Has anyone suffered vertigo after a mastoidectomy

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Sorry for all the different discussions I am starting but have so many questions.

I had a mastoidectomy when I was 10 years old that was now 30 years ago, I have not suffered any vertigo or any problems regarding this for the rest of my life.

For over a year now I have been suffering with vertigo and have had 4 awful episodes.

Gp's, neurologist and ENT consultant have diagnosed the following conditions.


Vestibular Migraines

Vestibular Neuritis

I am currently waiting for an appointment with my ENT consultant as GP have given me all the tablets they can which have not made any difference and I am on my 4th episode that is currently lasting weeks now.

I can't help thinking that all this is to do with my mastoidectomy years ago.

Does anyone else have any info or experience of the both being linked.

I am sure that I am not alone when i say that when i get my appointment I always feel like I want to say so much but come out and come home and i haven't asked questions or expressed my complaints properly and the doctor will just fob me off again.

Please any help would be so appreciated.


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    Hi Kathryn,

    I have no personal experience of vertigo after mastoidectomy, but it would seem highly likely to me that there's a connection.

    Concerning the problem about making your points to the doctor, I think we all suffer from this. I always make a list of points and questions when I go to see any doctor, including my GP, and I sit there and go through it. I also make a few brief notes of his answers (if any!) to my questions to ensure I don't forget them afterwards.

    I'd also be interested to hear how long each of these four episodes lasted. If they were self-limiting and lasted a few months to a year each, I'd be wondering about BPPV. This is the one where the crystals in your inner ear get in the wrong place and start sending wrong messages to your brain about the position of your head in space. You can google it. It's quite nasty - I've had three episodes - but does resolve spontaneously over time. Some of us, like me, seem to be particularly susceptible to it and get it more than once in a lifetime. I've had two attacks in my left ear and one in my right, but I now know where to go to get it fixed.

    BPPV often gets misdiagnosed as other inner ear conditions, which is a great pity, as it can be fixed in minutes by a physiotherapist who knows what they're doing. If you google it, it's OK to do the Dix-Hallpike test to see whether it is indeed BPPV, but not the Epley manoeuvre to fix it. The latter can make things much worse if it's done wrongly, and should only be performed or supervised by a qualified practitioner.

    I hope you soon find some answers.

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      Thank you for your reply. My GP said on Tuesday that the mastoid and inner ear aren't close to each other so didn't think they were related but to me it is so convenient that it is only my right ear that causes me problems.

      The episodes will last for a few weeks at a time and I have had it for over a year now, it started in July last year.

      The ENT specialist did the manoeuvres to see if it was BPPV and he said it wasn't.

      I was rushed to A & E with my worst ever episode, I couldn't walk and my whole right side of my body stopped working. My right arm and leg I had no muscle in it and i had headaches and my vision was blurry so they rushed me to hospital with a suspected stroke.

      I had MRI and CT scan, 3 lumber punctures and all they found was one of my discs in my spine was a bit wonky but they said nothing to worry about and not the cause of vertigo.

      Although weirdly when they did the lumber puncture all my symptoms went away!!! I have told all the doctors this but they saying it is not related etc.

      I have three children and a good job that I love and really don't want to lose because of this illness but it is so getting me down. To feel like this constantly and every day is such a battle for me.

      Sorry for going on and on x

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      Hi Kathryn,

      Sorry to hear about this. I agree, it's not likely to be BPPV if you've had neurological symptoms. (I'm a former neuro nur se btw, as well as an intermittent vertigo sufferer.)

      I'm wondering at what level this "wonky vertebra" is. If it's in your neck, it could well be causing all your symptoms, including the right-sided weakness. I can see from your use of language that you're in the UK, so I understand it can be difficult to get control over medical referrals. However, I think you should insist on going back to see a neurologist.

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      Yes I live in Wales, UK and it is a nightmare to get referrals on the NHS and really can't afford to go private.

      On this episode my right sided symptoms aren't so bad apart from my fingers are a bit twitchy in my right hand.

      Nobody seems to know what it is and I have had so many doctors and specialist saying I have either


      Vestibular Migraines

      Vestibular Neuritis

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    Hi Kathryn

    Sorry to read about your struggle...but i was reading and i suggest you look up a N.U.C.C.A

    Doctor..they fall on the chiropractor field.but they dedicate themselfs to the upper vertebra...you might have a dislocated atlas and that causes vertigo..that was my problem

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