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I had an initial assessment last week to see if CBT would help me with my anxiety. During the assessment when I said alcohol was the only thing that got rid of these horrible constant butterflies I get every few months, I was told the clinic I'd been referred to did not accept customers with either drug or alcohol problems. I'd been sent there from substance abuse clinic and as I was classed as not alcohol dependant it could be up to a year before CBT.

am sorry for rambling on but I've now got to go to the non alcohol clinic tomorrow for CBT. As I complained there the last time I'm now getting worked up about going there tomorrow .

part of me is telling me not to go, and the sensible (if there is one!) is saying if i want help I have to go.

Has anyone had CBT and if so did it help? or was it a waste of time.

Because I've put this appointment to the back of my mind as I didn't want to think about it, my anxiety has gone sky high.

i keep thinking of the bottles of wine in the fridge, as I know I'll calm down. Now I won't be able to sleep and just as I've started to feel better am back where I started.

i suppose what I want is for someone to tell me to not go as its a waste of time

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    Go and see them, relax, you have nothing to lose. You can walk away and never go back again, if you don't like it. If you put those three words into Google, you will find the NHS website near the top that explains a bit about it. I would provide the link, but it would get moderated.

    I wouldn't worry about having complained, they are probably use to it, gawd knows I've complained enough about the stroke rehab hospital, so much so that I got invited to a meeting with the general manager. But what I also do, is whenever somebody helps me, even if it is a sympathetic ear whilst I waffle on, I do buy them a thank you card and one of those boxes of Quality St. or similar, to say thank you and I think that earns me a lot of goodwill, I don't do it for that, I believe in thanking people as much as I would complain.

    BTW, what was your complaint?

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      My complaint was not about any one individual, but about the right hand not knowing what the left hands doing and the fact that the substance abuse clinic which I was referred to is focused far more on drug abuse than alcohol abuse.

      i went to my GP as I was concerned that I was using alcohol to deal with my anxiety and if I didn't do something about it, I was going to end up with two issues. To get CBT and anxiety management my GP thought the quickest way was to refer me to the SAC. My key worker decided my main issue was anxiety and I was not alcohol dependant, but using it to deal with anxiety. If she referred me for   CBT I'd probably have to wait about a year as I was low priority, there was no issue with drugs. So basically I didn't fit in anywhere because the clinic for anxiety/depression didn't accept people with alcohol /drug issues so I'd have to go back to SAC. I didn't need the community mental health team. I could go on and on, but have decided to give it a go. I don't want to live like this, I need to get my confidence back, have some self esteem and accept the "empty nest syndrome "is a natural part of life. I don't work and now my 3 kids have left home I'm rattling around in a big house on my own as my husband is away on business a lot

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      I am in a very similar position as you regarding the empty nest syndrome.  It is hard, but I am getting there. 

      I went for CBT a while ago but found it of little help to me personally.  I just felt that the message was "If it upsets you, don't think about it".  It's a great message if you can do that, I couldn't.  I tried, but couldn't.  I know I have over-simplified it, and I am sorry, because I know it works for so many people.  Give it a go....you have to try anything to beat this demon.

      I hope you find answers, Vickylou, I am sorry you are finding it hard to find the right chanels and treatment.  Battle on, anything is better than just giving in and you are doing your very best.

      Wishing you peace and happiness,


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    I would say go to the appt. CBT is about identifying the thought processes that lead you into behaviours that you want to change. Often it helps you out of repetitive downward spiralling thoughts that you weren't really aware of. If the therapist is any good they will be supportive and understanding not critical. Challenging yes, but not critical. Give it a go and let us know how it was.
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    Im the sae vickylou. I work full time and seemto have a "reasonably good family life". People around tend to think im salt of the earth.... Iv become very scared of admitting i  would really benefit from CBT therapy as i would have to admit the amount of alcohol i drink to "solve my issues"....! I personally feel suffering cognitive behaviour is like a million personalities??? Im 30, married and so misread its untrue. Is this you? Sorry feel lik im just rambling, im jus dieing to find common ground?


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    I cant stop thinking about thinking!! I sleep days and think all night.... and the process begins again ......
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      Hiya shiralee

      well done for recognising that you need to do something about you drinking too much.

      theres an old saying "nobody knows what goes on behind closed  doors" you know how people perceive you, a bit like being put on a pedestal and you're frightened they'd see you in a different light if they knew the truth.

      is your husband aware of your drinking? How much are you actually drinking? No one here would be shocked or judge you if you were drinking vodka or anything 24/7. I don't know what your issues are, only that all of us have issues and it often helps to share what your issues are. It's up to you what or how much you tell us.

      I get very anxious about some things others think nothing of. If you could say for example I drink a bottle of wine a night. Just remember by admitting how much everything you tell a therapist is confidential. You might think people would be horrified, but just by sharing you are unburdeniing it and you will feel better just by saying it here. We've all been where you are, we all understand and nobody would judge you. All we want to do is help and support each other. Please come back and share whatever you want. Xx

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    Go.. Let me know how you get on tomorrow. It's all down to the therapist and I hope you're lucky and click xx
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      Yeah am going to give it a go with an open mind. If it helps, it helps. If it doesn't I've not lost anything.

      tempting as it was, the wine is still unopened in the fridge. I've met the therapist  and she's very easy to talk to.

      i will post on here how I got on. I only had to wait two weeks for this apt. X 

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