Has My Happy Bubble finally Burst?? Is my Peri Honeymoon Over?

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Hi Girls

I know I've been on here, bleating on about braving all this Peri mullarkey with just the help of my good friend Menopace Original and the occasional bit of bioidentical Progesterone Cream. But I'm beginning to wonder if I'm finally joining the Peri Club as a fully paid up member now........now that I'm getting a bit sweaty??

Since I started taking the above bits on 1st Jan, I've felt really good: both mentally and physically. 

I had a bit of a rough, heavy Period in February, but nothing I couldn't handle (but wished it had been lightersad).  But things are a-changing, me fears.....

(Apologies in advance for being graphic/detailed: but I feel I'm in safe hands on this forum, so here goes...)

On Thursday, my Day 28 I had stopped applying the P'Cream. Instantly had a little watery, pink discharge (very light).  Friday my good friend 'Brown Sludge' returned: nothing major, but not what I wanted.  I have mentioned it before, but I find the 'smell' of this discharge really awful, and although I shower, keep myself clean, change almost within the hour sometimes, I can still 'smell' myself. 

My darling husband says he can't (he's no fool ha, ha!!), but its quite strong a smell, and as I generaly have a 'thing' about smells (my mum could always 'smell' things too:  my dad used to say 'Your nose is too near your.........!' you guess the restlol!!) 

Friday night I felt the Red Mist creeping up:  no cramps, no aches etc. Felt a bit moany, like I had to pass comment about everyone and everything (does that ring a bell with anyone?) and I went to bed, quite tired.

Saturday morning Brown Sludge was still visiting me. My lovely 6yr old grandson was staying over and jumped into bed with me with his Tablet. He was only in with me briefly as he was going out early.  But in that short time I went into what I now know was my Melt Down.  All caused, would you believe, by the two Irish voices, chattering inanely throughout my grandson's Minecraft game!!!  Boy, I know teenagers now use the term 'chatting sh*t', but I truly think this best describes the ridiculous 'banter' all though that stupid, irritating game (I hate games, Facebook, Twitter et al: can't stand it, but that's just the 'normal' me!!).

It gave me such the hump that I saw it as an opportunity to go off on one.  My poor son had to listen to me venting my spleen about someone we know well, all the time I wanted to burst into anger tears but held back.  That boy of mine is such a bloody Diplomat:  women will love him always!!

I sorta came round, and left all my boys downstairs, taking myself, and my ironing upstairs to do a massive backlog of ironing - for 2hrs!!  I must have been on auto pilot as I survived 'watching' 2 back episodes of TOWIE in amongst it all! 

By the time I came down, I had calmed right down, started to see the transition from Brown Sludge into a proper bleed, and began to turn that corner.

First things first, I apologised to my son.  He just thinks I'm nutty. Full Stop. My ol' man just acknowledged that I was tired and  hadn't usually been like that, and I didn't eat too much after about 3pm. 

This morning, after a good kip (I guage that my the number of times I have to get up to use the loo: once last nightbiggrin and a proper bleed appearing, I feel 1m times better!!  Had a lie in, sent some emails, had a shower and had something to eat.

When I came downstairs, however, although I was in a really bright mood (and still am) I had the terrible shakes - almost llike I'd imagine a Diabetic to feel with low blood sugar.  So I grabbed a piece of chocolate (much to my son's amusement!), had a drink, took my Menopace, had a sarnie, then felt so much better, and settled. 

Honestly, I know there was a banana there that I should have eaten, but I just took the easy option!

I think I'll start to work with the premise of 'little and often' this week foodwise, to avoid that again, as I also felt  sweaty.  First thought: 'Oh Gawd.  here they come!!!'.  But I'm hoping its tied in with the silly eating pattern I'd adopted and coming on this weekend??

I haven't ruled out HRT, and will do what I can with other remedies to ward off/control the hot flushes, but I do wonder if things are a-changing for me, and that my 'honeymoon' is well and truly over?

Oh, and the other thing: my aching joints are REALLY aching: left shoulder and left elbow again.  But I'm going to monitor them to see if they were worse just in the build-up to bleeding.  If so, I'll learn to cope with that, as half of me actually believes that all the time I'm bleeding, I'll be feeling OK.

The other half can't wait for them to become irregular/stop.  Who knows what's best until it happens?  And then no doubt I'll be wanting them back!

God played a terrible trick on us: and I blame Eve for all this!!!lol

Any thoughts ladies?


PS - I'm not at all religious, hence my constant cursing, and occasional refs to 'God', but no offence intended girls:  we all have something we look to:  mine just happens to be my family, humour and crisps!!x

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    Sorry to laugh at your miseries. But you have a delightful way of taking such awful feelings and at least imparting some humor in them to express your agony. 

    I know your pain. I think our honeymoons come in waves during this time and it's a crap shoot for some of us what helps and whether it continues to help. 

    The  great thing about you, me and many on here is we are not afraid to help ourselves and try new things to alleviate some of this misery.  Like you, I've tried many things, sometimes they work, then stop, somethings never work. I've graduated on to an Integrative medicine doctor (inside my head I hear "oh please, now what are we doing here?" to help settle a lazy thyroid and address some of the issues I am currently dealing with. 

    Guess what I am trying to say without being too wordy is, to date, I haven't found a permanent fix to once and for all alleviate some of the more harsher symptoms that come and go. Like you, there are really bad days, as terrified as I am of them, think of trying HRTs, but so far...........my fear overwhelms me. 

    I am interested in what the doctor has in store for me and sadly I know, what may work for me, won't necessarily help everyone else. 

    So the best I can do for you today is send you some very big virtual hugs from across the pond. Hoping you feel some what better soon, Sx.

    Annie xxxx

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      Annie, it must be this forum: no sooner I wrote down all my gripes, I felt 1m times better!! 

      Truth is, I've had visitors since Thursday, and today's the first day of being able to address my demons.  I feel sorry for my son, as I find him easy to argue with. Like for example, he 'joked' about me cooking something 'Well you don't do anything all day' - quick as a flash I said 'Don't start me off' to which he replied 'Yep, OK': the man's learning. Normally, we'd have a ping-pong wind-up of each other (he is is his mother's son, afterall) but I do question his sanity sometimes:  why would you purposely WIND ME UP Son??!!

      Other than that, and my 'shaky' start, I feel back to my old self, and a bit of a fraud having made a big fuss about nothing (famouse last words........!).

      Someone likened their life at the mo to Groundhog Day.  I understand what she means, but think mine's definintely changing, so wish my 'Groundhog Day' was when I'm feeling at my best!

      Oh well, I've given myself that virtual hug:  thanks for that, and sending one right back your way x

      Thanks for reading.........I amaze myself sometimes when I read back the dross I type.......!!


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    Hi Shaznay,

    All I can say other than sending you a massive hug is always make me smile in a lovely way! You always tell your experiences with such passion and humor aswell as to help lighten our own moods should any of these lovely ladies be having a low day!

    Thank you for being you and for always my day 😝

    Hope you have a lovely rest of the day! Xx

    Joy xx

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      Actually I did, thanks Snatchpiece (can't help but smurk when i read say that in my headlol!).

      But its tomorrow I'm not looking forward to. Have a long journey for my husband's day surgery. Knowing my luck it will be my 'Change within the Hour, every Hour'-Day tomorrow, so I've pack half of Boots the Chemist and spare underwear. 

      Christ, timing is everything, ain't it? 

      (Have to say, after eating, I feel so, so much better than Fri/Sat:  I suppose I thought I was 'The Chosen One', having had a pretty easy build-up to Ps earlier this year. )

      You too enjoy your Sunday evening. Can't be doing with 'Poldark', no matter how fit he is, swimming in the buff: young, pretty boys don't do it for me.....luckily ha, ha!!


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    Hi Shaz..

    You really crack me up.. I totally get your humour 😜

    I too am possessed with this curse of brown sludge( often) and short temper at times - neither of them much fun. Luckily the latter hasn't reared it's ugly head at work and tends to save itself for family!!

    I'm with you on the joint pain too.. I keep promising to start to exercise more but need to find energy first! I take my pills bit B6, cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, vit A and Vit D and if I take them religiously I think they do help.

    I get nasty 3 day headaches too and some dizziness/vertigo. None of this is pleasant. I can't even remember when i actually started with the symptoms but know I've had them what seems like years.. It was only when I googled a big list of my symptoms last year that I realised it could be peri, and that's when I came across this site.... Which is something I am so grateful for.

    Big hugs and wishing you a 'brown sludge' free Easter 😉 Xx

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      Yep, forget to mention the headache I had on Friday and Saturday. Nothing 2 Paracetamol couldn't take care of, but I just hate taking tablets generally.

      I do laugh: I've noticed the minute I say 'I've got a bit of a headache coming.....', my old man gets right back at me with 'Take some Tablets!'.  He's a bloody Saint, and no kidding, putting up with me and my carrying's on! 

      32yrs of marriage, and he's still my best mate xx

      Easter sounds.......promising ha, ha!!


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    I am sooo glad that Menopace is working for you.  Sounds good dear.  I think the change comes to 70% of us for a reason.  It sure has changed me.  I can see things in my life have changed for the better.  God does have a plan which we don't understand but this change in me is good along with crapiness too.  His way of getting us to go in a different direction.  There are people I know that went through perimenopause with ease and I can see they have stayed the same.  No excitement to do anything different.  I am doing things totally different now and feel different too.  Actually this change will turn out good in the end cause it's happened to me.  Sorry for the sermon on Sunday!  haha xxoo. 
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      Dya know what HotDot, I think I'd better 'man Up' to this or it'll certainly get the better of me.

      I think next month, I'll recognise the signs, put myself to bed with a box of chocolates, the TV changer, a pile of 'House to Home' books.........and leave them to look after themselves until it passes.  Failure to leave me alone will be at their own peril!!

      Loved the Sermon, by the way xx


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      I'm sorry I had sermon feelings haha. It's passed now.  It was the hormones that always got us up early in the mornings...now it's coffee.  We must press on.  It will pass soon....I hope...it better.  xo
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    Oh Shaznay, I beg to differ!

    The new Poldark? Yum! Aiden Turner has always done it for me! Other folk can keep the likes of Brad Pitt - gimme Antonio Banderas and Aiden any day of the week!!

    Seriously though, I kno what you mean out the honeymoon er period! Reading the accounts from most ladies on here, I feel as if I mely have a sniffle to their bubonic plague! I seem to have been getting the odd hot flush and night sweat for just a few years, but bouts of anxiety and depression for longer than that - but that's it.

    Onlyy since January have my periods started to become wayward (4 periods in 2 months) but I have had no night sweats this year - so far. In recent years every period has begun with 3 or 4 days of brown gunge (there - I said it!) before really getting going on day 5  with horrendous  back and abdo pain for exactly 24 hours. Then flooding then brown stuff then the end. Now I am getting all the same things just not necessarily in the right order!

    I would say more but something weird has happened to my computer and it can't keep up with my typing, missing great chunks of words out (it either has PMT, entia - or even dementiaa - AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

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      Tee Hee

      Having a little laugh at two things you mention (1) Hot Men.  To be honest, I'd only really take any notice of them if they came with chocolate in one hand and crisps in the other - I have so little interest in anything to do with sex these days!!!; and (2) the computer:  I get those on such a regular basis, like you're typing too fast, and you're not even sure what you're typing and it won't catch up with itself...... don't even get me started on that bloody Tablet:  fat finger syndrome, splitting words/sentences.  I think technology was certainly sent to try me!!

      Sorry, make that 3 points:  (3)  the back ache - where's that bloody come from?   Been sitting with my trusted heated wheat pad, alternating between my lower back and my stomach.  To be honest its a god send as I'd reach for the Ibuprofen before long (have done twice over 2 days, which is EXCESSIVE for me!!). 

      Do you think our 'sniffle' experiences are destined to become ' Bubonic plague' proportions......I'm sorta giving in to that now, sadly. Think I better get my hair cut and start thinking of losing a bit of weight, because I caught sight of myself earlier and thought I looked 10+years my senior!!!

      I remember a song from years back that seems very apt: 'They Shoot Horses, Don't They?' - I think I'm on my way to the Knacker's Yard!!

      On that happy note, have a nice evening/day!!smile


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    Let's try this again.....

    Computer still half asleep - must be the lost hour.

    Oh well, just wanted to say that I was trying to say I feel I have got off very lightly so far, but I have nothing but sympathy for all you lovely menopausal perimenopausal ladies out there ... and thank you for all the sharing, caring and laughter x

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    Hi shaznay, keep that sense of humor girl it will take you far smile i too have the sludge and smell so i can sympathise with you there, it has definately changed since i have been in peri(4yrs now) and i too sometimes just want to rant and scream, it's just the hormones and i just go with the flow, if i want to rant, i do, if i want to cry, i do, nobody listens to me anyway so i may as well lol.I seem to be in pain for the majority of my cycle, which is up and down on timings now every month, but for 2-3 days before i start to bleed the pains ease, i wish all this will end soon. Stay wonderful, we are all in this together, love and light xx
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      Hiya Buddha girl

      Reading your reply I think I too am certainly 'changing'. Pain now during Period; gut bloat (thank gawd for Lycra!); wanna a kill someone before I actually bleed whilst holding check on the wobbly bottom lip.

      Like you I just get on with it.

      Funny how our changing hormones can make us feel so nuts, old and wrinkly....but can make us smell like a bloody trout for 5 days of the month:-) !!! Give me good ol' sexy, sweaty pheromones any day!!!

      At your suggestion I'm going to try to do the 'wonderful' side of me for a while. Don't know if I have any of that in me tho', so can I buy it??:-) !!!

      Girl, if you can't laugh about this bloody nightmare, we might as well give in to it. And imagine where that'd leave us (me: dribbling in a dark corner no doubt, rocking, counting the hairs on my chin*)!!!!


      * Apologies to any ladies already in this state: no offence intended! :-) :-)

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      I dunno about that 'wonderful' side!!.

      I've just posted a bit of a 'rant' to someone who was totally out of order in my eyes!

      I've been busy all week so was waiting for the opportunity to reply.  Lets say when I first read it (a few days ago) I was all ready to do the full 'Red Mist'-bit.  But a few days and finishing bleeding works wonders, lets say.

      It was just a comment from a regular poster having a bit of sympathy for women in power (won't go into detail).  But the amount of cr*p sent flying her way seemed really unfair, and opened the door for a load of other mugs jumping on the 'let's give her a dig'-bandwagon.

      I have always hated bullies, in any shape/form, all my life.  In fact from an early age I was always ready to stick up for the underdog, being that I believe I have always been able to hold my own.  So I read the 'dig' as really unfair........and I told that person so. 

      I'm waiting for a reply, and maybe a bit of a ding-dong, but one thing's for sure, if I get barred from this site, I'll be back in one shape or form ha, ha, hacheesygrincheesygrin!!

      Maybe the person I believe was a bit harse was having a bad day.  And we can all have those, can't we?!!

      I'm just going off to meditate, and do my breathing exercises to bring myself out of my 'rant'.!!!

      Come on girls:  be nice to each other: afterall we're all in this together, aren't we?!! xxxx


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