Has anyone used declinol at all? It seems very expensive but if it helps it's worth a try?

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I tried selincro twice and second time round I just felt sick all the time and struggled to concentrate. Drinking lessened a little but is now back to higher levels. Especially after my little dog passed away, my bestest little friend 😢

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    Aww....sorry to hear about your little dog, Emma.  I know how it feels, I have had precious pets in my life and losing them was truly heartbreaking.

    Sorry, I have no knowlege of Declinol, but I am sure you will get plenty of replies from people who know.  I wish you success and happiness.

    Pat xxx

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      I feel even worse because all I did was drink more as I was getting stressed and worried about my poor baby. Rather than spend what precious time I had left with her. Had no idea she would be taken from us so soon.

      My dogs are my world and my family. It feels like a piece of me has been ripped apart and all I know how to do to cope is to drink to oblivion every night. 😢

      Thank you for your message x

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      I totally understand.  Those words could have come from my mouth, the pain is terrible, isn't it?  I use alcohol in the same way too.
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      Even though I know the obvious is to not drink I can't help myself and then drink so fast and don't eat and then pass out. Even though I knew my baby needed me. But didn't know it was her last night. Thank god I woke and was with her for her final hour and breath.

      Heartbreaking. I have two other dogs too but feels part of our family is gone. Feel empty.


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      Emma, assuming you are in the UK, the Blue Cross operate a Pet Bereavement Support Service.  It's free and the phone is manned by people who are trained in this as well as all have lost a beloved pet themselves.  They can help you talk through the emotional side of all this.

      The number is 0800 096 6606.


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      Hi Joanna

      So sorry, I didn't see this reply. Thank you so much. It's still so hard. Also going through a lot of family issues. Dad died when I was a baby, mom remarried and had kids she actually likes. Me she can't stand. I live alone and job is uncertain. Not very happy times. I guess probably doesn't help me trying to be positive to cut down. 😓

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    So very sorry to hear about your dog, Emma.  I am sure that so many of us on here will appreciate how you are feeling.  No loss of any sort is easy sad

    I have previously read the Declinol website.  There is absolutely nothing scientific to back up their claims.  The product hasn't been clinically tested.  The reviews on Amazon are not kind.  Having said that, it is up to you.

    My interest is in your experience of Selincro.  How many tablets did you take?  Did you have any support with this?  Were you aware that Selincro does, unfortunately, come with some quite bad initial side effects for most people but that they pass within 6-10 tablets?

    You can read on this very forum about people who have made it through the side effects and the medication is working so very well for them.  There are also lots o ways you can help yourself with the side effects that you may not be aware of - such as eating before the tablet and drinking lots of water.

    You are potentially looking at ditching a scientifically, proven treatment that can help you for something that has no scientiic basis at all, just because you may not be aware that the sickness etc lessens the more tablets you take.

    If you want any support, please PM me.  I have taken many people through this method using Selincro and I hope that shortly others will start answering you also encouraging you to see your way through the side effects because the end results, assuming you remain compliant to how you are supposed to take the medication, are overwhelmingly positive.

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    Hi- i just created this account to reply here and will most likely delete my account beucase I don't wantto be contacted about this issue but wanted to give my input here. 

    I have used declinol for several months and did have success with it- I research it for about a week and spoke to several people at this company in the USA. What i realized is that its not an overnight magical cure or anything like that. it's something that helped me with the cravings- but I still have to make my choices. 

    They shipped it to me- i dont but on amazon right now but maybe I should. anyways I just felt like I should give my input. I don't htink this product is for everyone but it's helped me adn my husband a lot but let me be clear we also have to work at it... 

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    Hi emma

    i posted the very same question last week, as,I'd come across an advert claiming how marvellous it is.

    Apparently if you google it you will see that you can get it from Amazon.

    Good advice from Robin was to have a look at the reviews. Another member of the forum replied that it was basically multi vitamins along with some other vague ingredients.

    Am sure it was over £200 for a months supply.

    i have felt so much better since I started taking 100mg thiamin (B1) high strength twice a day. You can get it online from HB. I get mine from local health shop £5.99 for 90 tablets.

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      Hi Vicky, I have been on the internet today as I now realise that I have to do something about my excessive drinking.    I read the reviews for Declinol and thought it sounded just the thing to help me, but since arriving at this site will not be ordering!   Could I ask how you managed to stop/cut back on the alcohol?    I live in a small town and don't want to go to meetings, but feel that I need some support, hopefully this will help me get the support I need.

      Would love to hear from anyone else who is seeing light at the end of the tunnel and what helped them on their way.

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      hi christine ,, just wondering if you had any success in the last two months as i think i am in the same situation as you were then ,, any help / tips much appreciated ,, thanks donald 
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      For me guys, tapering down did it - really gently until you are on a couple of units a night - well for me anyway.
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      No not at all, I have stomach issues like reflux etc so am a bid nervy of taking anything.  Change of mindset worked like stalling the 5pm drink to 6 and then to 7, then eating a meal about 7.30 pm made me sleepy and my second and final little wine was after that which I sip slowly, the mix of food and sit and chill with your treat does it, I am then ready for a glass of milk before bed feeling relaxed.  It does work if you change your routine, that is what has done it for me.


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      thanks gwen ,, i have drunk guinness nearky every night for 25 yrs and now find myself having to drive at night ,, its not easy refraining im afraid ,, 

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