Has anyone tried altering their diet to relieve symptoms?

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I was diagnosed with colitis about 4 years ago. Prior to my colonoscopy I read everything I could

on the subject finding many people were helped with a change in their diet. I went on a diet of fish and fresh vegetables and herbal tea for 2 weeks. No processed foods, breads, starches, caffeine, soda, eggs, dairy, no restaurant food and none of the many items that we all know aren't really good for us. Let me preface by saying that prior to this diagnosis I had suffered for years with bouts

of constipation followed by bouts of diarrhea, severe indigestion and acid reflux, fluid in my legs,

achey joints and constant fatigue. In my early 50's I assumed that it was part of aging. Once I

altered my diet for two weeks, my colonoscopy showed nothing other than an area of healed ulceration. Since then I slowly added food items back to my diet. If they gave me indigestion, I

eliminated them. One by one and over a period of a couple of years I have been able to eliminate any symptoms related to colitis and all of the other symptoms I suffered with went away as well. I

am 57 and my only ailment is a bone spur on my heel. That's it. Although there has been no

formal diagnosis my own journey has led me to believe that I am allergic to some food items such

as eggs and some preservatives commonly used and although I don't believe I am allergic I have a low tolerance for gluten, chocolate and sugar. So I may eat and egg knowing it will give me

indigestion, but I would not do that everyday. If I had a bagel for breakfast I would not have any

other items such as bread or pasta the rest of the day. I minimize my eating out and only then go

places I know cook fresh. I have learned to listen to my body.

There is a book out now that is by a nutritionist named JJ Virgin and she has a diet called the

Virgin diet. I would highly recommend reading her findings.

As a nutritionist her findings are based on actual clients she worked with and the long term affects

the changes in their diets made in their health. The elimination of dairy cured acne, etc. She has

coupled this experience with hard scientific data that supports her theories. She recommends eliminating 7 foods from your diet for 21 days. And you will be so surprised to see the "healthy" foods

listing amongst the 7.

Although I would never recommend stopping any medication that a doctor has prescribed I can

only say that changing my diet has changed my life. It is my theory that the excessive amounts of acid I experienced were an allergic reaction to certain foods. The long term affects of this acid

were the ulceration. I would urge anyone suffering with this to at least look at your diet. It

certainly can't hurt and hopefully may change your life as it has mine.

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    Thanks for this.

    Can you list the seven foods?

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    I saw Ms. Virgin on a public television station and unfortunately missed a portion of it. Remember she is not saying that most people are allergic to all of this, just that most people are allergic to at least one.

    1. Corn and sugar: mainly because corn has been so genetically altered that it offers little nutritional value. And high fructose corn syrup which is in everything is really bad for you because it goes directly to your


    2. Soybeans - again so genetically altered.

    3. Dairy

    4. Eggs

    5. Peanuts

    6. Artificial sweeteners

    7. Wheat - gluten

    This diet is now being touted as a great weight loss plan, but her findings should be looked at as more than

    a fad diet. She does not mention preservatives in the list above, but she does discuss eating fresh. For me my issue is far more with prepackaged foods. Flavor enhancers, high sodium, preservatives all kill me.

    For instance, I cannot eat the shelf bread at the grocery or even pita bread, but I can eat fresh baked bread

    or pita. That is why I presume I do not have a huge issue with gluten. I do get indigestion from several of

    the foods listed.

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    Thanks. I just found this. Not only the seven foods but recommended substitutions as well.

    Are you doing everything “right,” but can’t seem to lose weight? It’s not your fault. You might be weight-loss resistant. One of the most common causes of weight-loss resistance is food intolerance, a negative reaction to a certain food that can cause a host of negative symptoms, including weight gain. Yes, the very “diet” foods you’re eating could be causing you to gain weight!

    Over the past decade I’ve worked with some of the country’s top doctors. Their knowledge, combined with my own clients’ testing, helped me target the foods that are most likely to cause food intolerances, which I discuss in depth in my latest book The Virgin Diet. When people pull these highly reactive foods from their diet, symptoms like bloating and fatigue disappear. They look and feel better. They lose 5-7 pounds in the first week alone and the weight continues to drop off from there.

    You read that right. Take my challenge: Pull these 7 foods for 7 days and see if you lose 7 pounds. To eliminate deprivation, I’ve provided what I call lateral shifts: healthier alternatives to your favorite foods.


    Why? Gluten triggers the release of a protein called zonulin that loosens the tight junctions of your small intestine which makes it more permeable, allowing particles to slip through and create an immune reaction and inflammation.

    Lateral shifts:

    · Instead of wheat wraps, try Romaine or rice wraps.

    · Instead of pasta, use corn-free quinoa pasta or spaghetti squash.

    · Instead of couscous, try quinoa.


    Why? Most soy is genetically modified, heavily sprayed with pesticides and significantly processed. Soy can also interfere with thyroid function and damage gut health.

    Lateral shifts:

    · Instead of soymilk, use unsweetened coconut or almond milk.

    · Instead of soy ice cream, try no-sugar-added coconut milk ice cream.

    · Instead of processed soy foods, occasionally use fermented soy like tempeh and miso.


    Why? About 70% of my clients test positive for egg intolerances. Eggs are also high in pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid.

    Lateral shifts:

    · Instead of an omelet for breakfast, have a protein smoothie with pea, rice, potato and/or chlorella protein, unsweetened coconut or almond milk, berries, and freshly ground flaxseeds or chia seeds.

    · If you do occasionally eat eggs (in The Virgin Diet, I encourage you to challenge them after you’ve completely eliminated them and the other 6 foods for 3 weeks), only choose barnyard or omega-3 organic eggs.


    Why? Milk is high in lactose, a sugar that can create insulin resistance and blood sugar imbalances. Studies show dairy can also trigger or exacerbate acne and other skin conditions. Think again if you use dairy for strong bones. The Nurse’s Health study showed that the nurses with the highest dairy consumption also had the highest incidence of osteoporosis. Nuts, seeds, and leafy greens provide calcium as well as other bone-building nutrients, without the reactions of dairy.

    Lateral shifts:

    · Instead of cow’s milk, try unsweetened coconut or almond milk.

    · Instead of yogurt, try kefir or coconut milk yogurt.

    · Instead of ice cream, try no-sugar-added coconut milk ice cream.


    Why? Actually a legume, peanuts are prone to mold and a nasty fungus called aflatoxin. Their fatty acid profile is not as beneficial as that of tree nuts. Most store-brand peanut butters are high in trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup.

    Lateral shifts:

    · Instead of peanuts, try raw almonds and other nuts/seeds.

    · Instead of peanut butter, use almond and other nut butters.


    Why? Corn is inflammatory, high glycemic, and most of it is genetically modified.

    Lateral shifts:

    · Instead of corn as a side dish, try quinoa or legumes.

    · Instead of popcorn (a trigger food that’s very easy to overeat), munch on raw veggies with hummus.

    Sugar/ Artificial sweeteners

    Why? You already know sugar’s many problems. Artificial sweeteners are actually worse: their sweetness can trigger an insulin response, and one study showed people who drank diet sodas gained more weight than regular-soda drinkers.

    Lateral shifts:

    · Instead of sugar and artificial sweeteners, try monk fruit (lo Han), erythritol, or pure Stevia as sweeteners.

    · Learn to appreciate the natural sweetness of flavors like vanilla and cinnamon.

    You only need to remove these 7 foods for 3 weeks to benefit, but you should completely eliminate them during that time. Many clients enjoy these healthier alternatives and feel so much better that they never want to go back!

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    Good you found some information.

    It was a find for me because for the first time someone reinforced what I was already living.

    I have not made a huge effort on the weight loss aspect although I should.

    I was just so happy to feel good again.

    Now that my eyes are open you would not believe the number of people I talk to who complain about their

    symptoms all of which I had. However, until you have the type of scare I had many do not want to believe

    that this type of change can make that big of a difference and so many are still hoping they can just take a

    pill to fix everything. My goal is to take no pills for anything and never go to the hospital. We all have to

    start taking more responsibility for our bodies. I did not listen to all my body was telling me. If I mentioned

    my symptoms to my doctor, I had colitis, gout, arthritis and lack of exercise. All but one requiring a pill.

    No offense my doctor is great, but his training is specific. He is not a nutritionist.

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