Has anyone healed a chronic fissure after months?

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I'm not sure if this is a bit silly or not it was just a thought. I had my second baby 6 Months ago and have been dealing with a chronic fissure and hemorrhoids for 5 months.

I’ve tried all the creams, laxatives, benefibre, etc and Seen a surgeon who talked about surgery with me and wanted to insert a finger to see how tight my sphincter was but I said I was too sore. I haven’t been back to see him as I’m just so scared of surgery. I have been having anxiety attacks thinking about it.

No matter what I do, eat or don’t eat or how much water I drink (2-3L a day) I’m just having the hardest bowel movements & have blood on the wipes every day after wiping.

I was reading this morning that a weakened pelvic floor could have something to do with it? I had to see a physio for weakened PV during my pregnancy so wondering if this could be a cause for it not healing if anyone knows anything about that?

I’m just at the giving up point, this is meant to be a happy time in my life but for the last 5 months of my daughters life I’m miserable. Has anyone been able to cure it after months? Any help is appreciated!

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    Hi. now on my 3rd year and tried every cream and diet under the sun. it's not easy to heal at all. had botox twice and now waiting for the 3rd operation to cut the muscles. good luck.

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      what does the botox feel like if you dont mind me asking? and the op?

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      botox feels very numb, you lose all sensation for a few months - going to the toilet is a very strange feeling!

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      yes for about 3 months, then it wears off. you could be healed in that time.

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    I dont know about a weakened pelvic floor but i got a fissure from a horrible HET procedure and the doctor said the spasm of the sphincter muscle is what causes most fissures to not heal. it took me 3 months a trip to the emergency room and hardly moving or eating. your hard bowel movements are going to keep you in an awful cycle. you say you have tried everything and have been dealing with it for 5 months but how long are you actually using these creams and laxatives for? i had to be on a severely strict diet and had to keep my bowel movements at the perfect consistency for a long time it takes a while just to find out what works to keep your bowel movements consistently soft but not runny because diarrhea can hurt your healing process as well so im concerned you may not have tried long enough. have you been on diltiazem? i was on that and hydrocortisone suppositories for the length of my healing and everytime i couldnt bear the pain which was all the time because nothing makes the pain go away but taling the time to heal i would soak my bottom in a hot bath. i couldnt work or anything and even with not working i re injured myself twice in the process. nothing makes this pain go away but really making a point to maintain a strict diet bowel and limited movement schedule. i received pain meds from the hospital but all they did was put me to sleep they never eased the pain. the valium and anxiety medication they gave me really helped though as you know how severely these things hurt can cause mental anguish.

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      I have been on laxatives for 5 months now. 2x coloxyl with senna and 1x movicol is what ive been taking. Although the past 3 weeks theyve just made my body have the opposite reaction and i struggled to go so i went three days without them a few days ago and that was awful too so now im back on them. I'm so terrified of being on them for this long and it stopping me from going completely or becoming dependent as some people have told me. I have changed to lactose free, cut out bad foods, cut out bread, eat so many fruits and veggies and am still having the HARDEST bowel movements i dont know what else to do. I cant take too much else and have to watch what i have as im breastfeeding. & the creams have not worked at all.

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      so have you tried miralax? thats what my doctor put me on. they started me with a half cap once a day which worked for me some people may need adjusting more or less until you go the desired consistency diarrhea is just as bad as constipation when you have a fissure but it regulated my bowels and made it much easier to go it also doesnt force you to go i would take it and usually go the next morning which helped me get on a regular bowel schedule then after that i would clean myself up really well draw a hot bath and sit in it for at least 20 minutes. i sat in the hot bath at least 3 times a day because the hot baths themselves do help with more pain than any pain medicine they gave me. they gave me morphine at the hospital and thay only took the pain away for 5 minutes so i know how much pain you must be in. the part that sucks is for 3 months i only ate oatmeal and salami. i stopped eating anything that i found constipated me and i still dont eat those foods also i still have pretty bad flare ups with my roids if i eat anything spicy so i dont eat spicy food at all anymore i also completely stopped with soda and carbonated beverages the entire time i was healing anything too acidic will burn like the dickens. the dr wanted me on veggies all the time but when i was in forums a lot of people said the fiber bulked them up so much so that in the end it didnt help and a lot of people said to just eat as little as possible so that your bowel movements arent making it worse. has your doctor prescribed you diltiazem? have you been prescribed anything for anxiety too? if not talk to your dr about it because the diltiazem will help with the healing of the fissure itself and the anxiety meds will help you to relax which would probably do your spasming sphincter some good.

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      i know that you want to breast feed but you also need to think about your body and your health. i would possibly fore go some of that breastfeeding in order to get you on some medicine that is going to help heal this or your only option is going to be some sort of surgery after so long these things stop being acute and become chronic which only certain procedures will help once it gets to that point. i know breast feeding may be important to you but in the long run being a healthy mom is going to help you and your baby more i dont have children but with what i went through for that 3 months i wasnt even able to move so i dont know how i would have been able to take care of a child i cried and cried uncontrollably almost everyday and honestly i wished for death for a long time before i finally started to heal and i only started to heal after the diltiazem the miralax and the anxiety meds and i literally didnt move off the couch except for my bowel movements and my sitz baths.

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      No I haven’t and I just looked it up I haven’t seen it in any of the chemists I’ve been to either. Maybe not sold where I live. I have found that my body takes to things well like the laxatives worked for a while and then my body just rejects anything after a while. Last night I upped my dosage to 3 laxatives last night and 2 this morning before going and I still had pain. I think that’s because my hemorrhoids have become a external when I go though (goes back up once I’m done) but it blocks it off from fully coming out and makes it cut worse if that makes sense.

      Yes I would like to continue breastfeeding and my daughter won’t take a bottle anyway. I know my fissure has already reached the needing surgery stage but am just too afraid, as much pain as I’m in I’d still rather continue breastfeeding. I’ll deal with it. I’ve never heard of anyone mentioning not eating veggies though?

      I might have to go to my doctor about getting on anxiety tablets. I’m completely against medication as I tried overdosing on them last time I was put on antidepressants as they made me feel worse but I guess if there’s a 5% chance it could help me out I’ll try anything. Plus I feel the way you did, yesterday I was just thinking of how easy death would be rather than be in pain every day going to the toilet but I would never leave my kids. It’s crazy how everyone I read about that has this feels the same, it brings us down so much. It’s awful 😦

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    have you tried cosmocol. i was the same, stuck in a cycle of hard stools and not healing. started on cosmocol and nit looked back. once you get your bowels soft you will heal

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      i just tried searching for that and all that came up was movicol which im currently taking, it may not be in australia? i did have soft BM's for 3 weeks and then it just all went to hell again.

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