places. After so long, cysts will form again under scar tissue which is harder to cut out then. But surgery was my best option to get rid of the pain and pressure. The doctor has to be sure to scrape all the cystic material out though or it will come back quickly.

    I am now in remission after cutting nightshades and peanuts! I was stage 4 HS and had tried all other meds and remedies. Glad to have my life back!

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    I am currently under a consultant at guys hospital was referred to them in May 2014 and they have been great compared with previous consultants I had at another hospital for over 10 years.

    I had two surgeries right arm pit 2005 and left armpit 2008. The right armpit reoccurred in 2009 and got gradually worse than before from 2013 with newer areas developing. Since my referral to guys the majority of the areas have closed up with just medication (antibiotics, steroids, immunosuppressants) so no need for surgery.

    I still see nurses at my GP surgery daily to have my dressings changed and I definitely know how expensive these prescriptions are however as I was off work for months at a time I was also able to get a HC2 certificate which has allowed me free prescriptions for a year. Speak to your local chemist or go online to get a HC1 form as you can also be eligible for a reduction in prescription costs if not able to get them completely free as they base it on your earnings.

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    Hi Helena

    In Dec 2013 I had "closed surgery" on both armpits (cut and shut is another term).

    Both armpits had deep sinus tunnels and tracks although luckily because the tunnels were pretty much in straight lines closed surgery was an option.

    I can highly recommend, more than a year down the line apart from a couple of minor bumps in one armpit that disappeared very quickly I've been HS free.

    Different things work for different people, surgery though as a minimum gives us a "clean slate", the worst case scenario is that you will get a few months relief, the best that you'll be in remission (personally I don't think that HS is ever cured as such, we can just prevent the symptoms as best we can).

    My surgery was local anaesthetic (my choice), took approx 45 mins and I found it pretty comfortable. Recovery took approx 3 weeks for the wounds to close,the biggest issue was ensuring that no sudden movement opened he wounds, easily done due to the area concerned.

    Since the op I take turmeric capsules and zinc supplements, I also use head and shoulders as shower gel (I jest not, the zinc is excellent or HS).

    I'm absolutely convinced that that turmeric is very beneficial.

    Really hopes this helps,HS is bloody horrible, good luck with your surgery, you won't regret it if you take that option.

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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for all of the info shared. I'm pretty much convinced and highly positive that no-nightshades and turmeric have huge benefits and will definitely give them a go as its something I can do straight away!

    When I see the specialist I think I'll definitely talk about the surgical option as its something I really feel might help but will likely stay away from laser hair removal.

    Thank you for the prescription info as that is definitely good to know and something I'll look into as I have previously been of work before and it isn't always easy to get the right things to help yourself when you can't afford it.

    You are right Dave it is horrible - brings you down and really effects your way of life and decisions. I can't imagine not having children one day but I'm worried I'd pass this on to them and set them up for this and wonder if I'd be doing the right thing by not taking the chance.

    I had a new lump come up yesterday under my other arm and overnight it is already larger and more painful so I am going to try anything I can and hopefully will look forward to a time when I can share some remission stories and helpful information but thank you all again !!!

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    Hi I haven't but a friend of mine had surgery on her armpits because the scarring was so bad she couldn't raise her arms above her head.

    She said her armpits are still a bit of a mess but much improved and overall she is pleased she had it done.  It has virtually stopped problems there but not completely. She said it took a month or so to heal up and it was painful.

    Hope this helps.  

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